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17 May 2009

The Commission white paper on a European communication policy, an analysis of the conceptual and political issues at stake

Thesis - 5 pages - European union

While it symbolized the failure of national politicians, the rejection of the Constitutional Treaty by the French and Dutch citizens in the referendum of Spring 2005 left the European establishment under the shock: it was evident that both the continuous strengthening of the European Parliament's...

29 Apr 2023

Corporate digital communication - Lacoste

Case study - 36 pages - Medias&communication marketing

This document tackles Lacoste's corporate digital communication plan and strategy. To study the communication plan and strategy, a full analysis is presented in the document, concerning Lacoste's customers, its environment, its online advertising and many more aspects.

12 Dec 2023

U.S. Political Institutions and their Roles in the U.S. Foreign Policy

Essay - 4 pages - International relations

In 2017, Trump stated in the National Security Strategy of the United States of America that the US "seeks a Middle East that is not a haven or breeding ground for jihadist terrorists, not dominated by any power hostile to the United States, and that contributes to a stable global energy market."...

22 Feb 2022

The right skills for the job? Rethinking training policies for workers, Chapter 2, Almeida, Rita, Jere Behrman, and David Robalino (2012) - Labor Economics in Latin America: The Economic Rationale for Skills Development Policies

Text commentary - 2 pages - Micro-economy, job-unemployment

The authors focus on skills development policies and their relative ineffectiveness since they are not properly distributed. They question the place of the private sector as a complementary solution to provide a real boost to this essential sector of the economy. Despite the action of the State,...

21 Feb 2022

European urban policies - A summary note on the urban agenda for the EU

Summary - 15 pages - Social, moral & civic education

Today more than half of the world's population lives in urban areas. This figure is projected to increase to 80% by 2050 (United Nations, 2019). Even though Cities are home to many complex, interlinked challenges (related to climate control, energy efficiency, pollution, and many more) they...

17 Apr 2015

Theories of Communication

Case study - 3 pages - Journalism

Media Determinism is derived from technological determinist theory. This theory proposes that the progress of a society is a function of technological advancement. In addition, the advancements in the field of technology are determined by social demand because demand creates a void in the market...

08 Aug 2022

The United States and the World: The Sources and Tools of American Foreign Policy

Course material - 8 pages - Modern history

There is undoubtedly an American exceptionalism: the US considers itself since the 18th century to be different from Europe. It has seen itself from the beginning as a universal model: the “American way of life” (linking most strongly liberal democracy and free enterprise, two notions...

17 Apr 2015

Human Resource Policies Influence on Performance of Medium Sized Manufacturing Firms

Case study - 5 pages - Business strategy

Globalization has created a paradigm shift in the ways by which firms conduct their business. The convergence of world economies has minimized-and in some cases eliminated-both legislative and geographical barriers to international production and sale of goods and services. The flip-side of this...

27 Oct 2023

Journey to a Bachelor's Degree in Communication

Presentation - 2 pages - Everyday's life

This document outlines a transition from six years of experience as an editorial assistant at a local newspaper to pursuing a bachelor's degree in communication.

06 Sep 2022

Community Health Promotion Program: Transition to Ontario Long-term Care

Essay - 5 pages - Political science

This is a community health promotion program designed to promote the transition to long-term care in the province of Ontario, Canada. According to a report by the Ontario Long-term Care Association in April 2019, more than 115,000 elderly people in Ontario are in long-term care support. It is...

12 Nov 2014

The United States Foreign Policies - The Relationship between the United States and China

Case study - 6 pages - Political science

The world has become a global economy. This has facilitated the need for countries to interact from a personal level. The desire to interact is facilitated by the fact that countries have the same desire to progress economically and socially hence the emergence of the need for countries to...

07 Aug 2018

Anatomy of the Russian disinformation campaign: understanding the complexity of a covert network as part of state policy and a military tool against Europe

Tutorials/exercises - 73 pages - Journalism

About two decades ago, it was impossible to imagine that foreign disinformation could actually affect the policy decision making or disturb social cohesion and solidarity in European countries. Back then, media outlets such as television, radio stations and newspapers enjoyed munificent...

21 Nov 2014

Health and Safety Policy

Case study - 11 pages - Educational studies

The evolution of the contemporary health and safety policies across the construction industry, traces to the provisions of various legislations. They aim at secure and healthier construction sites, where all duty holders team up for the success of the health and safety initiatives. Besides the...

10 Dec 2023

5 questions on effective communication

Case study - 5 pages - Communication

This document aswers the following questions : 1. You are asked to provide a communication plan to discourage online shopping. What would be the key elements and structure of your plan. 2. You are asked to provide a communication plan to generate interest and support for the...

09 Jan 2015

The Republic, Community, Privatization

Case study - 3 pages - Educational studies

We must first clarify that it is not a question of opposing a multicultural society to a "monocultural" society. Our society is multicultural, and is a long time. She characterizes not only France since the 30 boom. We have always had several cultures cohabiting in our territory. The problem is...

