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Gender and Media : how the TV portray gender ?

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  1. The gender stereotypes on TV shows
  2. The under-representation of women on TV News
  3. How politician women use the media and how media use politician women

It exists many way in the society to influence the view of men and women. Nowadays, media seems to be the most relevant and powerful. David Gauntlett clearly considers the fact that it's impossible to think that media doesn't affect people and their way to perceive and consider the world. Media can be define as being a technological process which make easier the communication between the message transmitter and its recipient. This definition include TV and press but we can also include the new way of communication like the social networks. As the definition says : ?Norms, practices and ideas with a regulative function which are not written down in any law. As for the formal institutions, the disobedience is sanctioned but not by the law. It is socially sanctioned here. Powerful and difficult to change.?, we can consider media as an informal institutions because even if it doesn't exist a specific regulation which says what is available or not, some rules have to be respected.

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