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The Solar system discovery – A Scientific historical advancement and implications in science

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  1. Art and science
  2. The solar system is a scientific invention because it uses the concept of How the discovery was made and the way people think about the field
  3. The social and ethical implications of the discovery
  4. What did the people think about the field before and after the field
  5. Conclusion

Art and science are related fields but have a different view on several phenomena. Scientific arguments are considered to involve more thinking and even research work. Art is considered as not involving much investigation. The science and art are interrelated; hence they are beneficial concepts to the society. There sciences have enabled explanation of various occurrences in the universe, hence making the human understanding of the immediate environment. Science uses facts that are argued systematically to give reasons about the origin of the phenomenon. Science gives explanations by giving reasons for every situation and occurrence. This paper focuses on a topic that has been advanced through science and has a great impact to the society.

Individuals have various traditional explanations on the origin of the earth and the heavenly bodies. Science gives a systematic explanation of the solar system to the human race. This paper explores the scientific discovery of the solar system as a historic advancement in science. The human beings became curious about the issues of the origin of the earth, moon, stars, sun and the manifestations of day and night long time ago. The scientific invention on the solar system is a historical phenomenon. The invention was made very long time ago around the beginning of the 18th century. The early scientific theory about the solar system was advanced by Newton, an ancient scientist of the 16th century.

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