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Writing documents from home during the coronavirus - Jeremy's testimony

Before the coronavirus hit us, I worked a part-time job in a fast-food restaurant, as I was still going to college. Then the quarantine was declared! During the first weeks, I didn't do anything, as I was not really sure if I was going to be able to go back to work soon or not. The situation was so uncertain and confusing, not only for me but for all of my family too.

Writing documents from home during the coronavirus

Photo Credit: Pexels

As the days went by, I started to move around the house as I was growing impatient and the quarantine was getting to me. I didn't want to watch movies all day long. One day, as I surfed the Internet for some information about a contemporary author for one of my school papers, I found the Oboolo website. I immediately signed in as a tutor-writer and sent in my resume. By the next day, my profile had been reviewed and was accepted. I was able to pick a topic and wrote my first paper within a few hours. When I had questions, I simply sent an e-mail through the website, which was answered quickly. Today, I'm writing my 15th document.

I am very pleased with writing from home, as it only takes a few hours a day. I like that I can choose from different topics and I like that I can choose to work when I want to. I like to be able to see how much I earned for one paper or how much I can earn on the website.

In just a few days, I was able to make up for my loss of income. I think it is a useful way to spend my quarantine time and use my knowledge. I will definitely continue to write in September, once things hopefully started to open up. And after a few semesters, I will even have new areas of expertise I can write about. I even managed to convince my sister and some of our friends to sign up. We don't have the same school background, so there is work for everyone! One of them has already written more documents than I have!

As we don't really know how this global crisis due to the coronavirus is going to evolve, I find it useful and safe to work from home, and as a student, I see it as a blessing and a luxury to be able to work around my schedule.

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