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01 Dec 2017

Determination of Heat Capacity Ratio

Essay - 5 pages - Physics

Objective for experiment 1: To determine the heat capacity ratio of air by following a modernised version of the experiment attributed to Shoemaker. The experiment is to determine the heat capacity ratio of air, by emulating an adiabatic expansion of air. Objective for experiment 2: The...

05 Jul 2016

Isaac Newton's laws of motion

Essay - 2 pages - Physics

It is amazing how each new discovery in science and technology has allowed us as a society to improve our standards of living. What is even more phenomenal is that most of these discoveries were made so far before their time, and have so much influence on the fields of study that are used today....

17 Nov 2015

The anomalous properties of water

Essay - 1 pages - Physics

Water may seem like a very simple molecule, but in fact it has many anomalies. These make it hard to predict the properties of water. This essay will explain just a few of its unusual properties.

15 Sep 2015

Composite material failure in aircraft

Essay - 25 pages - Physics

Some composite materials used in construction of aircraft structures started appearing in late 1930s as well as 1940s. Typically, they used to be plasticity impregnated wood materials at that time, with the well know as well as the largest example being Duramold constructing the eight engine...

29 Jul 2015

Oil and Gas: condition monitoring system

Essay - 2 pages - Physics

The oil and gas field has adopted condition monitoring and control systems to boost oil production efficiency and reliability by reducing unscheduled outages and improving machine performance. Rotating equipment, such as compressors, are critical in the production of oil and gas. The rotating...

29 Jul 2015

Compressors: Oil and Gas Field

Essay - 5 pages - Physics

Compressors are mechanical apparatus that raise the oil and gas pressure and allow it to be conveyed from the production site, through the supply chain, to the reservoir or the customers. Compressors are grouped into Positive displacement and Dynamic or Kinetic compressors.

29 Jul 2015

The effect of surface functionalisation of zinc doped silica nanoparticles on cellular uptake

Essay - 10 pages - Physics

Nanoparticles are described as particles that have less than 100 nanometre (nm) in a dimension (Khan and Arif, 2012, p. 85). Zinc (Zn) is one of the elements that has been known for its anti-cancer properties (Kim et al., 2013). On the other hand, silica nanoparticle (SiO2 NP) is one of the...

12 Feb 2015

Effects of addition of Nitrogen on Ph and availability of Soil Nutrients

Case study - 3 pages - Physics

Sol N has dominated plant biomass in entire treatments. Low and high nitrogen diverge with Mat R and Sol N creating a difference significantly in production as the second generation ends. The low N composition is dominated by Mat R at the fifth generation and...

19 Jan 2015


Case study - 7 pages - Physics

Thermodynamics is the part of physics that studies the phenomena related to labor, energy, heat and entropy, and the laws that govern the energy conversion processes. Although we all have a sense of what is energy, it is very difficult to make a precise definition for it. In fact physics accepts...

10 Jul 2014

The effects of NaCl on seed germination (Seeds used are from the Family Solanaceae and Brassicaceae)

Case study - 5 pages - Physics

In agricultural production, soil salinity has been a major contributing factor to soil degradation. Salinity inhibits the plant germination due to ionic and osmotic effects. Though, different plant species and families have developed coping mechanisms to defeat this vice. Osmotic potential...

05 Dec 2013

Characterization of a distillation column using a binary ethanol-water mixture

Case study - 40 pages - Physics

In this study, we characterized a batch distillation column to determine the optimal operating conditions for the extraction of a valuable dye from a binary ethanol-water mixture. We tested the column at varying charge compositions and heat input values to determine the most effective and...

17 Oct 2011

Design of 2, 4 Shell & Tube heat exchanger

Essay - 23 pages - Physics

This project report presents the application of Kern's Method for the optimal design of shell-and-tube heat exchangers. A primary objective in the heat exchanger design is the estimation of the minimum heat transfer area required for a given heat duty, as it governs the overall cost of the heat...

07 Jul 2011

Lab Report: Hand warmer

Thesis - 8 pages - Physics

Various chemicals were tested for use in a hot pack, and calcium chloride was found to be the most desirable. A very cheap and effective hot pack design was made from a Ziploc bag and duct tape, which insulates the pack and helps keep it warm for longer. Another type of bag, a breakable...

07 Jul 2011

Report: Pottery Glaze

Thesis - 6 pages - Physics

A combination of research and laboratory experimenting were used to determine which of the four suggested compounds was most suitable for a ceramic pottery glaze. The melting and boiling points of the compounds were researched, and the color of crystal and solution, conductivity, and solubility...

07 Jul 2011

Report: Pest Eliminator

Thesis - 5 pages - Physics

Spectrophotometry and a Beer's Law plot were applied to determine the concentration of a solution of chromium(III) nitrate with unknown concentration supplied by the company Pest Eliminator. A quadratic data set was re-expressed into a linear data set, which was then analyzed with a linear model;...

