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03 Feb 2011

Technological evolution of mobile radio networks: what is the future of GSM infrastructure?

Dissertation - 65 pages - Electronics

Historically, telecommunications have occupied a prominent place in human society. The area occupied by this segment has risen sharply in the past thirty years, by the mobile networks becoming available to the general public. A mobile radio network is primarily a wireless network. It establishes...

08 Jul 2009

A study of LCD displays

Dissertation - 36 pages - Electronics

The important considerations in the present field of electronics and electronic technologies are automation, power consumption and cost effectiveness. Automation is intended to reduce the manpower with the help of intelligent systems. In this project, we are going to count the number of...

07 Jul 2009

A study of tele-operated intelligent mobile robots

Dissertation - 30 pages - Electronics

Real time embedded systems are time-critical systems that are hard to implement as compared to traditional software, due to large numbers of conflicting requirements. This project describes an application of advance modeling techniques to improve the development of embedded systems. In our...

06 Jul 2009

Applications using RF modules

Dissertation - 36 pages - Electronics

An embedded project is a combination of hardware and software, designed to perform a specific task. In embedded technology the embedded programming is burnt into the AT8C52 micro controller. The main scope of the project is mainly based on the advertising of applications using RF Modules. ...

27 May 2009

An absolute security system with a password for sending secret data files

Dissertation - 52 pages - Electronics

This is a work done on “cryptography”. Conventionally, data is protected from unauthorized interception or eavesdropping by analog techniques. In a digital data security system, when you press a button in the DTMF generator set keypad for data send a connection is made that...

27 May 2009

A look at local area networks and some of its variants: With a special reference to Bharat Electronics Limited

Dissertation - 38 pages - Electronics

India, as a country, has been very lucky with regard to the introduction of telecom products. The first telegraph link was commissioned between Calcutta and Diamond Harbor in the year 1852, which was invented in 1876. First wireless communication equipment were introduced in Indian Army in the...

05 Mar 2009

Commodity futures market

Dissertation - 40 pages - Electronics

India has a long history of commodity futures trading, extending over 125 years. Still, such trading was interrupted suddenly since the mid seventies in the fond hope of ushering in an elusive socialistic pattern of society. As the country embarked on economic liberalization policies and signed...