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07 Apr 2009

Motor vehicle insurance in India

Dissertation - 42 pages - Finance

There has been a sudden rise in the population of motor vehicles and motor accidents in the last few years. Much of these are attributable to increase in the number of vehicles. Every vehicle before being driven on roads has to be compulsorily insured. The motor insurance policy represents a...

20 May 2009

The market analysis of Reva (India)

Market study - 28 pages - Services marketing

At recent rates of production, proven world petroleum reserves world last about 40 year and also there isn't enough pinesap in the world to meet the demand for fuel. Petroleum will become scarcer and much more expensive, providing further impetus to develop new technology. Making new...

17 Sep 2009

A study on the Indian automobile industry in relation to Skoda

Case study - 25 pages - Business strategy

If the business is all about finding or creating a customer, Indian Inc started developing a nodding acquaintance with this idea only around the1990s. In the last five years though the learning process has accelerated as competition intensified and the customer started slipping away from the...

23 Sep 2009

The hybrid electric vehicle as a cultural object

Thesis - 9 pages - Electronics

The American public imagination is steeped in images of cars. Long ago, the car took over for the horse as the best romantic vehicle to ride off into the sunset. Pop culture throughout the existence of the car is riddled with references to it. Just as Ford's assembly line was...

28 Oct 2009

An overview of the Indian four wheeler industry in relevance to Maruti Udyog limited (MUL)

Thesis - 14 pages - Business strategy

The automobile revolutionary era in India started with the commencement of foreign collaborated establishments like Maruti Suzuki, Daewoo, Ford, Opel, Hyundai, etc. the old concept of Fiat and Ambassador which prevailed in India for about half a century is now virtually wiped off. The revolution...

20 Nov 2009

Case study: How Toyota achieved success in Europe

Thesis - 11 pages - Business strategy

At the end of World War II, the Japanese government asked the European Automakers to curtail exports to Japan in order to help Japan rebuild its industry. The Europeans reciprocated by limiting their market to Japanese cars (C As a result of which the quotas were very limited (e.g. Italy,...

28 Jun 2010

Hybrids incorporated into Jaguar's inventory?

Thesis - 3 pages - Management

These days it is no longer the cost of the vehicle and the insurance that cause people to be weary when purchasing a car. Now there is another variable taken into account, skyrocketing gas prices. In order to ease the pain of affording a car, a new adjusted automobile is gaining a...

29 Sep 2010

The Volkswagen Group : A study

Case study - 31 pages - Business strategy

As the largest automobile manufacturer in Europe and 5th in the whole world, the Volkswagen Group focuses on the automotive market and offers products and services along with an entire automotive value chain. With nine independent brands, the Group provides a unique range of models from the...

29 Sep 2010

The logan's Renault

Case study - 24 pages - Services marketing

In this report, we will analyze a very strong competitive company in order to identify the factors behind the success of its products. We decided to choose the Logan of Renault. This choice stems from the desire to present a French car and to examine the launch of a new concept...

29 Sep 2010

The French motor industry in the world

Essay - 37 pages - Economy general

Since more than half a century, the motor industry has represented, in most of industrialized countries a floret of the industry. In spite of the expansion of the service sector, the French motor industry occupies a very great place in our country. The manpower mass has decreased (in France this...

29 Sep 2010

Group Renault in the Russian Market

Case study - 42 pages - Economy general

Solid and ambitious, the Renault Commitment 2009 plan, revealed by Carlos Ghosn on February 2006, mobilizes the entire company around three strong key commitments: quality (position New Laguna among the Top 3 models in its segment, in terms of product and service quality), profitability (achieve...

29 Sep 2010

Zipcar, wheels when you want them

Case study - 18 pages - Services marketing

Introduction Our subject is a growing company which is developing in the face of global competition. This company uses new technologies and the internet to be more successful and to have a sustained growth in the future. We chose this company because we are very interested by environmental...

31 Dec 2010

The automotive market in Russia

Thesis - 20 pages - Economy general

"Russia will become the largest car market in Europe in the next two years”, said Carlos Gohsn (2008), CEO of Renault of France and Nissan of Japan. For both its macroeconomic and social policy reasons, Russia is growing. In 2007, all sectors of the Russian economy had seen steady...

31 Dec 2010

How did the BMW Group successfully launch the Mini Cooper?

Case study - 16 pages - Services marketing

The major demographic changes in France (Europe for that matter) in the last 10-15 years experienced the decrease in birth rate (13 children per 1000 women in 2006) an aging population and increase in the single-parent families and divorces. For a product such as the Mini Cooper, these figures...

03 Mar 2011

Porsche and the marketing analysis

Case study - 30 pages - Services marketing

This document is dedicated to the automaker who was born in 1948 in the village of Gmund in Austria; the builder won all sorts of competitions, including the 24 Hours of Le Mans 16 times; the builder who has created a myth by his range of Cars: Ferdinand Porsche. Today everyone knows the...

