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Cyber Terrorism: The darker side of internet applications

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  1. Abstract
  2. Introduction
  3. An overview of cyber terrirosm & targets
  4. Cyber terrirosm: Network security perspective
  5. How cyberspace is used?
  6. Counter cyberterrorism
  7. Conclusion

Cyber terrorism is the convergence of cyberspace and terrorism. Computers and the Internet are aggressively being used by many international terrorist groups. Although cyber terrorism attacks have not yet happened and also there is no such identified substantiation that terrorists are planning a coordinated ?soft? attack against critical infrastructure of public or private institutions, the loopholes in Internet security may attract their attention, as logic bomb would do a great amount of damage than a physical bomb in form of virtual violence with lot of ease in operation on terrorist part. If you consider this as hype, unfortunately you may have to utter ?failure of imagination? one more time. The purpose of this paper is to explore a new explanatory angle concerning cyber terrorism, challenges involved, network security perspective and counter-measures to minimize its' danger. Keywords: Cyber terrorism, network security

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