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21 Jun 2013

Problem-solving: On the academic and the Mundane

Case study - 4 pages - Psychology

Problem solving is second nature to people. There are always challenges to be solved and solutions to be put forward. Daily life is certainly a collection of circumstances and instances that needs to be taken to be in consideration -- and that's even before a person leaves the house....

18 Jun 2013

A critical analysis of mills utilitarianism

Case study - 2 pages - Psychology

The most basic axiom of utilitarianism holds happiness as measure of the greatest good. As a moral theory, utilitarianism is considered a form of consequentialism and, thus, focuses on the results of actions to determine whether they are, or are not, moral. Utilitarianism aims to define “the...

17 Jun 2013

Importance of psychology in nursing

Case study - 1 pages - Psychology

Walker, J., et al (2005), defines psychology as “the study of human behavior, thought process and emotion. It can contribute to our understanding of ourselves and our relationships with other people, if it is applied in an informed way.” Sharing the same sentiments is the definition of...

14 Jun 2013

On ethics as emotivism according to David Hume and A.J. Ayer

Case study - 4 pages - Psychology

Many philosophers such as David Hume in the 18th century and Alfred Jules Ayer in the 20th century have argued that ethical judgments are, in one sense or another, dependent on emotion and do not express knowledge of any objective truths. Hume was a famous essayist, economist, historian and...

13 Jun 2013

Feminist literary criticism

Case study - 5 pages - Psychology

Female perspectives have long been overlooked in literature, as have female writers and protagonists of these works. Mirroring the cultural barometer of the times, females have been viewed, historically, as minor characters, present only to support their male counterparts. ...

13 Jun 2013

Does rationality determine political behavior?

Case study - 3 pages - Psychology

The merits of rational choice theory have been debated in their relation to politics for generations. While rational choice theory has been applied with success to other fields, it has long been debated in political circles, often because of the dubious nature of politics and of the ambiguous...

13 Jun 2013

Crime and forensic television dramas and their effect on individual psychology

Case study - 5 pages - Psychology

Advances in technology and communications provide increasing accurate tools for forensic science and are directly responsible for its development over recent decades. Communication has also provided the average citizen with forensic information, whether it is for the sake of fiction or actual...

13 Jun 2013

Pop Culture in relation to Psychology

Case study - 23 pages - Psychology

In this paper we discuss pop culture. Predominately the focus is on pop culture in relation to psychology and that indeed, takes up the vast majority of the essay. But in part 1 we give the reader a brief social-historical overview of pop culture (i.e., its impact and connection to society...

13 Jun 2013

Why is the biological explanation of gender so popular?

Case study - 4 pages - Psychology

In a cover story published recently in The New York Times magazine, Daniel Berger, author of the book “What do Women Want? Adventure in the Science of Female Desire”, which is coming out soon, analyzes women's sex drive in the light of a new drug called Lybrido that is supposed to help...

11 Jun 2013

Diagnoses and Treatment of Schizophrenia and Antisocial Personality Disorder , Expansions on Excerpts from: Mental Illness and Personality Disorders in the UK: A Prison Sentence?

Case study - 2 pages - Psychology

“Diagnoses [of mental health disorders and illnesses], while expertly delineated in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders (DSM-IV), rely heavily on the differential diagnoses method, in which clinicians systematically rule out other potential causes for present symptoms...

11 Jun 2013

Case study: Korsakoff's syndrome, diagnosis, and treatment

Case study - 4 pages - Psychology

Korsakoff's syndrome is a disorder caused by a severe thiamine, or vitamin B1, deficiency. Recent reports suggest that in the UK alone, roughly 700,000 residents suffer from some sort of amnestic disorder or dementia, with 10 to 24 % of those cases caused by alcohol related brain...

07 May 2013

Psychological issue of addiction

Case study - 2 pages - Psychology

Humans are affected by multiple factors everyday. Psychological issues are prevalent in many people's everyday life. They vary between each person. Chris Herren is an example of someone dealing with psychological issues. It is illustrated in the documentary about him. The movie, Unguarded,...

11 Feb 2013

Law of karma and reincarnation

Case study - 2 pages - Psychology

The Hindus believe in life after death. They also believe in the Law of Karma. In the Christian scriptures of the New Testament there is a saying, "What is sown by a man, that's what he sows." (Galatians 6:7). Sentence pronounced in modern science, the Hindus believe that every action...

20 Dec 2012

Hypothetical case study: Assessment and intervention of a nine-year-old African-American boy with oppositional defiant disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

Case study - 8 pages - Psychology

I have decided to examine a child dealing with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (impulsive type) and Oppositional Defiant Disorder. I have decided to portray the role of a member of a Therapeutic Support Staff (TSS) and Behavior Specialist in dealing with this child. ...

