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26 Sep 2011

Yamaha: Dominant market penetration,United Kingdom

Market study - 10 pages - Business strategy

Leading motorcycle manufacturer and distributor in United Kingdom. Largest motorcycle producer and distributor in United Kingdom, with volume share of 16.5% in 2010. The company offers motorcycles, outboard motors, ATVs, personal watercraft, snowmobiles, boats, outdoor power equipment and race...

28 Oct 2009

A survey on customers to understand Standard Chartered bank's market penetration in India

Thesis - 6 pages - Business strategy

Primary data: The data has been collected with the help of a questionnaire with a view of obtaining the information on all the aspects relating to the banking industry in general and Standard Chartered specifically. Secondary data: This data has been collected through Internet analysis tools:...

27 May 2009

L'Oreal's penetration into the Indian market

Tutorials/exercises - 35 pages - Business strategy

L'Oreal India Private Limited is a wholly- owned subsidiary of L'Oreal S.A. L'Oreal Leadership is achieved through cutting edge technology and a portfolio of unique and well- known brands that answer all beauty needs and are marketed in a variety of distribution channels...

28 Aug 2009

The penetration of Hutch (now Vodafone) in the Indian mobile market and research on the users

Tutorials/exercises - 42 pages - Business strategy

Hutchison Essar is a part of the internationally acclaimed Hutchison Whampoa group, a diversified, multinational conglomerate with its origins dating back to 1828 in Hong Kong. The parent company, Hutchison Whampoa Limited, is a part of the Li Ka-Shing group of companies. It is one of the...

26 May 2009

Comparative analysis of market strategies for rural penetration of Nokia, Samsung, LG, Sony Erickson and Motorola

Dissertation - 23 pages - Services marketing

Nokia is a world leader in mobile communications, driving the growth and sustainability of the broader mobility industry. Nokia connects people to each other and the information that matters to them with easy-to-use and innovative products like mobile phones, devices and solutions for imaging,...

18 Aug 2021

Marketing strategy - Pringles

Case study - 9 pages - Catering marketing

Known by all and greatly favoured at aperitif time, Pringles is the most widely consumed cracker on festive occasions of all kinds. Pringles is a commercial brand launched by Procter & Gamble, originally under the name "Pringle's" in 1967. While at the time they contributed to the...

17 Nov 2021

Marketing Analysis of Ikea

Case study - 6 pages - Distribution marketing

Ikea's success is linked to the fact that the company has played a pioneering and major role in the development of low-cost kit furniture. In order to maintain and above all increase its position in the market, Ikea has developed effective marketing, communication and development...

11 Jul 2022

An overview of Panzani's market and strategy

Case study - 19 pages - Brand management

The Panzani Group is a player in the French food market. It brings together leading brands such as Panzani, Lustucru Sélection, Taureau Ailé, Ferrero, Zakia and Régia. At the origin of this major player in the grocery industry, there is a brand: Panzani, the 5th favourite brand of the...

27 Jan 2015

Kraft Foods Marketing

Case study - 4 pages - Business strategy

Kraft Foods incessantly continue building on the successes it has achieved by dealing with childhood favorites such as Kool-Aid, Jello, or Mac-n-cheese. This product line has been taken to this 21st Century through the provision of varied recipes that are usually accompanied with innumerable...

10 Apr 2019

The relationship between innovation and marketing

Essay - 6 pages - Marketing theories

The author has analyzed the data using secondary data which has been clearly cited in the paper for future reference. The aim of the study is to understand the relationship between marketing and innovation, the basic functions of business. Here the author answered the need for integration between...

06 Nov 2014

Digital Marketing-Markets and Consumption

Case study - 8 pages - Services marketing

For organizations seeking generation of superior value to capture more from customer experiences, they should prioritize to harness and optimize the power of digital media. However, today's dynamic environment mandates organizations to know sufficiently where customer value resides from the...

17 Nov 2015

Market analysis

Course material - 3 pages - Marketing theories

Age/Size/Structure of the population (the market of sewing machines is affected by the smaller size of families and by increasing women employment) - The ageing population has an influence on health budgets. - Social categories or/and average level of income (more unemployment : lower...

19 Nov 2014

Mobile Marketing Strategy

Case study - 15 pages - Business strategy

The prime driver of the widespread adoption of digital marketing platforms in the corporate sector arises from the global trend where more consumers are adopting the digital channels. The trend reveals a consumer shift where more prefer communicating and purchasing through digital channels. This...

26 Apr 2021

Marketing Mix - Zoom

Case study - 5 pages - ICT marketing

Founded by engineer Eric Yuan in 2011, Zoom is an American company based in San Jose, California, with offices around the world and employing more than 3,800 people. It is specialized, and currently a leader, in teleconferencing services and in particular videoconferencing. The Zoom online...

