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11 Jun 2009

Satellite link emulation

Thesis - 4 pages - Computer science

Herein is a research paper which depicts the use of emulation for testing purpose to illustrate the propagation of signals in the satellite communication. With the software NIST Net we could emulate any kind of links and get the results with actual packets in consideration. The procedure testing...

11 Jun 2009

Remote triggering based embedded servers for smart home environments

Thesis - 4 pages - Computer science

Smart home systems are expected to become key research area for ubiquitous and embedded system Computing in coming years. In this paper, a new scheme in smart home systems technology using Embedded server for providing intelligent control of home appliances is proposed. A wireless based Embedded...

09 Jun 2009

Content management with repository open service interface definition

Thesis - 7 pages - Computer science

Now days the term content management is the key issue with website's design, what to include what not to include is very crucial problem. Here, in this paper we have shown the way of managing content called assets, which may contain metadata, course materials, assessment items, images, videos...

09 Jun 2009

Data warehousing and data mining: Bringing pinpoint accuracy to sales

Thesis - 4 pages - Computer science

For most businesses, the primary means of growth involves the acquisition of new customers. This could involve finding customers who previously were not aware of your product, were not candidates for purchasing your product, or customers who in the past have bought from your competitors. Some of...

09 Jun 2009

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

Essay - 21 pages - Computer science

This presentation talks about Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. First of all it begins with a clear description of SMTP, how it is implemented and what are the alternatives used on mail servers after which it explains what authenticated SMTP with pictorial representation is. Following this...

08 Jun 2009

Performance based comparision of TCP variants: Reno and Sack on real test beds

Thesis - 4 pages - Computer science

One of the most important parameter of data communication is the TCP protocol. It has underwent many changes which brought into existence many variant of it like tahoe, reno, new reno, sack, vegas, westwood. Nowadays we are using TCP SACK as the tcp variant as it is better as compared to its...

08 Jun 2009

Optimization of TCP SACK

Thesis - 4 pages - Computer science

Internet is expanding rapidly over entire glob with heterogeneous networks. TCP/IP protocol suite is an inseparable part of Internet. Hence, the efficiency of the protocols is plays a vital role in performance of Internet. The increasing use of wireless links in expanding Internet has brought out...

08 Jun 2009

Development of a grid framework using .net

Thesis - 8 pages - Computer science

It is difficult to analyze the performance of dynamic environment like Grid. In a Grid , data need to be collected and analyzed in real time. A Grid has to adapt to the changing resources usages scenario. The objective of this paper is to present an object oriented implementation of a part...

07 Jun 2009

Mechanical forming of metals: Study of rapid prototyping processes

Case study - 30 pages - Computer science

The introduction of the presentation will give a brief overview of the trend that the information in it will follow after which it will begin with the reasons why RP is used. It will then move onto a mention of the classifications of RP followed by a section on stereo lithography, inject based...

07 Jun 2009

Software process models

Essay - 46 pages - Computer science

This presentation deals with software process models. It begins with the definition of software development process and its different phases. It then moves on to the description of each of the software models beginning with waterfall model,its advantages and disadvantages, incremental life cycle...

04 Jun 2009

Characteristics of a system

Essay - 39 pages - Computer science

Relatively autonomous subsystems are also loosely coupled with other subsystems; that is. relatively few interfaces exist between the subsystems, and these interfaces are relatively simple. Decoupling techniques, which may be used to make subsystems relatively independent from one another by...

04 Jun 2009

Internet famous protocols

Essay - 34 pages - Computer science

The protocol is set of rules that govern how things communicate over the network. Computers have a common way that is called protocol to send information between them. Protocols enable all procedures to be undertaken in a standard manner. some of the more common protocols are TCP, IP, UDP, POP,...

04 Jun 2009

Hypertext transfer protocol

Essay - 37 pages - Computer science

HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) is the set of rules for transferring files (text, graphic images, sound, video, and other multimedia files) on the World Wide Web. HTTP has been in use by the World-Wide Web global information initiative since 1990. HTTP lies at the application layer of TCP/IP....

01 Jun 2009

The system in information systems

Essay - 37 pages - Computer science

The presentation begins with an explanation of what an information system is. From there it will go onto give a general overview of the layout of a system followed by the basic functions of a system. The next topic covered will be the elements of an example system which will be followed by...

31 May 2009

Credit card management system

Dissertation - 40 pages - Computer science

The increasing number of credit card users and the pressure of ever increasing competition, organizations are forced to do new innovations, adopt efficient and effective practices and speed up all the transactions. Most of the reputed banks provide customers with credit cards, which are being...

