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30 Apr 2013

Youtube essay

Case study - 2 pages - Computer science

Technology allows information to be shared quicker than ever before. Any subject or topic is readily available to be researched through various search engines. Youtube specifically conveys information through video format. I have utilized this medium to research the marketing topic of branding....

27 Jun 2011

Data warehousing

Essay - 3 pages - Computer science

A data warehouse is a term used to describe the electronically stored data of an organization. These warehouses are important in helping an organization analyze and report on the organization data. It is a process that aims at storing data but it also aims at retrieving, extracting, transforming,...

13 Jun 2011

A Guide for your first steps in SEO

Thesis - 6 pages - Computer science

The term "search engine" is usually used to describe crawler-based search engines and human-edited web directories. Search engine optimization involves achieving the highest position or ranking practical in the natural or organic listings on the search engine results pages after a specific...

03 Feb 2011

Strategic management - example of the company "Apple"

Case study - 15 pages - Computer science

The Apple Company is present in the technology sector. It operates in three business areas with main strategies: - Computer: design and production of computers (desktops and laptops), development of operating systems and software. - Music: design and implementation of MP3 players,...

03 Feb 2011

Business of the information systems

Course material - 9 pages - Computer science

Internet, databases, networks, telecommunications, e-commerce, multimedia are all associated with the conduct of business. They prove the pervasiveness of information technology in the functioning of organizations. At a time when technological progress accompanies intense competition, management...

03 Feb 2011

The birth of the Digital divide

Essay - 3 pages - Computer science

Information technology and communication (ICT) is the subject of a more than abundant literature, and prompted the greatest hopes and greatest fears, and awakened the dreams of democratic ideals and fear of social control. In the late 1970s, we saw a real boom of IT in developed...

03 Feb 2011

Business model of the Facebook company

Case study - 8 pages - Computer science

In February 4, 2oo4, Mark Zuckerberg left the prestigious Boston University and along with his roommates , Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes, created the The Facebook. Facebook brings together more than 190 million users worldwide (600 000 new members per day) 70 % of who are from...

27 Jan 2011

Critical evaluation of Nike's corporate social responsibility (C.S.R)

Essay - 10 pages - Computer science

Corporate social responsibility or corporate citizenship or corporate conscience relates to a mode of regulation within the corporate world where corporations display a form of corporate conscience. A corporation chooses integrate its corporate consciences into its business model, partly to meet...

11 Nov 2010

The Schengen Information System (SIS), functions, issues and problems

Thesis - 7 pages - Computer science

The purpose of this essay is to present an overview of the main functions of the Schengen Information system (SIS), as well of the main issues and problems surrounding its use. In the first part of this essay, a description of the functions, the functioning and the architecture of the SIS...

29 Sep 2010

Cloud computing

Essay - 16 pages - Computer science

We can assume that a few years ago, "cloud computing" was a vague concept, arguing that in an uncertain future, computing would not require anymore software or hardware facilities to be used locally by the end user. This concept had its place with other futurist concepts, such as the vision of a...

29 Sep 2010

DreamShare business plan

Case study - 15 pages - Computer science

We are going to launch an innovative community website in France. The company responsible will be a partnership. The product and the Company will have the same name: Dreamshare. Our concept is pretty similar to the concept that our competitors have come up with (Myspace, Facebook). Though we are...

29 Sep 2010

Google AdSense(TM), to what extent does the concept AdSense revolutionize the advertising on internet?

Case study - 10 pages - Computer science

The first ad that appeared on the web was posted in 1994 by AT&T on the website Created by the interactive agency Modem media, the size of this banner - 468x60 pixels - became the standard size of the classic banner. The contract, signed in April, 1994, concerned a...

29 Sep 2010

Facebook success analysis

Essay - 4 pages - Computer science

Facebook is a social networking service launched in February 2004 that is operated and privately owned by Facebook, Inc. As of now the social networking site has over 500 million active users across the globe. Users can create a personal profile, add other users as friends and exchange messages,...

29 Sep 2010

Software business models for AUTOSAR automotive world standard (rapport de stage, 2006)

Essay - 12 pages - Computer science

AUTOSAR (AUTomotive Open Standard ARchitecture) is a promising initiative that aims at establishing open standards for automotive E/E architecture. AUTOSAR compliant basic software ensures independency of the application software from the underlying hardware and allows modularity as well as...

29 Sep 2010

Globalisation and the mass media

Essay - 5 pages - Computer science

The Internet is above all, a decentralised system of interactive communication. And Internet-enthusiasts have seen it as a way to introduce more communication between different communities around the world, as well as an outstanding mean to re-invent and develop democracy. For the first time in...