08 Mar 2011

General Motors - Strategic management plan

Case study - 8 pages - Business strategy

The development of the automotive industry is probably the biggest revolution of the twentieth century along with Internet and telecommunications. Motor cars were invented in 1769 but we had to wait until 1890 to hear about the word "automobile". Since then, many car companies were...

15 Feb 2012

Strategic analysis of Mercedes Benz

Essay - 28 pages - Accounting

Mercedes-Benz is a German brand of automobiles, buses, coaches and trucks from the DaimlerChrysler company (formerly Daimler-Benz), commonly known as Mercedes. Mercedes-Benz is the world's oldest automobile manufacturer and the origin of the company dates back to the 1880s, when Gottlieb Daimler...

01 Feb 2013

Mobilicar case study

Case study - 10 pages - Business strategy

The American car market accounts for 16, 2% of the world's total car market but has experienced a decline in the total number of sales during year 2009 (Datamonitor, 2009). This means that many Americans have become dependent on public transport or other ways of moving across...

18 Apr 2013

Renault marketing plan

Case study - 6 pages - Services marketing

The last couple of years, the car market have seen many changes. Gas prices have significantly increased and people became much more aware of the deterioration of the environment. This led to the development of new technologies. Carmakers around the world started to develop new car...

13 Jan 2009

Study of an innovation: SMART

Essay - 2 pages - Journalism

The innovation that I have chosen to study is the car SMART. First, before explaining the reasons for this choice, I would like to delimit the word innovation. Indeed, what is the difference between invention and innovation? One can say that innovation is the successful exploitation of new...

15 Jan 2009

Website evaluation : Audi

Essay - 11 pages - Services marketing

Audi is a German car manufacturer and a part of the group Volkswagen AG. The official name of the company is Audi AG, and its registered office is located at Ingolstadt in Bavaria. The name Audi is the acronym of Auto Union Deutsche Industrie. This name also comes from Latin audi...

15 Jan 2009

Corporate finance: Financial analysis of Ford and BMW

Essay - 9 pages - Finance

This report will deal with the financial analisys of two main competitors of car market. Effectively, Ford and BMW (Bayerish Motoren Werke AG) are two important car manufacturers in the world. Even if they are competing on the same market, we can't say that these two...

16 Jan 2009

Case study: Lexus and partners Andrews Alridge, the launch of the Lexus LS 460

Essay - 22 pages - Services marketing

Sakichi Toyoda became famous as the inventor of the automatic loom such as a non-stop shuttle change type Toyoda automatic loom. Following in his fathers footsteps, Kiichiro Toyoda devoted his life into the manufacturing of cars. He founded, in 1984, the Toyota motor corporation. Toyota is...

28 May 2009

Organization of Renault's supply chain

Thesis - 13 pages - Business strategy

The objective of this study is to develop the international supply chain of Renault, the French car maker. Nevertheless, the diversity of the information and the great number of firms on the market made it difficult for us not to give examples and arguments based on other car...

30 Oct 2009

The BMW group - Surviving the bust

Thesis - 10 pages - Business strategy

As an economy expands the risk appetite of the people increases considerably. Although the automobile market has been witnessing boom there are isolated cases of failures. This report consists of nine sections and its aim is to learn more about the BMW Group business activities within...

05 Apr 2010

Mitigation of CO2 emission with CNG vehicles: A case study of Delhi

Essay - 5 pages - Ecology & environment

Recently, the CNG utilization in transport vehicles has been one of many measures initiated by the Government of Delhi, to solve growing deterioration of air quality of Delhi due to manifold increase in number of vehicles. In the present study, results of structured questionnaire based survey on...

29 Sep 2010

Advertising planning: The Toyota Matrix

Case study - 24 pages - Services marketing

The central focus of the Toyota Matrix campaign is to create an interest for the car among the U.S. gay and lesbian population and to generate traffic to the car dealerships. The campaign is targeted towards gays and lesbians ages 18 to 34, who are interesting in stylish and...

29 Sep 2010

Bentley tells it like it is? (2006)

Essay - 8 pages - Services marketing

Bentley Motors is a luxury motor car manufacturer. This operational history of this exclusive brand dates back decades, built on a string of landmark successes. In Bentley's world, the image is one of the most important facts that the firm needs to protect. What problems does Bentley...

29 Sep 2010

Business Plan: Renault

Business plan - 13 pages - Services marketing

Renault was founded in the early 20th century, and over the years, has a huge historical legacy. From its beginning, through the two World Wars to the present day, the brand has cemented itself in French History. Presently, Renault is involved in a partnership with Samsung and Nissan Motors. It...

08 Feb 2021

Strategic Analysis - Uber

Case study - 23 pages - Services marketing

Uber Technologies Inc. is a global transportation technology company operating in more than 760 cities around the world, and in more than 70 countries. The American giant generated net revenues of $6.5 billion (excluding China) in 2016, simply from its transport business. Uber, where the...