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23 Mar 2011

Luxury brands on the Internet - between irony and opportunities

Dissertation - 81 pages - Services marketing

The image of the luxury sector on the market is that of selectivity and the scarcity. The challenge for luxury brands is to transmit a burst of accessibility while addressing a segment of consumers, who are the affluent class. Thus, the Internet, which is defined as a mass medium, seems to be...

23 Mar 2011

Green marketing

Dissertation - 50 pages - Services marketing

Green Marketing consists of all actions aimed at using the ecological positioning of a brand or product to increase sales and improve corporate image. Green Marketing may be based on the ecological characteristics of a product (raw green, recyclable or biodegradable etc), Green promotions (a tree...

03 Mar 2011

The marketing of the luxury goods

Dissertation - 38 pages - Services marketing

For over a decade, the luxury sector has been undergoing transformation. At the economic level, one can note a strong expansion of the luxury market in France with an estimation of 14 billion euros in 2005. By definition, luxury is a lifestyle characterized by spending a large amount of money on...

03 Mar 2011

Internet: A new pillar for the marketing of large distribution

Dissertation - 47 pages - Services marketing

Initially founded as the Arpanet, for military purposes in 1969, for some time, the Internet was reserved for researchers and academics. It functions primarily through a computer network connecting millions of computers to access and share information. Since the 1990s, the...

03 Mar 2011

The world of luxury: The challenges of modernity

Dissertation - 41 pages - Services marketing

In this excerpt from the Spleen and Ideal, part of the collection of poems Les Fleurs du Mal, Baudelaire offers us a journey into a world where luxury blends with peace and pleasure. His words describe a world of luxury: "shining", "rare", "rich", "smooth", "leisure", "beauty,"...

03 Mar 2011

The modeling of the behavior of the international commercial negotiator

Dissertation - 82 pages - Services marketing

"Most of us negotiate Every Day" are the first words of the book "Creative Negotiating" by Stephen Kozicki. Whether it is supplies or international agreements, all cases are well prepared to negotiate a better price, a convenient delivery date or more favorable terms. Regarding...

03 Mar 2011

The mount of the luxury: the case of Louis Vuitton

Dissertation - 143 pages - Services marketing

In a few years, one can imagine a luxury brand connecting through an accessible format to everyone. This situation is similar to the era when internet or television was unthinkable. Brands always made a point not to address to a target public to be accessible and be closed off. Today, these...

03 Mar 2011

Evolution of the ski market from 2000 to 2006: Industry of winter sports and Alpine skiing

Dissertation - 73 pages - Services marketing

The main objective of this study is to trace all the developments experienced by the alpine ski market between 2000 and 2006. The underlying objectives often are of one general point of view: To present a thorough analysis of the characteristics of the alpine ski market and its...

27 Jan 2011

The influence of music on the behavior of purchase of the consumer (2008)

Dissertation - 45 pages - Services marketing

Armed with a specialization in marketing from my studies at ESC Reims, and a real passion for this sector, I decided to explore the realm of sensory marketing. Indeed, this new marketing approach seems to provide real operational value to the discipline. Subsequently, I am more focused on...

29 Sep 2010

International advertising: "Global" advertising or "local" advertising ?

Dissertation - 31 pages - Services marketing

Consumption is at the core of the capitalistic world. In order to take people into buying your specific product, companies bet on advertising. The bottom line is: how can one marketing campaign convince every single person around the world? Should the campaign be global or local? In order...

29 Sep 2010

The Threat of the New World to the French Wine Market: Are historically traditional wines are being usurped by aggressive new competitors?

Dissertation - 77 pages - Services marketing

The objective of this dissertation is to identify the difficulties that the French wine market faces with regard to the competition of the producers of new wines. Simple, easy to drink wines, have been commercialized on a large scale in the past ten years or so by Australia, South Africa, Chile...

29 Sep 2010

In-store versus online visual

Dissertation - 117 pages - Services marketing

The purpose of this dissertation is to identify the differences and similarities of in-store versus online visual merchandising in the fashion industry and the representation of accepted high street techniques in the 2D online world, and their effects on consumer behavior. In order to achieve...

29 Sep 2010

Is ethnic marketing ethical and legitimate?

Dissertation - 38 pages - Services marketing

The concept of ethnic marketing introduces a new way to segment markets, to communicate, and presents a new vision of the consumer. This novel concept seems to be a new challenge for marketers. While some people believe that this marketing concept does not respect ethics because marketers have to...

29 Sep 2010

International Business Environment assignment: an analysis of the national business system and cultural conditions in China and assessment of how this will affect SuperSam

Dissertation - 24 pages - Services marketing

Choosing China as a host country for an International Business Environment assignment offers three advantages: first, since 1979, China has faced major economic and political changes. Second, it has been very successful in attracting foreign direct investment, i.e., in 1995, China was the second...

29 Sep 2010

Marketing plan: the case of insurance industry

Dissertation - 26 pages - Services marketing

Pure General Insurance (PGI) has strived to develop in a fast changing and highly competitive environment since the 1970s. As in many developed countries, the market has become either mature or saturated, with companies experiencing small growth or being out competed. It is then vital for a...