14 Sep 2010

How internet has changed our businesses and career

Thesis - 7 pages - Computer science

Internet marketing services, popularly also known as online marketing, web marketing, i-marketing, search engine marketing or e-marketing is a new age Internet driven phenomenon that essentially deals with marketing of products and services on the Internet. The Internet has opened up a huge...

30 Aug 2010

Things you should know about digital photography

Essay - 3 pages - Computer science

As a popular hobby for the past 160 years, one feature that has remained constant in photography is the need for the camera to be loaded with a ‘film' that needs chemical processing. Now, with the development of the charge coupled device (CCD), which converts light into digital electronic...

18 Aug 2010

Spyware: Classification, uses and abuses

Thesis - 3 pages - Computer science

Spyware is a program or a subroutine designed to collect personal data about users and send them to its creator. A third of it may be sent over the Internet or any other computer network, without obtaining explicit permission and informing such users. In the case of a commercial spyware, before...

17 Aug 2010

Things you should know about advertising photography

Thesis - 3 pages - Computer science

Modern age is the age of advertising and all advertising involves pictures, whether still or moving. Our day starts with the newspaper and can we imagine a newspaper without advertisements? Preparation of advertisement material is a joint effort of photographers and other creative people to...

06 Aug 2010

Bit torrent and you

Thesis - 2 pages - Computer science

In the following article bit torrent will be discussed; the article will cover how to use it and how it works. Take note that there are many different uses for bit torrent and I shall focus on legal uses only. You should also be aware that there are illegal uses for torrent and you should avoid...

05 Aug 2010

The history of data storage and it's place in modern day computing

Thesis - 2 pages - Computer science

Even before the first computer made its way into popular knowledge, data storage was an activity that had occurred many times. Data had been copied and stored on a hard disk like tool and then re-used by a mechanical contraption of some sort. In 1801 for example the punch card was used to control...

29 Jul 2010

Tips to enhance pc performance

Thesis - 2 pages - Computer science

PC performance may be greatly enhanced by modifying or ‘tweaking' a few of the default operating system settings. The optimization process differs for Windows XP and Windows Vista, so a section is devoted to each operating system providing a list to enhance pc performance on both Windows...

29 Jun 2010

FOSS (Free and open source software)

Thesis - 6 pages - Computer science

The word free software means that the software has a free license and it gives everyone the right to use, study, modify, duplicate, distribute and sell the said software. Historically, Richard Stallman was the one who formalized the concept of free software in the first half of...

29 Jun 2010

The grounded theory

Thesis - 5 pages - Computer science

The methodology of Grounded Theory is increasingly being used in research in information systems. However, some researchers consider this method as having non-rigorous data points and therefore unacceptable for scientific research and the use of empirical data. The purpose of the article by...

29 Jun 2010

Dawn of the information age

Thesis - 7 pages - Computer science

We live in an age of information. Every day we witness tremendous changes in the field of information technology. To understand the functioning of the information systems around us, we need to look into the meaning of the various terms used in this context. The term information...

29 Jun 2010

Hurray! No spam here

Thesis - 4 pages - Computer science

The proliferation of the Internet as a means of communication has been an immense boon to mankind. Millions of data are shared between users, companies and governments that enable quick transfer and processing of data. This has resulted in the creation of a global village where there are no...

29 Jun 2010

Kanata: Adaptation and evolution in data sharing systems

Thesis - 3 pages - Computer science

The role of various elements employed in the adaptation and evolution of data systems is complex. This article elaborates a number of issues related to adaptation and changing data patterns. It includes the use of metadata. Metadata is employed in web pages and are used by search engines while...

29 Jun 2010

Agent oriented domain driven data mining

Thesis - 6 pages - Computer science

Data mining is the process of knowledge discovery in the database. The basic need of data mining in business is to help in improving the business. There are different types of businesses based on domains. Data mining has been recognized as an essential element of decision support, which has...

29 Jun 2010

Selecting informative features - a novel approach for the classification of large dataset

Thesis - 5 pages - Computer science

Feature subset selection plays an essential role in all data mining applications. It speeds up a data mining algorithm and improves mining performance. This paper proposes a novel approach of feature subset selection for classification problem. This approach aims to find common features from...

23 Jun 2010

Linux Vs Microsoft Windows

Thesis - 6 pages - Computer science

Hardware manufacturers and computer users shared software during the period of 1950's, 1960's and 1970's. But, by the late 1960's, software costs had increased and the growing software industry was competing, as the hardware manufacturer's bundled software products. Towards the late 1970's and...