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31 Dec 2010

Has a third oil crisis emerged? (January 2007)

Thesis - 13 pages - Economy general

Within a time span of twenty-seven years between 1973 and 2000, the global oil market has been shaken by two major unexpected “shocks”. In this context, it is worth recalling the definition of an oil shock, that is often confused in the minds of the public. This phrase has been used to...

09 Jul 2008

The Cold War

Essay - 4 pages - Modern history

Communism is a political structure based on economic principles that promote the establishment of a classless society in which everything is commonly owned. (“Communism” Par 1) On the contrary, Capitalism is based on the principle that land and means of production can be privately...

29 Nov 2006

The Fog of War: Lessons One and Two

Essay - 7 pages - International relations

Through the process of critical oral history, Robert McNamara has re-evaluated his experience as the Secretary of Defense under the Kennedy and Johnson presidencies. Filmmaker Errol Morris shaped his documentary The Fog of War around eleven lessons from the life of McNamara. The first two...

03 Jan 2008

Terrorism: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Essay - 4 pages - Political science

Terrorism by definition is the systematic use of violence, terror and intimidation to achieve an end. However, this definition has translated into a horrid way of life that has inflicted pain, death and mourning to individuals all over the world. Largely influential countries such as the United...

09 Jul 2008

Conformity, radicals, conservatives, and Clinton

Essay - 8 pages - Modern history

In the United States, the 1950s was the rise of suburbia. Undeveloped areas were constructed into planned communities. One of the most famous subdivisions of this time was known as Levittown. Levittown was a political subdivision of Long Island, New York. It was the first truly mass-produced...

17 Jul 2008

U.S. policy towards Israel and OPEC

Essay - 6 pages - Political science

The Arab oil embargo of 1973 had no significant effect in changing the United States pro-Israeli policies, as the threat of an economic sanction alone did not induce policy changes. The embargo did however influence U.S. policy changes toward OPEC member countries, especially in the Middle East...

18 Dec 2008

Underwater inspection system

Essay - 5 pages - Journalism

Different forms of security such as underwater surveillance are becoming much more important in maintaining the safety of the United States of America. Though there has been much progress made in advancing underwater surveillance and technology, there is still a necessity for improvement and...

12 Jan 2009

Is Islam an obstacle to democracy?

Thesis - 17 pages - Journalism

‘On my arrival in the United States the religious aspect of the country was the first thing that struck my attention', Tocqueville reports in Democracy in America. Even though religion cannot be considered formally as a part of the American political system, Tocqueville depicts it as the...

15 Jan 2009

US Foreign Policy and international law

Essay - 5 pages - International law

The United States has been the main supporter of the development of international rules since the end of World War II. The US sought to rebuild an international system that would promote international cooperation in various areas to avoid conflicts: economic (through the creation of an...

14 May 2009

Do you agree with Mernissi that the modernizing Moroccan society she studied in the 1970s provided no norms for heterosexual interaction between the sexes? - How far is this applicable to other Moslem societies you have read about?

Thesis - 4 pages - Sociology

Gender interactions in the Moslem world and in Western societies are often opposed in terms of the woman's place in society. The Cultural differences between the two worlds can be underlined but it is not the subject of sociology to evaluate which one of the both ways of gender interaction is the...

24 Feb 2010

Making the world justice system more just

Essay - 3 pages - Political science

The postmodern world is the world we live in, a world where postmodern is the same as being technologically advanced and industrious. It is a world where the ideologies of past politics have shaped and formed a system throughout nations; a system that connects nations. Today's world is filled...

25 May 2010

Arab-Israeli conflict: From Copenhagen to Beijing and Washington to Jerusalem: American-Israeli relations cooling off

Thesis - 12 pages - International relations

Since the dawn of the industrial revolution there have been two consistent interlocking themes behind Middle Eastern-Great Power interactions. First, Great Powers have a tendency to view the Middle East as a strategic commodity, because of its geographic location and vital natural resources....

18 Aug 2010

The end of political Islam

Thesis - 5 pages - Humanities/philosophy

The twentieth century marked a turning point in the organization of Muslim societies. After the independence that marked the last century (Middle East, Central Asia), a revolutionary stream of Islam came into existence in Egypt and Pakistan leading to the development of utopian Islamism....

29 Sep 2010

The logan's Renault

Case study - 24 pages - Services marketing

In this report, we will analyze a very strong competitive company in order to identify the factors behind the success of its products. We decided to choose the Logan of Renault. This choice stems from the desire to present a French car and to examine the launch of a new concept car from its...

29 Sep 2010

Analyse of the European Union (EU) common Strategy on Weapons of Mass Destruction

Essay - 5 pages - European union

While globalization makes trade easier, it also makes illegal trafficking easier. As a global trade power, the EU has to against the limiting negative effects of liberalization, especially in the WMD domain. The question we must answer at the outset is: what are Weapons of Mass Destructions?...

