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24 Jul 2023

The Impact of Social Media on Startups Development

Thesis - 33 pages - Marketing theories

Startups are known for their ambitious goals and desire to succeed. There are several milestones that startups aim to achieve, including raising funds, achieving market fit, scaling the business, and establishing a strong brand. However, to accomplish these objectives,...

02 Aug 2021

Entrepreneurship and Lean Startup

Course material - 8 pages - Startup, entrepreneurship

The word entrepreneurship was originally used for people who "take on the risk" between buyers and sellers. Later the word was used for those who undertake a task or start a new business venture - "The process of turning an idea into a business". - "Entrepreneurs assemble and then integrate all...

25 Feb 2021

Startups: The challenge of managing people

Case study - 6 pages - Management

The notion of leadership is important in the big well-known companies as well as the new-born ones. In this paper, we chose to focus on ‘leadership in startups' to explain the challenges they are facing and how those problems can be solved in this specific context. We will begin...

20 Apr 2010

Unreliable bulk queue with single vacation and an early startup time

Thesis - 7 pages - Computer science

This paper studies the batch arrival queuing system under bi level control policy where an unreliable server operates an (m, N) policy with early startup and takes a single vacation whenever the system becomes empty. The probability generating function of the steady state system size...

25 Jul 2022

How to manage people in this challenging environment?

Dissertation - 5 pages - Human resources

Over the years, motivated by the performance of companies such as Facebook, Google and Uber, many entrepreneurial-minded individuals began to bank on this business model because they envisioned the potential for profitability and the low initial apparent complexity of its structure. However, in...

11 Jul 2022

What methods of communication could Drop employ to reach out to its two primary audiences directly and personally?

Case study - 4 pages - Digital & e-marketing

Drop Technologies Inc. is a loyalty program startup that was formed in 2015 and is based in Toronto, Canada. This startup offers a loyalty program to its consumers. The concept is straightforward: Drop users download the application on their phone, create an account, and attach...

17 Aug 2022

Is it true that entrepreneurs should always regard venture capitalists as the enemy?

Essay - 4 pages - Finance

When it comes to Finance, Economics, Business or a similar domain, we often, in one way or another, see the intervention of concepts such as Entrepreneurship and Capital venture. These are two concepts that meet at a certain level when doing business. In fact, before defining the concepts, it is...

07 Jan 2022

Digital marketing: start-ups that differentiate themselves

Case study - 3 pages - Digital & e-marketing

Digital marketing is about connecting and reaching customers faster and easier when they need it. Technology and digital have become widespread in our current environment. Connecting with customers remains one of the best ways to grow your business, since the web has become indispensable in the...

17 Oct 2023

"Innovate or Die", is This True?

Presentation - 12 pages - Marketing theories

Innovate or die could be the maxim for any brand when planning and developing a marketing campaign for a product launch. A company's or brand's marketing innovation will be what sets it apart from the competition, a competitive advantage that will enable it to attract consumers and...

21 Feb 2022

A comparison of PayPal, AliPay and similar payment systems - What were the success factors behind them? What are their challenges for success?

Sectorial analysis - 15 pages - Digital & e-marketing

E-payment or electronic payment is a means of conducting commercial transactions for the exchange of goods or services over the Internet. The focus on e-payment services that support B2C e-commerce transactions or P2P consumer-to-consumer electronic payments are innovations that enable a new...

19 Jul 2022

The treatment of killing acquisitions by GAFAM : Antitrust implications

Case study - 5 pages - Economic politics

In recent years, antitrust authorities have identified "killer" acquisitions as a particular problem for the tech industry. A "killer" acquisition is often described as the acquisition of a small, innovative startup by a large, well-established company. Typically, a startup has...

15 Aug 2022

Reflective entrepreneurial report: UK alcoholic industry

Market study - 11 pages - Catering marketing

For an entrepreneur to be successful in establishing a startup, it is important that they identify viable business opportunity/ies. The business environment is characterized by numerous business opportunities. All that an entrepreneur needs to do is to identify the business opportunity...

04 Aug 2022

Fintech: Between Synergy and Power Struggle in the Banking and Financial Sector

Dissertation - 38 pages - Business strategy

This thesis examines the future of fintech integration within a complex financial ecosystem. It explores the impact that these have and will have in the future on the market. Through a literature review divided into three research questions combined with a qualitative approach, we will try to...

10 Aug 2022

Technology Industry in India

Case study - 5 pages - Economy general

To begin with, we will talk about the history of India but without going too far back in time because what we are interested in is the part of the history that still has a significative impact on the current socio-economic situation which leads the Technology Industry in India including IT...

26 Sep 2023

Term Paper: GPS Phone Case

Business plan - 28 pages - Business strategy

Nowadays, mobile phones are indispensable for communication, work, and trade, even on the other side of the world. There are more than 5 billion mobile users worldwide, representing 67% of the population. We are with our phone every day, whether it is in our bag or our pocket. We are therefore...

