Human resource dissertation topics

There are many dissertation topics concerning human resources (HR). The HR department fills numerous roles within a company, and they have become more and more varied over time. What is certain is that not all companies understand this function in the same way and, it can be quite interesting to see the differences that sometimes arise between them.

HR dissertation topics

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Topic 1 - The role of human resources in the integration of new employees
Topic 2 - Management of corporate recruitment
Topic 3 - Digitisation in the world of human resources: e-recruitment
Topic 4 - The influence of other countries in the management of recruitment in France
Topic 5 - The role of the HR department in well being at work

Topic 1 - The role of human resources in the integration of new employees

This subject includes two concepts, the role of HR and the equally important one of the integration of new employees. It will, of course, be a question of giving explanations concerning these two concepts.

The topic could be on how the integration of newcomers into the company can be facilitated by the HR department, or how the HR department can help new entrants to manage their integration into the team.

It is most often a professional dissertation, so it is vital to illustrate your article with specific and concrete examples from your own trainee experience.

It is interesting to see if this integration takes place, in the same way depending on the grade of the incoming employee or not, and what the differences are.

Topic 2 - Management of corporate recruitment

As we said in the introduction, not all companies manage Human Resources in the same way. How does the interns' company manage their recruitment?

The issues can be fairly extensive, since either the trainee talks about management in its broad sense or he chooses to tackle a specific aspect of recruitment. For example, what are the recruiting processes within this company?

If possible, it is very interesting to follow a recruit from start to finish and to be able to illustrate your dissertation, with specific examples of methods, and to indicate how companies end up choosing the recruited candidate(s). What are the recruitment criteria? Does the company prefer know-how or interpersonal skills?

Topic 3 - Digitisation in the world of human resources: e-recruitment

The times in which we live are very conducive to a dissertation on e-recruitment. More and more companies are practicing it, or in any case, are saving time in their search for candidates by passing selection tests in this way.

One problem among others, is how does e-recruitment save considerable time both for the company and for the candidate?

Here, it is a question of precisely defining e-recruitment. What are the advantages, the disadvantages and in what way is it a step forward for companies?

There may also be a paragraph focusing on recruiting in the future because clearly, we are in the area of digitalisation, and this is a process that will only develop in the years to come. Not all companies use e-recruitment, it is generally the most important, those for which technological advances represent an important milestone (Orange, and overall all mobile telephone operators, but of course also many others).

Topic 4 - The influence of other countries in the management of recruitment in France

We can often see the influence other HR policies have, especially of foreign countries, most often China and the United States.

More and more companies are basing their HR policies on these models, for various reasons, the first being that these countries experience less turnover overall.

How can other countries help France to choose more effective recruitment methods? Why are methods from other countries considered models?

Here it is worth talking about these other models. What is the recruitment and management of employees in China and or the United States? What is different from that of France?

Specific examples can illustrate the effectiveness, with figures, to show, for example, that one model generates fewer failures or turnover than another.

Topic 5 - The role of the HR department in well being at work

As we said above, HR now has much more varied tasks. Helping the integration of employees into a company also means promoting their well being, precisely to avoid excessive turnover or too frequent sick leave. All the concepts are intrinsically linked, and in this subject, it will be a question of highlighting everything that HR does within the company where the internship is carried out.

We can consider a problem that could be: how the well being of employees depends on their integration? Should the HR department support the employee in a more social field, in order to promote his entry into the company?

Here too, it is possible to talk about one's own experience. It is about knowing and understanding how the HR department can help an employee search for integration and self-fulfilment. Which, can go through several stages, namely the search for qualifying training courses with a view to a possible change of better-paid position, for example.

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