14 Jan 2014

Royal Dutch Shell : Strategy management

Case study - 10 pages - Business strategy

The Royal Dutch Shell is one of the most renowned companies in the energy industry. It is engaged in oil and gas exploration and production, transportation and marketing of natural gas and electricity, and marketing and shipping of oil products and chemicals. Shell is also oriented toward the...

29 Sep 2010

Is realism still a relevant theory?

Essay - 5 pages - Political science

International Relations have traditionally focused on the State and its ability to survive. Major theories of international relations try to adequately explain and therefore predict security developments and constructing international relations in the world in which we live. The predominant...

29 Sep 2010

Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWFs): Reactions of Developed Countries

Dissertation - 70 pages - Finance

Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWFs) have attracted increasing attention during the last few years, mainly due to their intervention in the rescue of the American and European financial systems. This intervention came at a time when the other financial systems were in a financial and economic turmoil....

16 Dec 2010

Geopolitical prospects in Lebanon

Thesis - 17 pages - Political science

The creation of Lebanon-1861-1915: The autonomous province of Lebanon is created as a result of intervention by European powers seeking to end the killings that have shaken the region. It was to be headed by a governor, a Christian Ottoman subject, under the supervision of European consuls. A...

27 Jul 2006

The civil war in Greece: the role of the Greek civil war in the International History of the post war era

Essay - 12 pages - Modern history

The Greek civil war took place between 1943 and 1949. It is one of the most painful episodes of Greece history. We can wonder what was the role of the Greek civil war in the International History of post war era, especially its belonging to the transitional period between the end of...

22 Nov 2006

Foxtel TCO Analysis

Case study - 50 pages - Logistics

"Sourcing in China started with low-tech products but it has evolved beyond that," says Jim Hemerling, a senior vice president in The Boston Consulting Group's Shanghai office. "Now, in addition to traditional products, another huge area is consumer electronics. I believe the next big wave...

12 Mar 2007

Western-style Democracy and non-Western religions - the case of Islam

Thesis - 5 pages - Political science

"Is Western-style democracy compatible with non-Western religions? Discuss primarily the question of the Islamic religion." Although the suggestion that certain religious traditions were more suitable for democracy came under increasing attack from the early 1980s onwards, scholars as...

03 Oct 2007

The Cold War: A Change in Policy

Essay - 3 pages - Modern history

After the defeat of the Axis powers in World War II, two super powers remained in the world: the United States and the Soviet Union. These two nations had very different views about the world and their political regimes were polar opposites. During the beginning of the Cold War, which lasted...

07 Dec 2007

Similarities and Differences in Men's and Women's Cooperative Speaking Styles: An Analysis of Book Club Discussions

Tutorials/exercises - 11 pages - Linguistics

Some of the most frequently referred to but potentially erroneous stereotypes regarding gendered speaking style differences involve dichotomies. Men are competitive - women are cooperative. Men focus on impersonal topics - women focus on personal topics. Men's speech is to report - women's...

18 Feb 2008

The Many Faces of Michel Foucault: An Analysis of the Evolution of his Conception of Identity Formation in the Modern World Through his Life and Works

Essay - 20 pages - Social sciences

Throughout the course of his career as a historian, author, philosopher, and artist, Michel Foucault often shifted directions in his work, reinventing himself in the process and offering little explanation for his decisions to do so. Shortly after the publication of Madness and Civilization in...

15 Jun 2008

Evaluation of the decision to go to war in Iraq

Essay - 5 pages - International relations

When President Bush instigated a preemptive strike against the country of Iraq, voices of protests erupted from all sides of the globe. A preemptive strike against a sovereign nation had never been undertaken since the inception of the United Nations after World War II. Despite this, however,...

04 Dec 2008

The United States and Latin America in the 21st century: Recommendations for a sound and sustainable foreign policy

Essay - 7 pages - International relations

Traditionally, the relationship between the United States and Latin America has been marked by periods of ups and downs, and often indifference. Over the past decade, the latter has largely settled in. However, in view of the region's increased global profile and reach, devising a healthy...

16 Jan 2009

Truman and the post-war years

Essay - 6 pages - Modern history

During and due to the War economy, the American factories had been very active. They bustled with triple shifts. The US had eventually absorbed one of the most severe attacks launched on its values. However the role of the family and women within, it highlighted the uncertainties facing the...

20 Jan 2009

The terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001 have led to a complete change in American foreign policy

Essay - 6 pages - International relations

When George W. Bush arrived in office as President in 2000, he was determined to limit the role of the United States in foreign affairs, although there was in his electorate a hope for a strong foreign policy. The new administration saw in the failure in Yugoslavia, “Clinton's war” ,...

26 Feb 2009

Tajikistan: Battling corruption

Thesis - 12 pages - Political science

Tajikistan is a landlocked country in Southwest Asia surrounded by Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and China. The country is a republic headed by President Emomali Rakhmonov and Prime Minister Oquil Oqilov. There are currently NATO forces operating out of Tajikistan in support of the war in...