10 Dec 2023

Economic Growth in Nigeria and Its Impact on Human Development

Dissertation - 51 pages - Economy general

Despite its significant economic growth and status as a major economic power in Africa, Nigeria faces numerous challenges. Over-reliance on the oil and gas sector, corruption, and poor resource management have prevented the country from fully realizing its economic potential. In terms of the...

21 Nov 2014

Strategic Business Analysis: First Solar Inc.

Case study - 34 pages - Business strategy

The U.S solar industry has grown of age as part of the global industry estimated at $77 billions, following increasing solar installation demand every year. The new trend arises from government incentive programs, declining installation prices and stiff competition in the market. As the world...

24 Oct 2011

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Thesis - 5 pages - Management

In the absence of further fiscal and monetary stimulus, how would an appreciation of the issues surrounding innovation and entrepreneurship help the government achieve its aim of boosting the growth rate of the UK economy? Economic growth is a main point in nowadays' economic stakes. Indeed,...

10 Jan 2011

The subprime crisis in the United States and its impact on the European financial markets

Thesis - 91 pages - Economy general

It was in February 2007 that the current financial market crisis was revealed to the United States. Institutions specializing in subprime loans announced their first losses and provisions. The financial experts compiled several scenarios. Was this a temporary crisis that would correct the...

19 Aug 2013

The case study of Skype

Case study - 6 pages - Journalism

Skype is software that allows free calls from one computer to another computer. Skype uses VoIP, but also, pays to call on any landline or mobile or enables to receive calls from landline or mobile. To use Skype, you need a computer, internet access, a microphone and speakers. We will see how it...

14 Jun 2013

Quality management innovation

Case study - 2 pages - Management

This paper addresses key issues of successful Innovation and Quality Management (QM). The paper contributes to the theory and practice of using Total Quality Management (TQM) aspects to enhance innovation, quality and success. It concludes that indeed QM is required for Innovation. The main...

29 Sep 2010

Google strategic management : Internationalization and diversification

Case study - 20 pages - Services marketing

Founded in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, "Googol" meaning "follow-up of 100 zeros" is a mathematical term. This number makes it possible to symbolize the incredible number of Web pages listed on Google. Google is one of five most popular Internet sites in the world. In the USA it is the...

29 Nov 2010

Recycling in South Africa

Thesis - 16 pages - Ecology & environment

As part of my third year at the business school of Rennes in South Africa, I had the opportunity to do an international internship for a period of 10 weeks. This course's main objective was to test my ability to adapt. Indeed, during this internship, I had to adapt to a different culture, and...

22 Apr 2024

The various steps of risk management

Practical guide - 6 pages - Management

The first step in effective risk management is identifying potential risks that could impact your business objectives. This involves a systematic analysis of internal and external factors that may pose threats or opportunities. Here's how you can do it: - Internal risks: Start by examining...

07 Jul 2022

A digital company making publicity

Case study - 12 pages - Digital & e-marketing

We are a digital company that makes publicity, in other words, we can brand any business, be it a store, a product, a hotel... and promote it in order to make it known to people. We created a website related to their social media pages where we can promote their business by posting new content...

11 Mar 2015

Logistics Process Services (LPS) Firm Report

Case study - 5 pages - Logistics

LPS firm has transformed in a tremendous way in the transport sector. Its ways of approach to development of transport and integrated logistics is a sign of reshaping of its trade flows. The step this company has taken is yet to make a great contribution to its transport sector. The main aim of...

12 Mar 2013

Business plan of eco Stargleam

Business plan - 30 pages - Business strategy

LED is the abbreviation for 'Light Emitting Diode'. A diode is a small, plastic coated device, which carries inside a semiconductor and upon an application of an electric current, emits light of a predetermined color. This tone depends on the material of which it is made of. Until...

29 Sep 2010


Essay - 4 pages - Economy general

Franchising is not a new concept. North America was among the first countries to successfully develop franchises in 1886 through the famous example of the Coca-Cola company. Franchises grew slowly during the 1950's but helped many firms expand their operations across borders, like Mc...

04 Jan 2024

Entrepreneurship Among Young People - How does the Emancipation of Young Graduates Ring a New Dynamic to their Professional Evolution?

Dissertation - 30 pages - Business strategy

Many young people, especially in developing countries, tend to view entrepreneurship as a viable and attractive path. Many young people, especially in developing economies, turn to entrepreneurship because of a lack of employment opportunities. The role of this thesis is to understand the...

17 Jun 2021

Managerial Finance

Course material - 12 pages - Finance

Financial markets: - Financing investments (for firms) ; - Inter-temporal allocation of cash-flows (for consumers/investors) ; - Risk transformation: risk-diversification and tis-transfer (for firms and investors). Companies are the unit of observation of this course (companies raise capital and...