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16 Dec 2019

Multiplexed LED Display

Essay - 11 pages - Electronics

Through a series of laboratory procedures, we have created a LED clock which is powered by a transformer whose voltage initially is a 120V rms. The purpose of the project is to understand how to use resistors, transformers, capacitors, and transistors to bring down the alternating current voltage...

23 Jun 2010

Concept of communication technology

Essay - 5 pages - Electronics

Communication technology is an important tool for computerized information systems as data is communicated by using communication technology. Data communication refers to data transmission and receipt thereof from one location to another. Computers transmit data for many reasons. The problems of...

16 Jun 2009

Network security on Bluetooth

Essay - 5 pages - Electronics

Wireless communications offer organizations and users many benefits such as portability and flexibility, increased productivity, and lower installation costs. Wireless local area network (WLAN) devices, for instance, allow users to move their laptops from place to place within their...

11 Jun 2009

Location-based service over 3GPP IMS: Approaching real-time connectivity with the next generation of network communication

Essay - 5 pages - Electronics

Emerging mobile applications will need location information for delivering the right services to right persons at right places and time. A location-based service (LBS) is an information and entertainment service, accessible with mobile devices through the mobile network and utilizing the ability...

12 May 2009

Universal asynchronous receiver and transmitter (UART) (17 slides)

Essay - 5 pages - Electronics

Serial communications is the process of sending data one bit at one time, sequentially, over a communication channel or computer bus. Serial communications is used for all long haul communications and most computer networks, where the cost of cable and synchronization difficulties make parallel...

05 May 2009

Smart wireless foot pedal: How to make one specific to medical equipment

Essay - 25 pages - Electronics

In this project, we will be developing a micro controller based wireless foot pedal system to be used along with medical equipment. Most of the surgical equipments will be controlled by the foot pedals. Most of the surgical equipment will be controlled by the foot pedals. The parameters such as...

13 Jan 2009

Can Japanese Sogo-soshas become common in Europe and USA with the system and its current situation?

Essay - 11 pages - Electronics

According to Reuters, a Japanese company has come up with a new way to track down grandmas, grandpas and anyone else who forgets where he or she is supposed to be. The company will use a satellite-based global positioning system and cellular technology. The device has been developed by a...

13 Jan 2009

The use of GIS (Geographic Information Systems) by banks

Essay - 3 pages - Electronics

Nowadays, companies are getting more and more involved in Geographic Information Systems. Indeed, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are a new tool for today's businesses. This statement is confirmed by Peter Keenan (2005). There are in fact several reasons why companies are increasingly using...

04 Dec 2008

What was TV?

Essay - 4 pages - Electronics

In the 1950's television became the dominant mass media as people readily brought small screens into their homes in greater numbers of hours per week than ever before. It was clear that television would leave its mark “for good or ill and be under ever widening scrutiny—and not merely...

04 Dec 2008

On-Line quality control: Advances in sensor technology

Essay - 9 pages - Electronics

The success of new product introductions lies with consumer acceptance of key food attributes such as texture, color, flavor, freshness, and nutrition. Automation in food processing allows for control of the consistency of these attributes by measuring a specific property, adjusting processing...

07 Oct 2008

Encryption: Security in the age of technology

Essay - 5 pages - Electronics

Encryption is a word that is associated with mystery and secrecy. For hundreds of years, it is tool that has been used to help protect information. Simply, it is a process that scrambles ordinary textual or written information into something that is illegible and difficult to read or decipher....

10 Sep 2008

Technology applications of X-ray diffraction for non-destructive testing

Essay - 8 pages - Electronics

In this article the use of X-ray diffraction in non-destructive testing of materials and machine components is examined. The article contains twelve refeX-ray diffraction finds uses in many applications of science and technology, ranging from applications in the field of pharmacy for the...

09 Sep 2008

Vehicle interlock systems- An introduction and overview

Essay - 9 pages - Electronics

Vehicle Interlock Systems, or “Breathalyzer” are systems of alcohol-control installed into vehicles, with the purpose of prohibiting/controlling driver alcohol consumption. The goal of this invention was to reduce or eradicate the ability and/or frequency of drunk...

07 Jul 2008

The main architectural features of the RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computer)

Essay - 6 pages - Electronics

The world of computer technology has evolved rather rapidly in the past two decades. Interestingly, while the number of languages and programs available has increased, the specific architectures that are used for building microprocessors have not changed that dramatically. What this effectively...

17 Jun 2008

Examination of scholarly literature on the phenomenon of flashbulb memory

Essay - 5 pages - Electronics

The processes of memory and recollection are critical for understanding the human mind. Although considerable research has been done with respect to these issues, much of what is known about memory and recall is theoretical in nature. Thus, while modern psychologists and medical scientists have a...

17 Jun 2008

The Specific Methods that can be used by the Organization to improve the overall security of its wireless networks

Essay - 5 pages - Electronics

The advancement of computer technologies has served as the basis for the evolution of organizations. In recent years, the proliferation of wireless technologies has made it possible for employees to work more independently, in some cases eliminating the need for an office. These advances have...

29 May 2008

Digital Evolution

Essay - 11 pages - Electronics

The turn of the new century has brought outstanding leaps in the realm of technology. The rapid progression of technological development has changed the way our society operates. Moreover, the influence of technology has taken over our lives as a whole. It is with this premise that indeed...

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