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Geopolitical implications of the Afghan conflict

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  1. Context of the conflict in Afghanistan
    1. Geographical area of the current conflict in Afghanistan
    2. The outcomes of the war
  2. International actors
    1. Afghanistan part in international history
    2. What does this country have to offer that is worth fighting for?
  3. Regional actors
    1. Three neighbours
    2. Iran
    3. Pakistan
    4. India
  4. Afghanistan, drugs and the war
    1. The evolution of the drug by the Afghan conflict
    2. How fight against it?
    3. On the positive side?

Afghanistan was created in the late nineteenth century. At that time this area was the scene of a struggle between the Russian Empire and the British Empire. This is called the "Great Game".

Today's Afghanistan was created to act as a buffer state bringing together multiple ethnicities including Pashtuns and Baluchis. Those were later divided by the Durand Line (Lord Mortimer Durand, the Viceroy of India) in 1893 that traces the border between Afghanistan and the Empire of British India (now Pakistan). This ethnic partition will remain a source of conflict for the nowadays 30 millions Afghan population.

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