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31 May 2013

Age verification systems and closed user groups in Germany

Case study - 20 pages - Management

Media accessibility via internet is rapidly increasing within the last decade. Reaching every kind of data,including media content have become easier due to the widespread internet access and fastly improving technologies, especially mobile devices. Likewise providers have found an opportunity to...

06 Jul 2015

The persecutions: The political and military commitment

Case study - 4 pages - Ancient history

In 1738, the region came under the control of the Afghan leader Nadir Shah of Iran .It return to hostilities, that Sikhs call ghalughara (Holocaust). In 1762 he destroyed Amritsar, seen as a symbol of the complete victory of Islam. This is the Wadde Ghalughara (second Holocaust). However...

15 Aug 2013

An identity reduced to a Burka

Case study - 1 pages - Educational studies

Every culture has defining elements. There are also stereotypes associated with each culture. Sometimes the defining elements of a culture are falsely identified. An Identity Reduced to a Burka by Laila Al-Marayati and Semeen Issa La illustrates a stereotype regarding the Muslim culture. The...

21 Sep 2011

Gucci International

Market study - 7 pages - Business strategy

The first thing that comes to one's mind on hearing the word "Gucci" is likely to be the double-G motif on a Gucci leather handbag or a wallet. This logo, coupled with the bold red and green bands on suitcases, satchel, wallets, and bags, has become one of the most copied trademarks in the...

11 Feb 2008

The situation of homosexuals in the Middle-East

Essay - 9 pages - Sociology

Prejudice in the Muslim world has been present since the earliest of times, but homophobia in current terms has magnified in Islam since the 1800s. Throughout its history, Islam has been generally tolerant of homosexuals, despite verses in the Koran condemning homosexual activity. Like most...

29 Sep 2010

CFSP (Common Foreign and Security Policy) and Non Proliferation

Essay - 12 pages - European union

Since the end of the Cold War, the nature and origins of threats on Europe have changed. This evolution of repartition of powers in the world led some countries to develop their defence and military capabilities, whether it concerns missiles, biological or chemical weapons, or the ultimate...

03 Jun 2008

The feminist movement in the Middle East in comparison to the feminist movement in the U.S

Thesis - 6 pages - Social sciences

The feminist movement in the United States began more than a century ago. Although it was not labeled as such until the late 1950s, a review of women's history in the United States reveals that women have long fought for social, economic and political parity. While the roots of the feminist...

30 Jul 2008

The history of the Islamic tile

Essay - 9 pages - Arts and art history

Islamic art is “the art produced for rulers or population of Islamic culture” (Brend, 10). The Islamic world is so large and varied that it should come as no surprise that each region has its own style. However because they share the same Islamic identity, the styles come together...

15 Jan 2009

Despite its oil wealth, account for the instability of the Persian Gulf region

Essay - 5 pages - Economy general

The Persian Gulf region is known for being a very important area in terms of geopolitics. It holds up to 57% of the world's crude oil reserves and produces 27% of the global oil.Useless to say how vital to the world energy supply this region is and how extreme the tensions generated by this...

20 Jan 2009

Almasah international real estate: The real estate market in Dubai

Market study - 41 pages - Business strategy

In February, I landed in Dubai for the first time, after having heard so much about it. I was astonished by the number of towers already built at that time but more by the huge amount of cranes and construction sites. Therefore, I decided to do my internship for a real estate broker. I quickly...

14 Jun 2013

Turkmenistan and benefits for the US

Case study - 25 pages - Political science

Turkmenistan is a country full of promises and potential for a brighter future to the world. Throughout history, the country of Turkmenistan has provided an abundance of archeological finds as well as an advance dwelling civilization. This civilization has been through many epochs and...

13 Jan 2009

The general oil market and the American oil policy

Thesis - 14 pages - International relations

Since the Industrial Revolution, energy is an international concern: one fifth of international trade of goods is the supply in energy of the companies. At the beginning of the century, oil became the most important energy source. Today, oil represents the most important share of the energy...

29 Sep 2010

Conflict assessment report: Lebanon

Essay - 16 pages - Political science

With its unique geographic location at the crossroads of three continents, Lebanon has always been a passageway to many different peoples and cultures. The coexistence of a dozen and a half of different religions in such a tiny territory has been a model for diversity. However, this diversity has...

20 Oct 2014

North Korea internal affairs and the response of South Korea and the United States

Case study - 6 pages - Educational studies

North Korea is considered one of the world's secretive societies and one of the remaining countries under communist rule. The country's nuclear determinations have intensified its continual isolation from the rest of the world. The end of World War II saw the emergence of North Korea in 1948 with...

14 Jul 2008

Muslim view of homosexuality

Essay - 6 pages - Social sciences

The question of homosexuality has been an on-going debate in the last couple of decades, with each religion, ethnic group, and culture expressing their own opinions on the matter. Like the Bible in Christianity, the Qu'ran in Islam can be vague and is interpreted differently depending on the...

14 May 2009

Importance and limits of the influence of ethnic lobbies on US Foreign Policy: The case of the Armenian-Americans' impact on US relations with Azerbaijan

Thesis - 16 pages - International relations

The US is a nation of immigrants and the diversity of the constituencies is represented in the functioning of its political institutions. Indeed, not only is it considered legitimate for the interest groups to interfere with the decision making process, but the foreign policy does not constitute...

