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08 Oct 2015

Composite material failure in aircraft

Essay - 25 pages - Physics

Some composite materials used in construction of aircraft structures started appearing in late 1930s as well as 1940s. Typically, they used to be plasticity impregnated wood materials at that time, with the well know as well as the largest example being Duramold constructing the eight...

17 Apr 2015

Production and Delivery of Five 800-Seater Aircrafts Model 702

Case study - 6 pages - Business strategy

The virtual management system will require that each firm have teleconferencing equipment that is also functional. Due to the time differences between the locations of the four firms involved in the overall production process, there will be need for stretching the day hours in other regions so as...

27 Aug 2014

Aircraft Cabin Load

Case study - 3 pages - Business strategy

Aircraft Cabin Load is the maximum load that can be carried by an individual sortie during a given flight. Aircraft cabins are configured according to the load that they are made to carry. Passenger aircrafts can be re-configured to carry cargo by removal of the seats;...

17 May 2012

The strategic process related to supplier selection in the aircraft industry

Case study - 18 pages - Business strategy

Nowadays, more firms choose to outsource activities and products which are considered outside of the company's core business. This enables them to concentrate exclusively on their main activity and become more efficient at it. Therefore, the selection and evaluation process of vendors likely to...

29 Sep 2010

The Aircraft company Airbus

Case study - 8 pages - Business strategy

This document attempts to answer the various questions that hover around the minds of businesses worldwide. Some of the pertinent queries that arise are: 1. Where is the organization headed to in terms of strategic direction? 2. How is the organization performing so far in relation to the...

18 Aug 2010

The evolution of the aircraft

Thesis - 3 pages - Social sciences

The first unmanned aircraft model was developed by an Englishman named Stringfellow in 1850, based upon the work done by his compatriots Cayley and Henson. The concept of aviation was invented by Frenchman Gabriel Landelle in 1863. George Cayley (1773-1857), an English farmer, had the...

26 May 2009

A study on the aircraft design center

Tutorials/exercises - 54 pages - Management

It is the employees who have to take up the challenging assignments and help the company march forward. Thus it is very essential to have good Industrial Relations. Participative Management is one such system that helps in preserving amity and good relations between the management and the...

12 Mar 2009

Iconic aircraft's of World War II

Thesis - 4 pages - Modern history

We live in an age where flying at the speed of sound in jet-powered aircraft's is a very ordinary thing. It's a rush, an experience but still very common. But we must not forget how we got here or the machines and people that laid the foundations for today's fighter...

11 Jul 2022

Aerospace Engine Performance Project - Cessna Skyhawk 172

Tutorials/exercises - 23 pages - Physics

The Cessna 172 has become a household name, particularly in the aviation community. Since its inception in the mid-1950s, the 172 quickly earned its stripes in becoming the most produced aircraft in history. These days, almost all qualified pilots start their flying career on the humble...

09 Mar 2021

SWOT Analysis - Boeing

Case study - 5 pages - Automotive marketing

With its official name 'the Boeing Company', Boeing is an American company based in Chicago that operates in the aircraft and aerospace manufacturing sectors. Boeing relies mostly on the construction of civilian aeroplanes, helicopters, satellites, military aircraft, etc. In...

19 Jan 2023

Implementation of a Flight Management System within an Airline

Tutorials/exercises - 13 pages - Computer science

This analysis aims to design and build a prototype of an airline-oriented web application for managing aircraft flights. At the same time, it aims to be a powerful, easy-to-use, fast and effective management tool for airline agents, on the one hand, and a simple and safe information tool...

17 Jun 2021

PESTEL Analysis - Qatar Airways

Case study - 5 pages - Tourism marketing

Qatar Airlines has been considered one of the best airlines in the world. There are certain dynamic factors one must understand in order to discover the future of an airline like Qatar Airways. They provide many services that make them innovative in their field. Qatar Airways offers a business...

10 Mar 2021

SWOT Analysis - Airbus

Case study - 5 pages - Tourism marketing

Airbus is a European aeronautics company founded in 1970 and has since become one of the world leaders in the sector. The originality of Airbus lies in its European constitution. Originally in the form of a consortium of several European countries. Its head office is based on Toulouse and its...

29 Sep 2010

Airbus, A380 - Company profile

Case study - 41 pages - Economy general

Airbus is one of the world's leading suppliers of commercial aircraft. This 100-seater boasts a major portion of the market share of annual deliveries worldwide. Its market share has grown from 15% in 1990 to 52% in 2003. On December 31, 2003, its backlog of orders (1,454...

22 Nov 2012

Airbus and Boeing: A real life duopoly

Case study - 9 pages - Business strategy

Another Nose in the Trough and Plane Poker were two articles on the air craft industry which were published by The Economist in late 2010. While these two articles might have been published in different issues of the famed magazine, when we consider the aircraft industry it is simply...

