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Thesis in digital & e-marketing

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13 Jul 2023

Which Factors Motivate Generation Z to Pay for and Recommend Premium Streaming Music?

Thesis - 40 pages - Digital & e-marketing

This thesis focuses on the music industry, and more specifically on the new economic model that is allowing this sector to grow again: on-demand music. Also known as music streaming, on-demand music has profoundly changed the way music is distributed and consumed and seems to meet a need given...

10 Sep 2019

How does generation Z consume music? - Between simplicity and instantness

Thesis - 48 pages - Digital & e-marketing

In terms of consumption, a tool has absolutely revolutionized everything since the beginning of the 21st century, and it is of course the Internet. New modes of consumption have appeared ; it is now possible to have access to an almost limitless range of choices, to compare them, to rate them, to...