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13 Aug 2008

How disability rights will be protected in England and Wales after 1st October 2007

Essay - 8 pages - International law

The main legislative framework addressing protection of disability rights in the UK has been the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 (DDA) as amended by the Disability Act 2005 to widen the definition of “disability” in order to confer stronger protection rights. However, a...

19 Mar 2008

Outline and assess the extent to which the wto agreements have legal effects before eu and member states' courts, creating rights for individuals and the possibility of testing the compatibility of eu secondary legislation with these agreements.

Essay - 12 pages - International law

Because its creation was not a simple extension of the GATT, literature has shown a lively curiosity for the reception of WTO law within the Community legal order. Some concrete facts justify this infatuation. Unlike its predecessor, the WTO is a permanent institution with its own...

12 Dec 2007

Current Proposals on the Illegal Immigration Problem

Essay - 2 pages - International law

No one knows exactly how many illegal immigrants are in this country. Estimates range from 4 to 12 million people. The largest group of undocumented immigrants is Mexicans. Thousands of Mexicans, some with families, cross the border illegally in search of work. Typically an illegal will stay in...

07 Dec 2007

The Human Coyote: A Heroic Criminal?

Essay - 2 pages - International law

In all the various interrelated issues of the border, there is one central group that is essential to allowing immigrants to cross in the United States: the coyotes. Coyotes are smugglers who assist immigrants in getting across the border without getting stopped by the border patrol, or...

12 Apr 2007

Discuss the analysis and significance of the abduction and trial of Eichmann from an international law perspective, with reference to legal writing

Essay - 8 pages - International law

“The very concept of individual accountability - indeed - the very idea that an act could be ‘criminal' was antithetical to International law during much of its history […] With narrow exceptions, individuals held no rights and bore no responsibilities under International law,...

29 Aug 2006

International commercial arbitration

Essay - 4 pages - International law

International commercial arbitration is one of several forms of dispute resolution for international commercial agreements. The use of arbitration has increased along with the growth of international trade and commerce and the accompanying disputes springing from these pursuits. In its broadest...

18 Apr 2006

Under what circumstances do you think states should intervene in humanitarian crises?

Essay - 6 pages - International law

Humanitarian intervention deals with two academic fields: political philosophy and international law. The question of intervention depends on the morality and on the legality of the intervention. Is humanitarian intervention a moral duty for states? Is humanitarian intervention a right for...

16 Nov 2001

Human rights and universality

Thesis - 13 pages - International law

We'll see that a mediate position can be found between what Donnelly has identified as radical cultural relativism (a) and radical universalism (b). Thus, it seems that a cross-cultural consensus can be found on the universality of some basic rights contained in the UDHR, whereas some other...

11 Oct 2000

Crimes Against Humanity And The Principles Of Legality: What Could the Potential Offender Expect?

Essay - 10 pages - International law

Les juges ne sont que la bouche qui prononce les paroles de la loi, des ĂȘtres inanimĂ©s qui ne peuvent ni en adresser la force ni la rigueur. " Charles de Secondat Montesquieu, L'esprit des Lois, Livre XI, Ch. III, 127 (1748). " If the interpretation of laws is evil, their...