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Introduction to torts and the nominate torts

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  1. Torts of trespass to the person
    1. The modern requirement of intention
    2. The modern requirement of directness
    3. The different kind of trespass to the person in modern law
    4. Defences to torts involving trespass to the person
  2. Source materials
    1. Trespass (battery)
    2. False imprisonment
    3. Decision : the appeal was dismissed

The word ?torts' is used to denote many civil wrongs. A tort is defined in formal terms as a civil wrong which gives rise to an action for damages, other than the one which is exclusively breach of contract or breach of trust or other equitable obligation. As common law, the law of torts grew up without a unified structure. The English law of torts still appears to consist of a list of over seventy wrongs. It is still true to say that at common law we have a law of torts rather than a law of tort since the difference between one tort and another can still be a significant issue. The English adopted a bi-focal structure with one group in which the torts focus upon the particular right which is infringed and another group in which the torts focus generally upon the fault of a defendant, irrespective of any infringement of a particular right.

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