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Playboy Magazine vs. Maxim Magazine

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  1. At a recent lecture given to the NYU Department of Journalism, current Playboy editor Christopher Napolitano said the magazine serves to accomplish two main goals
  2. With respect to consumer base, males compose 80% of Playboy readers, with females composing the other 20%.
  3. Certain trends can be observed when looking at these figures.
  4. With respect to Maxim's circulation, the total number of paid and verified circulating issues in 2006 was 2,568,339.
  5. In contrast to Playboy's CPM, Maxim's appears to be quite higher.
  6. The content description found across the cover of Playboy really help highlight the difference in content found in both of the magazines.
  7. Generally speaking, the content found within Playboy, at least of the non-sexual nature, seems to be more sophisticated and intellectually stimulating than that of Maxim.
  8. The editorial love-affair with Kaminsky proves to be very interesting, as Playboy is now viewed as better able to compete with Maxim.
  9. I reviewed these four magazines as a 22-year-old woman, and do take an interest in men's issues, not to mention the fact that I also love looking at a hot girl.

A heated competition exists between Playboy and Maxim magazines, two internationally-known magazines aimed at the male pop-culture target audience. Playboy, a well established publication, has risen to the status of sex icon in the fifty years since it was created by Playboy Enterprises Inc. mogul, Hugh Heffner (Lazaroff, 2004). The magazine possesses a rich history of featuring celebrity model centerfold spreads and humorous editorials, and has served as a means middle-aged males could stay in step with the times. In 1997, United Kingdom-based Maxim was launched. The impact of this publication has been tremendous, to the extent that an article in the American Observer stated that ?The traditional U.S. men's magazine market has been under a British invasion for seven years? (Kay, 2005).

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