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Action research: definition, application, methods...

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  1. Historical origin and quick evolution to present day
    1. Current types of action research
    2. Application of action research
    3. Action research in education
  2. Methods/Models of action research
    1. Technical model
    2. Practical model
    3. Emancipatory model
    4. Transformational model
    5. Most commonly used action-research model in education
  3. Cycles of action research
    1. Plan
    2. Act
    3. Observe
    4. Reflect
  4. Application examples
  5. Contributions of action research

Recently, most researchers have cited that they incorporate action research in the problem solving initiatives (Groundwater - Smith, 2009; Dick, Stringer, & Huxham, 2009). As a result, this paper discusses what action research is and how it can be applied to produce actual solutions for actual problems in the society. It further discusses the origin of action research by different scholars and its development to the present state. However, it has a specific focus of action research application in mathematics and how mathematics teachers can apply action research to solve challenges in their mathematics lessons. It incorporates a discussion of the main methods/models of action research as well as the action research cycle. The most commonly used method is pointed out as well as how action research is used as a scientific methodology during research.

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