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02 Sep 2022

The impact of evidence-based methods in nursing

Dissertation - 7 pages - Medical studies

In the field of nursing, evidence-based practices have been frequently utilized as a way of improving the practice and the quality of care that nurses provide to their patients. This approach is founded on the independence of research and patient experiences where nurses are supposed to utilize...

02 Sep 2022

Can the use of EHR in healthcare settings increase patient safety and efficiency of work?

Essay - 7 pages - Electronics, mechanics, engineering & technology

Electronic health records come at a time when the hospital environment is undergoing a revolution with the idea of fully utilizing the benefits of communication technology. This is driven by the need for quality and efficiency of work in the hospital environment through improved record-keeping...

23 Aug 2022

Physical sciences experiments on esters

Tutorials/exercises - 3 pages - Physics

The aim is to produce 6 different esters using ethanoic acid salicylic acid to compare the odors that are produced to their expected odors. An ester formation is a chemical reaction that takes place between carboxylic acid (ethanoic acid and salicylic acid) and alcohols when they are heated over...

22 Aug 2022

How to use Microsoft Office

Practical guide - 9 pages - Computer science

This document is a practical guide on how to use Microsoft Office Word, PowerPoint and Excel.

22 Aug 2022

Corrected mathematics test on fractions

Tutorials/exercises - 4 pages - Mathematics

This document is a corrected mathematics test on fractions.

22 Aug 2022

How can nanomedicine help conventional medicine and what is its future?

Presentation - 10 pages - Medical studies

This document is a presentation on what nanomedicine is, its applications, and how its evolution could impact conventional medicine.

14 Aug 2022

A Genetic Disorder - Down Syndrome

Course material - 7 pages - Medical studies

Down syndrome is also referred to as trisomy 21 is a genetic disorder that occurs due to the presence of all or some of the third copy of chromosome 21 (Head et al., 2016). The disorder is characterized by delays in physical growth, moderate intellectual disability, and characteristic facial...

14 Aug 2022

Broadening perspectives on reflective nursing practice

Diploma Thesis - 4 pages - Medical studies

Reflective practice is an approach to learning through experience. It promotes the continual development of a nurse and helps nurses gain knowledge to challenge their prior concepts and ideas. Reflection involves seeing what happened through a new perspective that helps in personal growth and in...

04 Aug 2022

Mentoring and clinical supervision

Practical guide - 4 pages - Medical studies

In an effort to maximize benefit and reduce harm, clinical supervision is centered on collegial relationships rather than power dynamics. It is a procedure that can aid qualified physicians in resolving issues, enhancing productivity, and provide a platform for discussion and development. In...

25 Jun 2022

Children living with Cerebral Palsy (CP)

Worksheets - 4 pages - Medical studies

The maturation of the brain begins at the conception and is continuous after birth. All trouble of cerebral tissues before, during and after birth can affect certain part of brain and, depending on the degree of injury, can cause a permanent trouble characterized by the progressive injury.

18 Jun 2022

Vibration of a plate

Tutorials/exercises - 8 pages - Computer science

This semester, we started the course "introduction to vibrations", in which we learned that every particle on earth vibrates in its own natural frequency where no loads are applied. That's what we call free vibration. However, this homework is about the use of finite element method analysis...

18 Jun 2022

Voltage and current measurement

Tutorials/exercises - 3 pages - Electronics, mechanics, engineering & technology

In this experiment, we used a power supply and a digital multimeter to measure the voltage and the current. We measured these values using a closed circuit we created by implementing wires and resistors on a protoboard. The purpose of the experiment is to test how voltage, current, polarity...

18 Jun 2022

Drag Force Measurement

Tutorials/exercises - 7 pages - Physics

In this lab work, drag force measurements on a circular cylinder will be performed by using two experimental methods. One is based on the balance system and the other one, on the determination of the pressure distribution on the outer surface of the cylinder. The objective is to determine the...

18 Jun 2022

Noise and vibration in aerospace combustion engines

Tutorials/exercises - 12 pages - Physics

This document presents the different possible sources of noise and vibrations in a combustion engine.

18 Jun 2022

Aerospace Engine Performance Project - Cessna Skyhawk 172

Tutorials/exercises - 23 pages - Physics

The Cessna 172 has become a household name, particularly in the aviation community. Since its inception in the mid-1950s, the 172 quickly earned its stripes in becoming the most produced aircraft in history. These days, almost all qualified pilots start their flying career on the humble 172, and...

