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Logistics and Supply Chain Practices

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  1. Introduction
  2. Critical Analysis
  3. Industry Examples
  4. Reasons why Mr. Shelton upset and the things that should be done to address his complaint
  5. A QI Plan for Presto Cleaner
  6. Organization and Leadership
  7. What lean production concepts can Laura apply in the above context? What challenges will she face?
  8. Conclusion

Lean thinking is essential to improve supply chain management. This is because lean thinking ensures things are done just as they should. As an example, Toyota has demonstrated superior results with regard to quality, cost and lead-time compared to most (if not all) of its competitors. This accomplishment has led to a widespread interest in the Toyota System of Production and its way of doing business. Subsequently, various reviews of "The Toyota Way" have been done. This has led to the characterization of lean production, which can now be seen as a generic description of the Production System at Toyota. Despite there being many, diverse perceptions of what exactly has led to Toyota's success, Toyota itself proposes that its system is based on considering the time from getting the client's orders to cash collection and shorten this lead-time by eradicating waste (Chiarini 2011).

Customer relationship is also a key are that organizations must address to improve their supply chain management. This is because the only way to guarantee increased sales is to have the consumers believe in the products of the organization. Money cannot buy this. In the retail industry, Wal-Mart is a classic example of exemplary customer relationship that led to its success. It founder, Walton, always had the customer in mind when designing business processes. For example, he came up with the idea of exploring and innovating new possibilities that will increase customer experiences and satisfaction, such as self-service, offering discounts, and employing staff who had to be friendly to the customers. Wal-Mart and any other successful company had to develop a system of a few really unique competences that help them build differentiated value for their chosen consumers.

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