07 Jul 2011

Report: Mercury in Fluorescent Lights

Thesis - 3 pages - Physics

Fluorescent lights in the Westford Academy science wing were checked for the presence of mercury. A spectrometer was used instead of a physical means, since this is the most economical and efficient solution. The wavelengths of the lines seen when the spectroscopes were pointed at the desired...

29 Jun 2011

Metaphysics- Is water necessarily identical to H2O?: An argument

Thesis - 5 pages - Physics

Kripke holds that the declaration “water is identical to H2O” is necessarily true. According to Kripke, this true statement is only knowable through experience (a posteriori), and cannot be determined by definitions of words only. Even though it is only a posteriori, Kripke...

14 Mar 2011

Principal causes of atmospheric motion

Thesis - 3 pages - Physics

All parts of the atmosphere does not receive energy in a homogeneous manner. This difference leads to air motion following the principle that warm air is likely to reach high altitudes due to its low density compared to cool air. The difference in temperature and pressure is one of the key points...

21 Feb 2011

Has the patch clamp given us more information about the initiation of the action potential?

Essay - 6 pages - Physics

An action potential is an electrical discharge that propagates along the length of a cell to transmit a signal. It is initiated by depolarizing the cell via an ion influx until the cell becomes positive in comparison to its external environment, and then rapidly repolarizes to its negative...

23 Aug 2010

Measurement analysis: Experiment

Thesis - 2 pages - Physics

In this experiment, we use basic equipments such as ruler, scale and stop watch to make measurements of length, mass and time. In the first investigation, we make measurements to obtain values for derived quantities, such as the density of the cylinders. In the second investigation, we...

17 Aug 2010

The alkaline electric battery

Thesis - 4 pages - Physics

The material in the anode of the alkaline battery is a zinc metal powder. Its production is carefully monitored to ensure its chemical purity and accurate particle size. These provide a surface quality which enhances the reaction of the battery. Indeed, a good quality surface enables contact with...

17 Aug 2010

Sir Isaac Newton: Life, discoveries and the laws of motion

Thesis - 5 pages - Physics

Sir Isaac Newton laid the foundation of modern physics in the late seventeenth century. He described in mathematical terms, the fall and the movement of the body and defined the three fundamental laws of universal gravity. He also developed the calculus, pioneered important work in optics,...

17 Aug 2010

Recrystallization and melting point experiment

Thesis - 2 pages - Physics

In this experiment, we purified an unknown substance by recrystallizing it. Then, we determined the unknown substance's melting point and then confirm its identity by mixing with o-Toluic acid, Acetanilide, Benzoic acid, P-Toluene sulfonamide and Salicylic acid. There are certain dangers and...

17 Aug 2010

Boiling point determination experiment

Thesis - 2 pages - Physics

In this experiment, we investigated a physical property called the boiling point. The objective of our experiment is to measure the boiling point of an unknown liquid by using only a small amount of that liquid, and then we compare the boiling point to the boiling points of the three liquids:...

16 Aug 2010

Einstein and the evolution of physics

Thesis - 2 pages - Physics

In this paper, we will try to understand in brief the physical concepts by Einstein and the basics of their creation and operation. At the forefront, Einstein dismisses the notion that science and ideas are the perfect reflection of reality. Physical concepts are creations of the human mind which...

13 Aug 2010

Caps and their influence on wine

Thesis - 7 pages - Physics

The cap is a cylindrical piece usually used as bottle stoppers. Historically, it was used by the Greeks and Romans to seal jars. Despite its history, the cap disappeared for over a thousand years and reappeared in the late nineteenth century in the form of cork. Today bottle caps are made of...

13 Aug 2010

Manufacturing process of optical fiber

Thesis - 5 pages - Physics

The initial studies in optical networking were undertaken in the 1970's. It was discovered that a glass fiber encased in an opaque sheath was capable of transmitting data at a speed higher than that of light. The optical fiber is thus one of the greatest technological advances in...

11 Aug 2010

Acidosis, alkalosis and genetics

Thesis - 3 pages - Physics

These two terms are used to describe the unusual conditions when a patient's blood pH is not within its healthy range. It measures how acidic the blood is. It is normal for pH to fall between 7.35- 7.45 as this will make sure that metabolic processes function properly. ...

06 Aug 2010

Experiment: Computational chemistry lab

Thesis - 5 pages - Physics

Using AM1 and ZINDO molecular modeling, we calculated the excitations energies of four thiacyanine dyes DTC, DTCC, DTDC, DTTC to be 430nm, 485nm, 544nm, and 600nm. Using UV?Visible Absorption Spectroscopy, in a previous lab we determined that the absorption wavelengths were 422nm, 544nm,...

06 Aug 2010

Experiment: Magnetic susceptibility measurements of solids lab

Thesis - 4 pages - Physics

Nine of a possible eleven solid complexes were tested for magnetic properties using a magnetic susceptibility balance. From this data, the number of unpaired electrons were calculated using an estimate value of ?(1+ ?eff2)-1. These experimental numbers were compared to the calculated...