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05 Jul 2011

The Ten Oxherding Pictures

Dissertation - 19 pages - Humanities/philosophy

The 'Ten Oxherding Pictures' are also known as jugyuzu and are the creation of 12th century Kakuan Shion Zenji, a Buddhist priest who lived on Mount Ryozan in China during the end of the Northern Sung Dynasty (1126-1279 AD). He taught that all beings are fundamentally endowed with...

29 Jun 2011

Why I'm More Important than You Are: A Case for Agent-Centered Prerogatives

Dissertation - 35 pages - Humanities/philosophy

We are acting permissibly when we do things like go to the movies once a year, or even once a month. Most of us would find it ridiculous if we were told we actually were not permitted to do these things. I consider anyone who disagrees with this claim to be outside of the accepted...

31 May 2009

The anti-apocalyptic Markan community

Dissertation - 7 pages - Humanities/philosophy

Apocalyptic literature often is ignored when constructing theology and ethics. Theologians and ethicists ignore scriptural images of otherworldly beasts and supernatural beings. Prophesy of cosmic suffering and references to apocalyptic literature are not calculated in the work of most...