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Constitutional law

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27 Apr 2009

Evaluation of the national child benefit act: Critique and policy suggestions

Thesis - 10 pages - Constitutional law

Introduction - This research paper will present an evaluation of the 1997 Federal National Child Benefit Act. The NCB was introduced as a way to aid poor working families which include children override income disparities which exist between them and families in higher economic brackets....

15 Jan 2009

Essay on the separation of powers in Europe - A comparative study

Case study - 16 pages - Constitutional law

“Each country must find a solution which is sensitive to its domestic culture” …this is the position of Lord Irvine of Lairg on the separation of powers. This can be regarded as a politically correct position on a very discussed topic in that it does not take part in the animated...

15 Jan 2009

"An English court should solve problems of characterisation by applying the only concepts with which it is familiar, namely those of the forum." Discuss the proposition critically with reference to decided cases

Essay - 7 pages - Constitutional law

The English conflict of laws is a body of rules whose purpose is to assist an English court to deal with cases tried before it which contain a foreign element. It consists of three main topics: (i) the jurisdiction of an English court, in the sense of its competence to hear and determine a case;...

09 Jan 2009

To what extent can the Spanish model of citizenship be used for the European Union? Examine the rights and duties of the citizen under the Spanish Constitution as well as the conciliation of various regional aspirations and feelings. In what way is this

Essay - 5 pages - Constitutional law

According to many commentators and journalists, the European Union would be challenged by some crisis, each of them having different natures: for instance, European regions, whereas they could be a good complement for European governance, are increasingly perceived as a threat for the European...

06 Oct 2008

A testator's disposal of property and providing for the family, cohabitants and dependants

Essay - 8 pages - Constitutional law

In our courts, wills are contested and challenged every day. Despite the best intentions of the testator, or author of the will, there is no such thing as a will that cannot be contested. Still, it is important to remember that a will is designed to protect the wishes of the testator after they...

30 Sep 2008

The Enlightenment Project and how it impacted Christian theology

Essay - 5 pages - Constitutional law

Typically identified as a movement among eighteenth century philosophers in France, Britain and Germany, The Enlightenment Project, also known as ‘The Age of Enlightenment,' or simply ‘The Enlightenment,' bridged the seventeenth century's ‘Age of Reason' with the nineteenth...

18 Aug 2008

Land law: The Land Registration Act

Essay - 6 pages - Constitutional law

The Land Registration Act 2002 (LRA) came into force on 13th October 2003 implementing an overhaul of the organisation of registered land system, repealing the Land Registration Act 1925. The Law Commission Report Number 271 highlighted the central objective of the LRA 2002 being to create a land...

04 Aug 2008

The Supreme Court: America's judicial body of power

Essay - 9 pages - Constitutional law

This paper analyzes the ways in which the Supreme Court's function has transformed, its current structure, and the issues that presently surround the Court. In order to maintain freedom and prosperity for the American people, the founding fathers explicitly divided up government responsibilities...

29 Jun 2008

Education of All Handicapped Children Act of 1975

Essay - 3 pages - Constitutional law

Inclusion came by the way of Education of All Handicapped Children Act of 1975 which gave the right of equal educational opportunity to children with disabilities. This was later reenacted in 1990 as the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Supported by the Americans with...

15 Jun 2008

The issue of choosing a Supreme Court Justice

Essay - 8 pages - Constitutional law

Introduction In recent years, the stability of the Supreme Court has been challenged as a direct result of changes in the specific members that comprise the Court. Up until 2006, specific patters of decision-making could clearly be delineated. However, the death of Chief Justice William...

04 Jun 2008

Affirmative action in the U.S

Essay - 9 pages - Constitutional law

In recent years, the issue of affirmative action has become one that has polarized debate in the United States. Affirmative action, which was originally conceptualized under President Johnson's Executive Order 11246 was supposed to provide social institutions with the mechanisms necessary to...

07 Dec 2007

In the United States District Court for the Western District of Missouri.

Law case - 7 pages - Constitutional law

Plaintiff Karlene Kincaid alleges that defendant River Bluffs Community College retaliated against her for exercising her First Amendment right to free speech by terminating her employment contract with the college. Plaintiff claims that the letter to the editor she wrote...

20 Apr 2007

American law essay 3 : Bush v. Gore 531 U.S. 98 (2000)

Essay - 4 pages - Constitutional law

Bush v. Gore is a landmark decision of the Supreme Court in many regards. First because of its time constraint (the Electoral College had to meet on December 18th, which gave the Justices very little time to make a major decision), secondly because of its tremendous impact (the Court was given...