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My experience with Oboolo - Claire's testimony

The fact is that students need money. Students who leave home to go to University need money to pay for their flat, to pay for their electricity and to go out with their friends. Students who are lucky enough to be able to stay at home during their studies also need money. They need to pay rent to their parents, pay for their hobbies, pay for one on one lectures etc., every student needs money.

Once I understood that, I started looking for solutions for my friends and I to make an easy income without too many constraints. We needed a way to make money wherever and whatever we were studying, and to keep our cashflow consistent when moving around the world, from one university to the other.

For me giving maths lessons was one way of doing it, however that didn't work anymore once I moved to the UK to study at the University of Liverpool. My English wasn't good enough to teach young English students, and I was not able to find any French kids who needed my help. In my search for the perfect student job, I started to look at online resources, luckily for me, I found Oboolo.

The first offer on Oboolo that caught my attention was the possibility of making money from my own school papers. I could publish my documents and make money every time someone else was interested in one! How many documents did I have on my computer? Business plans, strategic analysis, mathematical demonstrations... so many exercises that I had to complete during my years of studying so far, now lying dormant and seemingly useless on my computer.

I started by publishing 35 of my own documents. Then I sponsored my friends to do the same. When my friend's documents are used, I make money from them too. All together I started making 10? here and there, then 15, 20, 100?... I just kept on sending my documents and making more money. The only thing that is required to publish them is that the documents I send must belong to me (obviously) and that they contain no plagiarism (which makes sense).

Last year Oboolo introduced a new service, documents on demand, this has enabled me to make even more money. A list of documents is available online, I can choose any documents to write from that list. This means that I can still make money from my documents, even though I have no more old documents on my computer, I just create new ones.

What I like about working with Oboolo is that I can work from home whenever I want. I can choose to write more or less, depending on the time I have available. Oboolo gave me my first professional experience with deadlines and incentives, without the constraints of a professional environment.

An added bonus is that as I am working from home, I haven't lost my source of income during the COVID-19 crisis, which I am so grateful for!

I think all I can say about Oboolo is that it is a professionally managed platform that I would not hesitate to recommend to my friends and family members. If you are reluctant about registering on Oboolo, don't be, it is a legitimate site and I would do it all over again!

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