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17 Nov 2023


Presentation - 2 pages - World geography

Scotland is a country located at the North of England. It's a part of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth. Its capital is Edinburgh and its currency is the same as the whole British id est the pound sterling. The Scots speak English, Scottish Gaelic and Scot.

04 Oct 2023

Globalization: Cultural Trends

Course material - 5 pages - World geography

We can talk about brand appropriation: people who can in a way take advantage of this appeal to their own profit without necessarily complain with all the legislation and therefore without cleaning what the brand's owners want to clean. For example, on the street, we can buy a shirt from any...

04 Oct 2023

Globalization - Material Processes

Course material - 6 pages - World geography

One interesting thing thinking about globalization is 1498, the first where a Portuguese expedition, sailing ships, manage to navigate around Africa. The Suez Canal did not exist at the time, but they managed to navigate around Africa and reached the reach the coast of India for the first time....

04 Oct 2023


Course material - 9 pages - World geography

The Lewis model (and, generally, the dual-economy paradigm) implies a rural-urban migration (and full employment). At the same time, data (and casual observation) shows a large unemployed urban population in LDCs. In fact, urban populations often do much worse than the rural residents. Why, then,...

26 Sep 2023

English basics - Culture, politics, sociology

Worksheets - 7 pages - World geography

European Economic Community founded in 1957, by« Inner Six» so France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg. Initially UK, unwilling to join the EU mainly because of its« special relationship» with the US, its Commonwealth and Geographic Localisation. 1960's years she realized...

05 Sep 2023

The Korean Border

Presentation - 1 pages - World geography

The document is a presentation of the Korean border between North Korea and South Korea: In the Korean Peninsula, South Korea is separated from North Korea by a strip of land called the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ). It was created in 1953 to serve as a buffer zone between the two countries.

27 May 2023

Spaces and exchanges

Essay - 2 pages - World geography

In this notion, we talk about Spaces and Exchanges. It is first about the immigration in Ellis Island between 1892 and 1954, it's the legal immigration. To continue with legal immigration, we talk about the Green Card Lottery. Then we can talk about the illegal immigration with the example of...

09 Mar 2023

Water and Power: A Californian Heist - Marina Zenovich (2017) - The Access to Clean Water in California

Artwork commentary - 3 pages - World geography

California, a state known for its sunny weather and lush agriculture, is facing a water crisis that threatens its very survival. "Water and Power: A Californian Heist" is a documentary that exposes the shocking truth behind this crisis, revealing how corporate greed and political corruption have...

01 Aug 2022

The United States and the World: demography and energy in the world as predictable long-term factors

Course material - 11 pages - World geography

The current policy, and even more the future policy of any country is difficult to assess, because it depends on a lot of factors, many of them (public moods, politics, personalities) being of a transient nature. But the current and future policy of any country also depends largely on long-term...

10 Nov 2021

Border dispute - The Hala'ibTriangle (Halayeb Triangle)

Worksheets - 2 pages - World geography

I am going to introduce you to the border dispute concerning the Hala'ib Triangle, an area of 20,000 square kilometers between Egypt and Sudan. It is along the 22nd parallel, which represents the border between the two countries, excepted at this very place where the current border is not...

23 Jun 2021

South-Africa Presentation

Essay - 1 pages - World geography

On 1948, the ideology supported by the National Party government named apartheid was introduced in South Africa. The principal aim was to separate the blacks from the whites by numerous laws such as the prohibition of Mixed Marriages. Obviously, some people disagreed and decided to resist such as...

25 Mar 2021

Present New Zealand's four main cities and the differences between New Zealand and France

Essay - 2 pages - World geography

In New Zealand, most of the population is concentrated in some big cities while the rest of the country, the rural part, remains unoccupied. However, is it the same in France or are there any discrepancies between both countries? In this essay, I will introduce the four main cities of New...

08 Feb 2021

Deforestation in Côte d'Ivoire

Essay - 2 pages - World geography

Deforestation is the phenomenon of reduction of forest areas. Deforestation is when forest areas are permanently lost (or at least lost over the long term) to other uses such as agriculture, urbanization or mining. Africa is also a large deforestation zone in the world. Côte d'Ivoire is one...

25 Apr 2020

Culture analysis - Japan

Essay - 5 pages - World geography

I chose Japan because it is the most exotic and culturally different from France. Therefore, I find it really fascinating to learn more about this incredible distinct island of culture! Japan could appear as an excentric, colourful and strange culture but also complex and confusing in terms of...