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20 Apr 2007

Divided Against The Self :The ego-dystonic individual as illustrated in Stephen Frear's "Prick up Your Ears" An essay On Erotic Identity, Homosexuality and the Cinema

Essay - 6 pages - Social sciences

Stephen Frear's Prick Up Your Ears (1987) is based upon the life of England's notorious playwright Joe Orton. The film focuses primarily on Joe's 16 year unconventional relationship with Kenneth Halliwell. This relationship shall be used in the analysis that follows as...

20 Apr 2007

The Gender Gap: A Brief Overview of the Theoretical Perspectives On Gender-Related Cognitive Differences

Thesis - 6 pages - Social sciences

In the fields of mathematics, engineering, and science a gender gap exists. Men still hold the vast majority of professional careers rooted in math and science in industrial countries. In the United States, for example, men account for more than three-quarters of all medical...

28 Feb 2007

Welfare and Ideology by Vic George and Paul Wilding

Book review - 5 pages - Social sciences

Political debates are often driven by what we call ideology. Nowadays we refer to ideology as a set of values and beliefs which influence individuals, politics, groups or even societies as a whole. The “critique of existing socio-economic systems, […] a view of the world, […] a...

31 Oct 2006

The impact of multiculturalism on the Australian society

Essay - 31 pages - Social sciences

The Austral continent is divided into six States and two Territories. Sydney, the capital of New South Wales is the oldest place where Europeans settled and the biggest Australian city. The bridge of Sydney, “Harbour Bridge” and its Opera are the symbols of the city. In 1911,...

31 Aug 2006

Is there room, and how much, for immigrants in the European social model?

Essay - 11 pages - Social sciences

Immigration is deeply rooted in the European history. In the post-war times several West European governments - especially in big and devastated countries - resorted to immigration to cope with important needs for labour force the after-reconstruction economic boom. Immigrants, mostly from...

07 Oct 2004

Are protestants better capitalists ?

Thesis - 6 pages - Social sciences

First, we will see that if protestant theology has undoubtedly influenced the early expansion of capitalism in America, it is probably no longer the main factor explaining the important commitment of Protestants to modern capitalism. As an illustration of this fact, we will show that even among...

22 Jan 2004

The welfare sate - cleavages between Germany and the United Kingdom

Thesis - 8 pages - Social sciences

Since the comfortable mixture of economic growth and welfare state expansion has come to an end the welfare state has been subjected to a crisis discussion. Its integrative capacity and its ability to compromise different class interests have been doubted. It was assumed that the higher status...

09 May 2002

How long can the 'Pay As You Go' pensions last? (followed by the case-study of France)

Case study - 8 pages - Social sciences

Most countries do provide retirement pension schemes within the framework of Pay As You Go pensions. This system however encounters today some unprecedented drawbacks, mainly due to the burden of an ageing population. The future of the retirement system is a real economic concern, not simply a...