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Thesis in labor law

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23 Nov 2009

Significant roles played by labor unions in the United States

Thesis - 5 pages - Labor law

This research paper examines significant roles played by the labor unions in the United States. A declining rate of union membership has been seen during the last few decades. Globalization, outsourcing jobs, economical changes, and new technological advancements, and inactive roles of labor...

16 Apr 2009

Fair labor

Thesis - 6 pages - Labor law

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”1 When considered in the context of globalization and modern capitalism, Churchill's words are oddly disturbing. As the global population continues to grow, unemployment and...

20 Feb 2009

The development of the welfare state and the National health service in Britain

Thesis - 12 pages - Labor law

The Poor Law of 1601 was introduced as a response by the Government to rising levels of concern over how 'the poor' should be supported. As a result of several poor harvests, and soldiers returning from war there was increased vagrancy, which concerned the Government who were...