23 Nov 2012

Gender inequality in the workplace: One of America's many workplace challenges

Case study - 4 pages - Psychology

What does the number 60,743 mean to you? Most people wouldn't be able to place this number off the top of their head. According to the author of The Face of Discrimination, by Vincent J. Roscigno, that is the number of cases of sex and racial discrimination cases of employment. (15). These are...

16 Nov 2012

Group formations

Case study - 3 pages - Psychology

A group can be defined as an association of two more individuals who interact and work independently to achieve particular objective. Groups can be further divided into two categories, formal and informal groups. Formal groups being those groups that are formed by an organization, whereas...

05 Oct 2012

Developmental stages and the development of abstract thinking

Case study - 5 pages - Psychology

In the life time of this author, they have witnessed personally the developmental stages in their life. Luckily, the author is now a student of psychology and understands and can describe their developmental history using physical/cognitive and psycho social examples in their life stages....

29 Jun 2012

Appeals of a Memory

Case study - 5 pages - Psychology

It's in every speech at the podium, every twist of the tongue, and every presentation we've ever done. Investor relations meetings, political campaigns, and weekly performance reviews. It's a part of every society that's ever risen to power since its inception, and is so deeply ingrained with the...

06 Jun 2012

A case study of Marilyn Monroe

Case study - 15 pages - Psychology

Most people have heard of late actress and Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe(1926-1962). Many are aware that she endured a tragic life; however, just as many are unaware of exactly how tragic it was. To briefly summarize, she was born as an unwanted, illegitimate child to a mentally ill...

06 Jun 2012

Psychology research proposal

Case study - 11 pages - Psychology

The purpose of the proposed study is to determine how much of an influence being afflicted with a physical disability during childhood has on the quality of life and ability to be resilient in adulthood. Specifically, this study will focus mainly on adults who have been physically disabled since...

06 Jun 2012

Generalized anxiety disorder

Case study - 9 pages - Psychology

Anxiety disorders are one of the most complex psychological disorders in existence and also one of the least understood, etiologically. It is extremely important to understand anxiety disorders from an etiologically genetic standpoint, because it often explains why those people who experience the...

06 Jun 2012

Gaps in research knowledge

Case study - 9 pages - Psychology

Finkelhor, D. (2004) discovered several gaps in the research knowledge associated with the history of childhood sexual abuse. The authors affirm that the plethora of research that is currently available on adult survivors of CSA is valuable; however, they cite some weaknesses in some of those...

06 Jun 2012

Crohn's disease and its psychosocial implications

Case study - 24 pages - Psychology

Crohn's Disease is an autoimmune disorder that falls under a category of diseases known as Inflammatory Bowel Disease (sometimes referred to as Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome; Hanauer, S. B., 1996). An autoimmune disease is one in which a person's body determines its own cells and tissues to...

04 Jun 2012

Paranoid Schizophrenia

Case study - 16 pages - Psychology

Paranoid schizophrenia is a severe mental disorder that encapsulates a myriad of symptoms, including various states of psychosis and disorganized thought, speech, and behavior. Its etiology has not been ascertained, but evidence suggests a genetic role in its development. Those afflicted with...

30 May 2012

Relational aggression

Case study - 12 pages - Psychology

Among modern children and adolescent peer relationships lies a subtle, but sinister variety of bullying that is becoming more prominent, especially among girls. It is called relational aggression and it is defined by “behaviors that inflict harm on others by manipulating their peer...

06 Dec 2011

Are company stress management programs effective?

Case study - 16 pages - Psychology

France has very specific characteristics on stress at work,problems such as suicide are much more frequent than elsewhere. Ironically, France is a country where firms are trying to reduce stress problems. The French case is a good example to study in the current context.The question is:what firms...

28 Jun 2011

Our Unconscious Biases: The Implications of the IAT and Other Implicit Measures

Thesis - 3 pages - Psychology

“If you are unprepared to encounter interpretations [of your results] that you might find objectionable, please do not continue” (Project Implicit ® - Take a Test). Every visitor to Project Implicit, a self-described “hands-on science museum exhibit” involving...

27 Jun 2011

Behavior across the Life Span

Essay - 2 pages - Psychology

The Home Environments of Children in the United States was a recent study that examined the home environments of children in the U.S. and how particular conditions related to the child's well-being. The following pages will provide additional commentary on this study while utilizing...

23 Mar 2011

Cognitive psychology: Language

Essay - 4 pages - Psychology

Language is a complex cognitive function that has fascinated scientists and cognitive psychologists for years. Language is a cognitive function that all humans acquire, use, and alter over the course of a lifetime. Language acquisition begins almost immediately following birth and appears to be a...

23 Mar 2011

Overview of Cognitive Psychology

Essay - 3 pages - Psychology

The Columbia Encyclopedia (2008) defines cognitive psychology as the “school of psychology that examines internal mental processes such as problem solving, memory and language.” (para. 1). Cognitive psychologists work to understand how people recognize, diagnose, and solve their...