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Screen Culture Review on the Screening Materials

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In 1982, Peters and Waterman published the book ?In Search of Excellence? that was based on McKinsey's model elements (Collins, 2007). It focused on structure, strategy, style of management, skills, staff, and shared values to determine the exact nature in which those elements should be implemented. An essential message in their book is the importance of people to a business and the failure of particular philosophies and practices that were being implemented by some companies at the time. The book is flawed in stating that these principles would apply forever the business world when indeed some of them have become obsolete.

According to the book, there are eight common themes they argued were important for the success of any corporation (Peters & Waterman, 2006). A bias for action and active decision making is the first theme that is developed through their book. They argued that quick decision making was fundamental to the success of any business. Each time an organization is faced with a task, they must make decisions in a timely manner in order to stay ahead of the rest. This quick decision making is fundamental in problem solving to avoid bureaucratic control. Transparency in the approach to problem solving will be enhanced to ensure that effective management is enhanced.

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