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11 Dec 2006

Development economics - Sharecropping

Essay - 6 pages - Economy general

In sharecropping contracts with cost sharing, why is the cost share borne by the tenant equal to the output share accruing to him? Sharecropping is an arrangement or system of farming, prevalent in many Less Developed Countries in which a tenant works on land which he does not own, giving...

27 Nov 2006

Why is China so competitive? Measuring and explaining China's competitiveness

Essay - 36 pages - Economy general

In the first part of our paper we will present the theoretical background of the international trade. We will begin with the description of the evolution of the comparative advantage theories, and then continue with the competitive advantage theory. On this point it is important to mention that...

29 Aug 2006

Is the Washington consensus dead ?

Essay - 10 pages - Economy general

“The Washington Consensus has been dead for years,” said the World Bank President James D. Wolfensohn at the opening of a conference on ‘Scaling up Poverty Reduction' in Shanghai on 25 May, 2004. “It's been replaced by all sorts of other consensuses. But today we're...

21 Aug 2006

The economic results of the 2004 enlargement of the European Union

Essay - 15 pages - Economy general

Two years ago, the European Union was joined by 10 new members whose 8 were former communist countries (plus Malta and Cyprus). The fifth enlargement has been the most ambitious in the history of the European Union. It was the largest ever in terms of number of countries (10) and population (75...

27 Jul 2006

The political influence on organization decision making towards corporate social responsability: a socio economic approach

Essay - 30 pages - Economy general

This research will look at the political influence on organization decision making towards social responsibility. To do so, a combination of social and economic theories will be used. In chapter three, the political field and the political actors in this research...