29 Sep 2010

Does Marketing threaten children's education at primary school?

Dissertation - 60 pages - Services marketing

This project aims to identify the ethical problem of marketing by aiming at children, and will focus on children in primary school. This area has interested people since the last decade and the likes of psychologists, doctors, marketers have always tried to understand the power of brands on...

29 Sep 2010

The Market of Alcopops

Dissertation - 40 pages - Services marketing

In 1995, Alcopops and 'Shooters' appeared in Great Britain. Now Alcopop drinks have been introduced in all the developed countries. An Alcopop is a pre-packaged spirit drink, it is a drink with a small percentage of alcohol such as Vodka or Tequilla mixed with a soft drink. We can say...

29 Sep 2010

Nokia: Fierce competition in the cell phone industry: Is it a risk for the leader?

Dissertation - 30 pages - Services marketing

Nokia Corporation is a Finnish multinational communications corporation. They focus on the key growth areas of wired and wireless telecommunications. Nokia is currently the world's largest manufacturer of mobile telephones, with a global device market share of 38,6% in 3Q 2007. We will focus...

29 Sep 2010

Extreme sports

Dissertation - 35 pages - Services marketing

The sporting culture penetrated our quotidian as a major reference. Even if it is difficult to define, sports is known by everybody and is omnipresent. Today, sports profit from a positive image (to be well, healthy). It occupies an important place in the media (newspapers, TV, sporting press,...

29 Sep 2010

Procter and Gamble marketing strategy

Dissertation - 36 pages - Services marketing

We chose Procter and Gamble because it's a huge company, which is established in different sectors and owns a multitude of products. It acts internationally and has a good place and a good experience in the market. After a successful start, P&G is now an international company...

29 Sep 2010

Design a Marketing Plan for the French 'fashion house' Caroll who are aiming to enter the growing 'middle market' in China

Dissertation - 12 pages - Services marketing

The following paper is dedicated to design a marketing plan for the French ‘fashion house' Caroll in China. In the past decade this country has been going through large transformations which permits new entrants to respond to new needs, wants and demands. First of all, several figures seem...

21 Jun 2009

The customer is the king: Relationship marketing

Dissertation - 55 pages - Services marketing

Today it is the consumer who delivers the final verdict. The major application of Relationship Marketing is in industrial good markets and service markets. For relationship to start individual identifiable customers have to surface from the statistical mass of a target segment and for this to...

21 Jun 2009

Evaluation of print media as a medium of advertising with respect to consumers and advertisers

Dissertation - 46 pages - Services marketing

The topic Evaluation of print media as a medium of advertising with respect to consumers and advertisers is one of the best topics, which focuses on the print media sector as one of the means of providing services to the society that carries the idea or message of the marketer to the masses....

28 May 2009

An analysis of E tailing

Dissertation - 83 pages - Services marketing

Online retailing is conducted through interactive online computer systems, which link consumers with sellers electronically. In a short space of time, internet retailing has firmly established itself as a viable alternative to store based shopping. Commercial online services offer...

26 May 2009

Comparative analysis of market strategies for rural penetration of Nokia, Samsung, LG, Sony Erickson and Motorola

Dissertation - 23 pages - Services marketing

Nokia is a world leader in mobile communications, driving the growth and sustainability of the broader mobility industry. Nokia connects people to each other and the information that matters to them with easy-to-use and innovative products like mobile phones, devices and solutions for imaging,...

09 May 2009

Experimental marketing: Building customer associations

Dissertation - 60 pages - Services marketing

Experiential marketing uses brand relevant experiences to engage key audiences while creating a forum where these audiences interact with a brand. It involves high levels of interactivity and sensory impact and seeks to elicit an emotional response the target through a more personal level of...

09 May 2009

Marketing and branding strategies of consumer durable companies in India

Dissertation - 37 pages - Services marketing

The Consumer Durable industry is huge! Think of a typical day then you wake up to make coffee that has been brewed by your-controlled coffee maker. You pop a couple of slices of bread into your electric toaster, grab some juice from the refrigerator and throw a load of laundry...

09 May 2009

Strategic marketing in today's Indian markets

Dissertation - 43 pages - Services marketing

This study has been undertaken to study the strategic marketing trends in the white good industry, the growing competing among various white goods competitors and emerging scenario in the new millennium. The study reveals that though many MNCs have entered, their growing concern has been towards...

08 May 2009

Marketing using sports in India

Dissertation - 38 pages - Services marketing

If there is one change that has taken place in the sporting arena during the past 15 years in the country, it is the influx of marketing muscle and the infusion of large sums of money. Players, events, broadcast and media coverage, clothing and merchandising, grassroots development programs, fan...

29 Apr 2009

A market study and research on the Indian liquor industry

Dissertation - 37 pages - Services marketing

The task on hand was to check the preference of alcohol consumers, which would help our client UDV to market its new product, the latest entrant in the Ready-To-Drink (RTD) segment - Smirnoff ICE. To get the desired information, we used both Primary Data and Secondary Data. The...