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08 Jan 2023

The High Share of Temporary Employment in Spain

Essay - 2 pages - Micro-economy, job-unemployment

Temporary employment is an important issue in Spain regarding the high share of workers engaged only for a specific period of time. Indeed, according to OECD data, Spain has one of the highest rates of temporary employment among the labour force (aged between 15-65 years): 1 out of 4 dependents...

12 Sep 2021

How does the phenomenon of unemployment impact Brazil both economically and in its development?

Essay - 5 pages - Micro-economy, job-unemployment

With an area of 8,514,876 km², Brazil is one of the five largest countries in the world. It is located in Latin America and borders seven countries, some of which are Argentina, Bolivia and Uruguay. Brazil is also the eighth-largest country in the world with a GDP of 2054 billion dollars....

13 Sep 2020

How is globalisation today and how a firm should adapt to that?

Essay - 8 pages - Micro-economy, job-unemployment

The 21st century saw unprecedented financial, economic, political and sanitary crisis. The environment of globalization was affected by these challenges. So, concerns about reversed globalization or de-globalization appeared. The following analysis demonstrates that Globalization is not...