26 May 2009

Business analysis of Air Deccan (Now Kingfisher Red)

Tutorials/exercises - 45 pages - Business strategy

Air transport is the most modern, the quickest and the latest addition to the modes of transport. Because of speed with which airplanes can fly, travel by air is becoming increasingly popular Air Deccan is a unit of Deccan Aviation Private Limited, India's largest private heli-charter...

16 Jan 2009

'Fairbus' or 'Unfairbus'

Case study - 10 pages - Business strategy

By the end of the 1960s, European aircraft manufacturers realized that continued competition among them could result in continued American dominance in the industry. While European airlines operated 25% of the global airliner fleet, the European aircraft manufacturers' global...

29 Sep 2010

Boeing vs. Airbus

Case study - 3 pages - Business strategy

The aircraft industry consists in the building and the manufacture of aircrafts according to several standards and rules from government bodies. There are two types of aviation: the military and the civil. There is a high level of competitiveness because only two builders, Boeing...

21 Dec 2010

Manufacture and strategic interest of Airbus A-400M

Case study - 8 pages - Business strategy

Airbus A400M is a general-purpose military strategic transport aircraft which will enter into service in 2012. It is intended to replace Lockheed C-130 Hercules and Transall C-160, brought into service in 1956 and 1967 repectively, by doubling the load and the volume capacity of these...

29 Sep 2010

Marketing Project : the Study of Airbus

Case study - 10 pages - Services marketing

Demographics In 1940 there were 10 million passengers a year; in 1960 there were 20 million, and now, thanks to the baby boomers, there are 1656 millions. The forecasting announces that air traffic will double in the next 15 years. The demographic environment is clearly increasing, and...

27 Jan 2011

Impact of the delays of delivery of A380 Airbus in the sector of aeronautics and the restructuring plan

Essay - 11 pages - Business strategy

These last months, the situation of the air transport has been strongly influenced by the crisis which Airbus saw, due mainly to the delays in the delivery of A380. Sonaca is also touched by this crisis, and this, because Airbus is a very important customer. Indeed, the orders for A380 were to...

03 Feb 2011

The traceability of A380 airbus

Case study - 8 pages - Electronics

Airbus aircraft manufactures, creates, develops, manufactures, sells and manages aircraft maintenance. Airbus Industrie was formed in 1970 as an economic interest group extending into the European level. The range of very large aircraft development has emerged recently with...

04 Aug 2010

The Boeing Group

Thesis - 6 pages - Business strategy

Who hasn't heard of “Boeing”? The name has been and is still synonymous with the aircraft it produces. The Boeing group is the largest aircraft manufacturer in the world. Boeing is a major defense and aerospace corporation. It has had its Headquarters in Chicago, Illinois...

17 Sep 2009

Organizational structure of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL)

Tutorials/exercises - 30 pages - Management

Hindustan Aeronautic Limited [HAL] a premier Aerospace Company in Asia is engaged in design, development and manufacture of military and civil aircraft for over 5 decades. The product range covers basic piston engine trainer aircraft to helicopters to sophisticated state of the art...

21 Sep 2011

Airbus -US and World Market

Market study - 10 pages - Business strategy

When American aircraft manufacturers were lobbying to prevent Airbus' entry into the American market, George Warde, a former president of American Airlines was appointed by Airbus to promote its fleet in America. By 1978, Eastern and Pan American World Airways, Inc. had decided to...

27 Apr 2015

Case Study: Liability & Negligence

Case study - 2 pages - Educational studies

In the case presented, there are different people who may be found liable for the Pilot's accident. One of the parties who can be found liable for the Pilot's accident is the pilot himself. The manufacturer of the aircraft can also be found liable for the pilot's accident. Another party...

29 Sep 2010

Boeing: Management Skills

Case study - 9 pages - Management

In order to answer the three question concerning strategic moves that Boeing should take to -achieve profit stability within the global aerospace industry -increase its market share and -align its global strategy with its global structure, some structure points have to be explained. The...

13 Oct 2020

PESTEL Analysis - The aeronautical sector

Case study - 5 pages - Tourism marketing

Aeronautics is the science around the designing, building and flying of aircraft. Ranging from non-powered aircraft to supersonic space transport, and it is one of the world's largest industries in terms of product output, employment and monetary value globally. The freedom of...

16 Dec 2013

Analysis of Breitling in air navigation

Case study - 30 pages - Services marketing

The launch of the Breitling Navitimer a genuine wrist instrument is being offered which is also the instrumental symbol of the brand. Ingenious and efficient, this chronograph has"computer aviation," a circular slide rule that is capable of performing all calculations related to air navigation....

25 Nov 2008

A look at Lockheed Martin

Presentation - 40 pages - Business strategy

Allan Loughead (later changed to Lockheed) began his career in aviation in 1910 when he began working as an aircraft mechanic. In 1913, he teamed with his brother Malcolm to build their first aircraft, a floatplane. With the advent of jet propulsion and advances in aircraft...