17 Jun 2022

Gasifier installation

Presentation - 18 pages - Chemistry

This presentation explains the regulations, the procedure and the consequences of gasifier installations.

16 Jun 2022

The fundamentals of pseudocode

Worksheets - 5 pages - Computer science

Pseudocode is a clear and concise way to represent an algorithm. Data items to be processed are given meaningful names in the same way the variables and constants are in a high-level programming language. To ensure that pseudocode is easily understandable by others it is useful to be consistent...

04 Jun 2022

The Blockchain

Tutorials/exercises - 3 pages - Computer science

First of all, the blockchain's system is the main thing to understand, everything that is going to be in this document is related and depends on the blockchain's system. So, a blockchain is a decentralized database which allows everybody to see the transaction history. Those transactions have the...

28 Mar 2022

Our minds can be hijacked: the tech insiders who fear a smartphone dystopia - Paul Lewis (Guardian October 2017)

Law article commentary - 2 pages - Computer science

These developers that created the current internet social environment and that have started to disconnect themselves from this environment. The article that appeared in "The Guardian", issue of October 2017, titled as "Our minds can be hijacked: the tech insiders who fear a smartphone dystopia",...

26 Mar 2022

Linear programing problem

Tutorials/exercises - 10 pages - Mathematics

For a given problem, the following questions are answered: Give the mathematical formalization, in canonical form, of this linear program (primal program); 1. Graphically determine the optimal production of chairs and tables; 2. What is the economic interpretation of these results? 3. Is the...

22 Mar 2022

New digital tools for hospitals - CHU Saint-Pierre

Presentation - 12 pages - Medical studies

This presentation gives points as to why hospitals need new digital tools to treat and take care of their patients.

21 Mar 2022

How Bluetooth works and its advantages

Worksheets - 1 pages - Electronics, mechanics, engineering & technology

Bluetooth gadgets can mostly function at a couple of 4 GHZ with inside the license free, globally available college of notion radio band. The gain to the modern-day band consists of global availability and compatibility. A downside to this, however, is that the gadgets need to percentage this...

07 Feb 2022

Systems engineering methods at rescue of the urbanization of Information Systems

Case study - 4 pages - Computer science

Business/IT alignment is a crucial issue for information systems. It is important to bring together the concerns of the business (the functional) and the technical support (the application). This is enterprise architecture where there are many problems. The French company OBEO has developed an...

10 Nov 2021

Wine Yield Forescasts Using EO and Weather Data

Internship report - 16 pages - Computer science

Yield forecast methods based on satellite imagery are numerous, and they are usually built around diverse machine learning approaches. This internship was an introduction to a whole remote sensing workflow development, from the input data retrieving to the final forecast itself, which is to be...

03 Mar 2021

Artificial Intelligence

Essay - 3 pages - Computer science

Artificial intelligence is a concept which, owing to its intricacy, is difficult to define with complete accuracy. In a way, it is a field of computer science whose goal is to recreate a technological counterpart to human intelligence. And, to do so, this discipline is focused on the search for...

08 Feb 2021

Analyzing an organization in search of a technological problem

Essay - 4 pages - Computer science

Nowadays, the world is becoming more and more computerized and technological. Lack of technology in your company can thus be a weakness and a big problem that companies have to solve. To reach a certain level and be known, you have to adopt this change and implement these strategies in your...

08 Feb 2021

Implementing a database

Tutorials/exercises - 17 pages - Computer science

You are required to write a summative report for the company's senior management and shareholders, who you are to assume are not digital-literate in relation to databases, therefore the language should be clear and any technical terms used should be explained. The report should introduce the...

08 Feb 2021

Computer network

Case study - 12 pages - Computer science

ESDLAB (Electronic System Development Lab) is a company specialized in Computing and digital services. It operates in many computing sectors like web development, electronical conception (Arduino, Raspberry Pi) and digital communication. Sometimes, the company offers seminars about web and...

25 Sep 2020

The place of artificial intelligence in our world

Essay - 2 pages - Computer science

Our modern society is a very unique period due to all the progress we constantly see around us. We qualify as progress any improvement or development in every field that brings a positive change. Of course, there isn't a unanimous opinion about which change is positive and which is not....

10 Sep 2020

Digital Innovation: the Impact of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and Automation on Jobs and the Economy

Essay - 3 pages - Computer science

While it is certain that AI and robotics are already automating low-skilled jobs such as the job of the cashier, the argument of the article displays a dystopian and technological determinist point of view. The idea is that AI will destroy more jobs than it creates and that robots might take over...