29 Sep 2016

The price of the dream: subprime mortgages in the African-American community

Essay - 2 pages - Finance

Let us first say that the financial disaster which has just recently occurred has effected the entire world, regardless of race, color, or creed. It is perhaps a testament to the new levels of equality and interconnectedness that what may have started out primarily among certain populations can...

20 Apr 2021

United States foreign policy

Course material - 5 pages - Modern history

A period of political isolation intervened between the end of WWI and the entrance of the US into WWII. In the 1930s new threats to world peace appeared through Japan's invasion of China; Italy's invasion of Ethiopia; the Spanish Civil War; Germany's occupation of Austria; and...

31 Jul 2022

The Interplay of National and European Considerations in the Foreign Policy of EU Members - The Countries Other than France and Germany

Course material - 8 pages - Political science

France and Germany alone can no longer call the tune in the EU. They henceforth have to take much more into account the agenda of the other members. We shall see first that agenda, regrouping, of course, the different countries into larger groups along their affinities, and then the possible...

08 Dec 2021

Globalization and Inequalities: Towards a World Without Poverty: Theories, Institutions, SDG's Policies, Future Perspectives for a Better Society

Essay - 9 pages - International relations

When we talk about globalization, we mainly think about how it has been a driver and shaper of our current society. Despite having increased and revolutionized the economic exchanges, it has largely impacted our cultural and political processes by perturbing them. Globalization appeared and...

19 Aug 2014

Recommendations for Community-Based Practitioners

Case study - 3 pages - Educational studies

Community-based corrections have experienced significant growth in the last few years. The correction has grown unabated since 1980, and the growth has significant implications for the correction agencies on matters on how to make decisions related to caseload and workload issues. The caseload...

20 Oct 2014

United States Intelligence Community

Case study - 3 pages - Educational studies

President Truman in collaboration with the Congress did find out that the United States could not meet their security needs without a defined structure for decision making. They had to find a way to deal with intelligence issues in the country. On this note, the president, in 1947 , did sign the...

16 Jan 2015

Communication strategy

Case study - 5 pages - Educational studies

Due to globalization and rapid economic growth, multinational firms are becoming very prevalent. Due to this, managers are faced by intercultural communication challenges. According to Hofstede (1980), culture is the software of the mind and as such it has the ability to influence...

08 Feb 2021

Public consultation - A new communication strategy launched by the EU through the web

Essay - 3 pages - European union

On 29th May 2005, French people refused the EU constitution, I was in Italy and had the news on a bus, through my neighbour's newspaper. In this context, the 'no' from French public opinion was the opportunity to reveal the wide gap between the EU and its 'citizens'. This...

23 Jan 2015

A vision of great teaching and learning in the communal studies

Case study - 3 pages - Educational studies

The learners should be given guidelines of how and what they should do during the assessment. They should be aware in the event that there are any penalties given in case of fraud work done. These guidelines should make them know what is expected of them during the assessment process as well as...

24 Nov 2021

The precautionary principle and its consequences upon the community legal order: gmos and bse

Essay - 28 pages - European law

Concentrating on the expression itself it is clear that the word "principle? implies a peculiar importance given to the "precaution?. It is to say that the principle of precaution is a principle of law, even if it is not clear how and where this scope has been given: some would say in Treaties,...

27 Jan 2011

The communication of Renault Trucks

Case study - 8 pages - Management

In the current competitively cutthroat market scenario, any company hoping to sustain itself in the long run has to constantly adapt to the changing needs of the market. Competition is increasingly fierce in every sector with globalization playing no small part in this trend. Of course, while...

14 Jul 2014

Media policy in Europe

Case study - 6 pages - Educational studies

Multiplicity, as well as, pluralism is the background main beliefs that cause most of the wiles in the European communication also media strategy. Accordingly, the affirmative significance related to these concepts may be subjugated in the wiles for diversified, as well as, continuous...

29 Sep 2010

The Common Agricultural Policy

Essay - 10 pages - European union

Agriculture, is to date, the economic sector in which the integration of the EU members has gone the farthest. The success of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), is the result of the elaboration of some basic principles aiming to establish a common market. Since the CAP implementation in...

31 Dec 2010

General policy of the Dior group

Thesis - 8 pages - Business strategy

To achieve its growth target, the Dior Group implemented several strategies both internally and externally for each of its strategic business areas: Dior couture, fashion and leather goods, wines and spirits, perfumes and cosmetics, watches and jewelry. Internally, the group plays on Dior's...

16 Feb 2011

Review of "Thinking communication" by Dominique Wolton

Book review - 10 pages - Management

Communication is one of the strongest symbols of the twentieth century. Its ideal is to bring people, cultures and values at the heart of the European democratic model. Moreover, the success of communication is such that many people combine media and new technologies. But are they...