20 Apr 2010

Regression analysis of effective factor on people participation in protecting, revitalizing, developing and using renewable natural resources in Ilam province from the view of users

Thesis - 9 pages - Social sciences

The purpose of this study is the regression analysis of effective factor on people participation in protecting, revitalizing, developing and using renewable natural resources in Ilam province. This study is a casual comparative and applies one sample was taken from natural resources users. The...

05 Dec 2008

The international legality of nationalization: An analysis of the bilateral investment treaty between Venezuela and Canada

Essay - 15 pages - International law

During the Cold War, the legality of a sovereign state nationalizing foreign property was often debated among the world community. The two principal contrasting theories were: (1) socialist theory and (2) western capitalist theory. States from the third world often followed a nationalization...

17 Dec 2010

Saudi Arabia and its rule by the kingdoms

Thesis - 8 pages - Political science

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was proclaimed on September 18, 1932, by king Abdulaziz bin Abdulrahman Al Saoud, after a war which lasted for nearly about thirty years. This State resulted from an alliance concluded in the 18th century between the tribe from Al Saoud and Mohammed Abdel Wahhab. He...

05 Feb 2009

Iraq: Failure and victory

Essay - 11 pages - Political science

In this paper I will point out a few of the failures the Bush administration made prior to and during the current war in Iraq. I will also make recommendations for how things should have been done and how things need to be done in the current state of the war. I will also explain how past...

21 Aug 2021

Global overview of the death penalty around the world and reasons to abolish it

Dissertation - 13 pages - Criminal law

As far back as the Old Testament, the death penalty has been established to punish offenses. Nowadays the death penalty, also called capital punishement, defines the execution of an offender who has committed an infringment.This sanction is applied by a recognized instituion after a trial....

31 Jul 2022

The Possible Geopolitical Consequences of Further Enlargements of the EU

Course material - 6 pages - Political science

The big enlargement of the EU in 2004 and the last one in 2007 to Bulgaria and Romania have been greeted with skepticism or even hostile reactions in large sectors of European public opinion. This situation, which probably contributed to the failure of the Constitutional Treaty in France and the...

04 Nov 2009

How women perceive one another across the religious divide from the secular to Judeo-Christian to the Muslim community

Thesis - 8 pages - Humanities/philosophy

Beginning with a macro question, my research is defined by a more nuanced context. Through reflecting on the different positions and sensitivities around how we define ‘others', an examination of how women perceive each other across the religious divide from the secular to Judeo-Christian to...

29 Sep 2010

Can the proliferation of nuclear weapons of mass destruction be halted?

Essay - 4 pages - Political science

Proliferation is a traditional issue of International Security and has always been at the heart of strategic analysis. In the last few weeks, the International Community has been worried about the situation in Pakistan. General Musharaff proclaimed a state of emergency and convened general...

29 Sep 2010

Segmentation: A global framework or a local necessity? Case study - L'Oreal

Case study - 42 pages - Services marketing

This case study analyzes L'Oreal segmentation in the worldwide markets of Hair Care Products. The specific product segments analyzed are shampoos and other hair care products (deep conditioner hair care, cream conditioner, conditioning cream for hairstyle etc.). The report provides separate...

12 Mar 2012

Study of Dubai as a Metropolis

Essay - 10 pages - Educational studies

With its dazzling development, Dubai has become in a few years the center of attention for analysts and scientists. Its population grew from 58,971 in 1968 when the city organized the first census, to 370,800 20 years later, and finally to 2.2 million now . The city is also specialized in...

29 Sep 2010

The return of History and the end of dreams

Book review - 5 pages - Political science

In the early 1990s, Fukuyama predicted the End of History. One is witnessing a shift in geopolitics, moving from a unipolar world to a multipolar one, or even bipolar according to Chinese scholars like Jin Carong, special advisor in foreign policy for the Government . As Kagan wrote in his book,...

29 Sep 2010

Is "Al-Dar Islamic Fund", created by Pictet, a Geneva based Private Bank, Islamic compliant?

Essay - 10 pages - Finance

Who has created the ?Al-Dar Islamic Fund'? Is it Pictet which is a Geneva based Private Bank which is in compliance with the Islamic culture? The answer to this buzzing mind boggling question is ?No'. As confirmed, the contained shares are not Islamic compliant and secondly the targeted...

29 Sep 2010

The Iraq war: an International Relations Theory Analysis

Case study - 16 pages - Political science

On the nineteenth of March 2003 America and its allies started their invasion of Iraq. This intervention had the official goal of the struggle against a terrorism-friendly country, to avoid the expansion of mass destruction weapons and establish a democratic breakthrough in the Middle East. This...

19 Aug 2010

Islamism in the Middle East: The new face of nationalism

Thesis - 4 pages - Humanities/philosophy

Islamism and nationalism are apparently contradictory terms. One suggests the existence of solidarity is based on religion and faith. In case of Islam it is the "community of believers," the "ummah" which refers to another part of the nation state. This is a recent concept which presupposes the...