19 Feb 2015

Over-Education in the Graduate Labor Market

Case study - 5 pages - Educational studies

This paper discusses the issue of over-education in reference to the labor market in UK. In addition, enough evidence have been provided to show the impacts of graduates' over-education and how they are treated in the labor market in relation to the returns they receive and the...

26 May 2021

Marketing Mix - Fitbit

Case study - 5 pages - Sport marketing

Fitbit is an American group founded in 2007 by James Park and Eric Friedman. The company mainly markets products related to the field of fitness, connected watches and other activity trackers. In recent years, the group has shown a significant drop in turnover, the market being...

15 Aug 2021

Marketing mix - The tourism

Case study - 11 pages - Tourism marketing

Tourism marketing is a term used to refer to the business discipline by which visitors are drawn to a particular place, which may be a state, city, particular heritage site or tourist destination, hotel or convention centre. The place can be anything that has the potential to attract a tourist...

22 Nov 2021

Tesla strategic and marketing analysis

Case study - 8 pages - Automotive marketing

Placed into heliocentric orbit in February 2018, a spacecraft called the "TESLA roadster" now revolves around the sun. In fact, it is a classic first-generation TESLA car, a symbol of the megalomania of one man Elon Musk, the richest on our planet. This excess is to mark its omnipotence in the...

30 Sep 2022

Market Study - The Do-It-Yourself in the US

Market study - 10 pages - Distribution marketing

The global do-it-yourself home automation market has been expected to reach about 22 billion dollars by 2020, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 38 percent between 2016 and 2021. The United States has held a considerable portion of the market, along with Europe, whereas the Asia...

17 Oct 2014

Options of entering new international markets

Case study - 5 pages - Services marketing

The process of entering and developing business in a new international market may be difficult. The situation may require a company to strategize well in order to succeed and treat the market as an extension of its business and a source to increase its sales and revenues. The option...

06 Oct 2022

Market Study - The Do it Yourself in the UK

Market study - 9 pages - Distribution marketing

The world's do-it-yourself home development market has gotten expected to reach 27 billion pounds by the fourth quarter of 2022, at an intriguing Compound Annual Growth Rate of 40 percent between 2017 and 2022 (Seo et al., 2021). The United Kingdom has not only managed to achieve but...

13 Nov 2014

Success and Failure of Foreign Market Entries

Case study - 18 pages - Educational studies

Foreign marketing involves exchanging goods and services between various different national markets (Salman par 1). The marketing activities are coordinated and integrated across various countries that relate with each other in business. In order for a company to fit well in foreign...

21 Nov 2014

Marketing mix- Case Study of Juicy drench

Case study - 6 pages - Services marketing

The physical layout of a product determines how customers react to the product. Due to the range of products that serve the same purpose, customers have a limited time to test all the products that are in the market to know which meets their needs. Often, customers will go for the product...

05 May 2021

Marketing Mix - The Apple Watch

Case study - 5 pages - Sport marketing

The connected watch industry has taken a big leap forward over the past ten years. Indeed, if only a few hundred units were sold in the 2010s we are now witnessing a real revolution launching the production of these watches to several million per year. Consumers are more and more connected to...

30 Jun 2021

Marketing Mix - Ford

Case study - 4 pages - Automotive marketing

The automotive industry is characterized by competitive intensity. The Ford company has been able to seize the right opportunities to provide its customers with quality products and thus seduce them. The brand has a reputation as an automotive company that produces cars associated with power,...

09 May 2009

Strategic marketing in today's Indian markets

Dissertation - 43 pages - Services marketing

This study has been undertaken to study the strategic marketing trends in the white good industry, the growing competing among various white goods competitors and emerging scenario in the new millennium. The study reveals that though many MNCs have entered, their growing concern has been towards...

08 May 2009

Study of rural marketing in the present scenario in India

Market study - 53 pages - Services marketing

While we all accept that the heart of India lives in its villages and the Indian rural market with its vast size and demand base offers great opportunities to marketers, we tend to conclude that the purse does not stay with them. Nothing can be far from truth. Rural marketing involves...

29 Jun 2010

The most promising mobile markets in the world

Market study - 7 pages - Services marketing

The market of mobile telephony in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific is very important globally. The growth in this segment has been the lowest (between 1 and 5% in 2008) in these nations. On the other hand, the emerging markets of Africa, Middle East, and Latin America, are...

26 Feb 2009

Marketing Apple: The iPhone "Phenomenon"

Case study - 14 pages - Business strategy

Apple Inc (AAPL) is a leading provider of digital portable entertainment devices, computer systems, software and music. One of its newest devices is the Apple iPhone 3G. This revolutionary cell phone combines together nearly every type of gadget a person would need to carry. Instead of being...

17 May 2009

Marketing strategy: Case study of Easy Mobile

Case study - 10 pages - Services marketing

Throughout the years, the Easy Group strategy kept a clear readability built around some corner-stones principles: a no-frills/low-cost approach, an identifiable and recognizable simple communication strategy mainly focused on price and entertainment, constant expansion, development of new...