30 May 2009

A paper outlining the process of implementing a new computer system

Thesis - 9 pages - Computer science

The hardware and software for the computer system for the clinic must be able to support all the information requirement of the clinic and not only the requirements of its operations function. Render and Heizer said that in order to provide services, an organization undergoes three primary...

29 May 2009

Computers and weather forecasting

Essay - 60 pages - Computer science

This presentation tells about weather forecasting and the usage of computers in this field. It then names a few Indian departments supporting this feature. Later it gives a detailed description on how the details are collected on the computer. Next topic is about surface observations, balloons,...

29 May 2009

Business intelligence

Essay - 47 pages - Computer science

This presentation tells about business intelligence. It begins with evolution of BI, tools used and a pictorial representation of its services. It then moves on to a precise definition of Business Intelligence warehousing concept and its features. Next it explains data warehouse tool evaluation,...

28 May 2009

An in-depth study on project development

Thesis - 20 pages - Computer science

A project is undertaken to meet specific needs and goals or problems. One most know what the problem is before it can be solved. The basis for a candidates system is recantation of need for improving an information system or a procedure. For example a supervisor may want to investigate the system...

28 May 2009

Integrated software system

Dissertation - 79 pages - Computer science

Nothing could be truer than the fact that all things are flowing - everything is under constant change. Even in the field of computing, we are witnessing great changes right before our eyes. When it first began, computing was limited to huge machines operated by scientists in research...

28 May 2009

Hotel automation

Dissertation - 41 pages - Computer science

With the manifold increase in our population and limited resources to accommodate the new generation in any of the fields they want to contribute during these days of competition and advancement, the need of an Entrance Examination has become an alarming one. This is all the more essential to...

28 May 2009

Heat pipe based air preheater for thermal power plants

Dissertation - 54 pages - Computer science

Modern day thermal power plants try to utilize more & more heat available from burning of coal. In the process reducing the heat loss to the surroundings and increasing the efficiency. Devices like economizer and air preheater are manifestations for the same purpose. Most of the power...

28 May 2009

Group communications

Essay - 64 pages - Computer science

This presentation is about the most commonly used group communications methods. The presentation begins with the definition of different means of group communications on the network. Further topics include description about mailing lists, its working and set-up across network and handling it in...

27 May 2009

CSF for implementing an ERP system

Tutorials/exercises - 57 pages - Computer science

The research project that this dissertation will study involves the factors that influence an implementation of an enterprise-wide information system in a large organization. More specifically, it will examine what the critical success factors (CSF) are for implementing an Enterprise Resource...

27 May 2009

Running out of IP addresses: A look at the new versions of IP addresses (IPv6)

Dissertation - 31 pages - Computer science

The current version of IP (IP version 4) has been extremely successful but according to experts, the Internet will face a serious problem in a few years. Due to its rapid growth and the limitations in its design, there will be a point when no more free addresses are available for connecting to...

27 May 2009

Maintaining records in a library using C++

Dissertation - 84 pages - Computer science

The language used in the project is C++. C++ is a very good tool for the Object-Oriented programming. It provides all features of object-oriented programming. The foremost advantage of object-oriented programming is the Re usability feature. The project is a Library system, which is developed...

26 May 2009

Wireless transmission

Essay - 50 pages - Computer science

This presentation is about wireless transmission.It begins with the definition of "wireless" and explains its usage.Further topics include description about radio transmission (with diagrams),satellite transmission,parts of satellite and one of its type LEO(Low Earth Orbii).It then moves to an...

26 May 2009

Voice communication

Essay - 23 pages - Computer science

VOIP is common term which means voice over internet protocol. Voice communication is the hottest feature now a days. The success of IP in becoming a world standard for data networking has led to its adaption to voice networking. Hardware and software both are required for telephony. Voice over...

22 May 2009

Aspen: Analysis or simulation

Dissertation - 42 pages - Computer science

A process consists of chemical components being mixed, separated, heated, cooled, and converted by unit operations. These components are transferred from unit to unit through process. Process flow sheet can simply be defined as a blue print of a plant or the language of chemical processes. Like a...

21 May 2009

A research on case tools in software development life cycle

Case study - 66 pages - Computer science

Software has become the way we engage the world. And software is ubiquitous. It's everywhere, from the cars we drive (with more software in the average car than in the Apollo spacecraft); to military equipment (today 80% of a fighter jets capability is capability is performed by software,...