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A paper outlining the process of implementing a new computer system

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  1. Introduction
  2. Understanding computer systems design with a web server
  3. Understanding operating system and software requirements
  4. Study of network arrangement
  5. Structure of the clinic's computer system
  6. Specifications of the ethernet hub
  7. Structure of the clinic appointment system
  8. Conclusion
  9. Bibliography

The hardware and software for the computer system for the clinic must be able to support all the information requirement of the clinic and not only the requirements of its operations function. Render and Heizer said that in order to provide services, an organization undergoes three primary functions. These functions are marketing, operations (production in manufacturing settings), and finance (Render & Heizer 1998, p. 5). Although, the main concern of the new owner of the clinic is to be able to install a computer system which can support the requirements of its doctors and nurses, nevertheless it is but prudent to also design a computer system that can also handle the marketing and finance functions of the clinic.This paper aims to present that computer system and discuss the different issues related to it. Moreover, the computer system design presented and discussed in this paper incorporated the four primary factors that determine the value of information. These factors are information appropriateness, information quality, information timeliness, and information quantity (Certo 2000, p. 472). In other words, the information provided by the computer system herein designed is relevant; it highly represents reality, timely, and provides the decision maker information to make the right decisions.
Task 1: Computer Systems Design with a Web Server
Task 2: Operating System and Software Requirements
Task 3: Network Arrangement
Butler W. Lampson aptly stated that ?[designing] a computer system is very different from designing an algorithm [as the] external interface (that is, the requirement) is less precisely defined, more complex, and more subject to change; [the] system has much more internal structure, and [the] measure of success is much less clear? (1983, p. 33). Hence, in this portion of the assignment, the student aims to lessen, or perhaps eliminate, the risk of the first complexity ? the computer system more subject to change by enumerating the minimum requirements

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