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Market studies in tourism marketing

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13 Nov 2023

Egypt Tourism: Market Analysis Overview and Priority Markets

Market study - 7 pages - Tourism marketing

This exercise aims to elaborate a tourism development strategy for 2022 for an airport in the Red Sea region, in order to identify tourism growth opportunities and help the route development team identify key priority markets.

07 Aug 2021

Tourism for seniors market study

Market study - 10 pages - Tourism marketing

Tourism is a sector that is constantly experiencing strong growth, and which also has particular importance for the French economy. There are several kinds of tourism, such as cultural tourism, but also business tourism, events, or sustainable tourism. This list is far from exhaustive, with more...

12 Jul 2021

Market Study - Sustainable tourism

Market study - 8 pages - Tourism marketing

The tourist is, according to UNWTO, a traveller who travels away from his usual place of residence for at least one night and a year at most. The tourism market has a significant weight in the world economy, and its influence is not about to end, as it is constantly growing. France is the number...

08 Jul 2021

Market Study - e-Tourism

Market study - 7 pages - Tourism marketing

Digital technology has invaded all sectors of activity for a few years now. The world lives in an ultra-connected sphere, and these connections are becoming increasingly important in the lives of consumers. Whether on a professional or personal level, more and more users of new technologies are...