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Are protestants better capitalists ?

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  1. Introduction
  2. The protestant roots which grounds capitalism theologically
    1. Weber's thesis: The protestant ethic and the spirit of capitalism
    2. Accumulation (against catholocism)
    3. Election, predestination (against Judaism)
  3. Justifying Weber's thesis
  4. Protestant sects vs capitalist organizations
    1. The origins of the economic superiority of Protestant sects in America
    2. Protestant sects at the heart of modern capitalism
  5. Conclusion

First, we will see that if protestant theology has undoubtedly influenced the early expansion of capitalism in America, it is probably no longer the main factor explaining the important commitment of Protestants to modern capitalism. As an illustration of this fact, we will show that even among fundamentalist Protestants, there is no longer a consensus about the theological justifications of capitalism (I). Today, however, what favours the capitalist skills of Protestants seems to be less theology than the fact that Protestantism is divided in well-organized communities, some of which function as successful profit-making organizations actively participating to the worldwide expansion of capitalism (II)

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