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How to earn money as a student - Cristal's testimony

It is commonly known that students struggle to make ends meet! You have books to buy, public transport to pay, rent to pay and you still have to eat and go out. It's not always easy. Therefore, you have to find some way to earn a few extra bucks. You could sell the books you no longer use, you can tutor younger students, you can do some babysitting... I've done it all! What if the solution is just under your nose, or more precisely, in your computer? Let me tell you how I earned money thanks to Oboolo.

How to earn money as a student

Photo Credit: Pexels

1- Selling your school papers

Who knew this was actually a thing! On my computer, I have a lot of school papers I have written during my numerous years of studying. I wrote many essays, some analysis, book reviews, internship reports and so on. They are no longer of use to me, so the thought occurred to me, why not put them online so that other students can benefit from them. And I can then benefit from their sales, genius!

So what are the pros of selling my school papers? The money of course. On Oboolo, my papers are online and generate an income each time an Internet user reads one of them. You can also get a bonus the first time your documents are sold, there are many options to earn an income, you can select the one that suits you.

Be careful, not all documents can be sold, you can only sell those you have written yourself and which belong to you. Oboolo also has a plagiarism detector, so only unique content can be published. And of course, your documents have to be complete and well written.

2- Writing documents on demand

This is another option on the website which I had the opportunity to test: there is a list of topics you can choose from. The concept is quite simple, you select a topic that is familiar to you, you then write the document and upload it. Once your document has been reviewed and published, you get paid.

Each topic is issued with a specific guideline, which needs to be followed. For instance, you have to write a certain number of pages and deal with various notions. There is a deadline for each document, it can vary from days to weeks, according to the specificity of the topic and the number of pages required. The topics are organised into categories, so no matter what you are studying, you will find a topic that you can write about: marketing, management, law, literature, finance...

One last very important thing! How do I get paid? Oboolo puts the money into my personal account on the website, which I can then withdraw at any time. All I need is a free PayPal account, from there I can either keep the Euros earned on the PayPal account or transfer them to my bank account, which can be done about everywhere in the world. 

I think it is a very interesting way to earn money, you can write in your spare time, on weekends or even when you are on vacation. Personally, I first combined Oboolo with babysitting, now I dedicate myself solely to writing on demand as well as publishing my documents as it generates such a great income for me.

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