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15 Jan 2009

Global trade relations: Opportunities and challenges for direct investment in Brazil

Tutorials/exercises - 9 pages - Business strategy

Brazil is the largest and most populous country in Latin America, and the fifth largest in the world in both area and population. The country possesses a developed agriculture as well as mining and manufacturing resources, Brazil also has a large service sector forces like the banking sector,...

12 Jan 2009

Dell's case: the build-to-order business model

Tutorials/exercises - 5 pages - Business strategy

Michael Dell founded the company in 1984 while he was at the University of Texas at Austin. He began by selling improvements of IBM-compatible PCs and started to sell his own brand of PCs one year later (the Turbo). The concept was very simple: from the beginning Dell's business model was...

10 Jul 2008

A descriptive study of international business potentials: From China to Asia pacific rim countries and vice versa ( Data and graphs included )

Tutorials/exercises - 32 pages - Business strategy

The present study is an exploration of the international business potential of China with other countries in the Asia Pacific Rim and vice versa. Moreover, the study employed a descriptive design in order to thoroughly explain all factors that account for economic conditions of the country. The...

28 Apr 2008

Forecasting in a travel agency - Flaws and improvements

Tutorials/exercises - 9 pages - Business strategy

This project investigates the importance of forecasting in a travel agency. Operating in an industry, which is heavily subject to seasonality and trend features, travel agency should be able to identify appropriate forecasting techniques to improve its current practices and to add value to its...

17 Dec 2007

The importance of leadership pattern in strategy implementation

Tutorials/exercises - 6 pages - Business strategy

Within the context of democratic leadership, organizational members are both allowed and desired to participate in the decision making process shifting strategic planning from being the sole liability of the leader to be a shared organizational responsibility. In contrast, authoritative...

23 Oct 2007


Tutorials/exercises - 4 pages - Business strategy

Tyco was founded in 1960 by Arthur J. Rosenberg as a small research laboratory that did testing for the government. Throughout the 1960's Tyco began to focus on the commercial sector by producing new technology and materials as well as energy conversion products. The company went public in 1964,...

22 Oct 2007

Total Quality Management in Services

Tutorials/exercises - 11 pages - Business strategy

Total Quality Management is a component of strategic managment, which improves an organization from top to bottom. In particular, it is a structured approach, which aims at enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty through a continous improvement of services quality. Total Quality...

09 Oct 2007

My-Corp, Inc.: Ethical implications of offshoring from the view of the Financial Manager

Tutorials/exercises - 4 pages - Business strategy

Not long ago, offshoring was uncommon for companies. Today, however, it is becoming a more commonplace practice: as prices for manufacturing rise in the US; shipping these operations overseas becomes more appealing. If we talk about offshoring we can separate the practice in two distinctive types...

03 Oct 2007

The Knowledge Economy

Tutorials/exercises - 6 pages - Business strategy

Knowledge economy integrates effectively knowledge aiming to enhance organizational performance, competitiveness, and corporate social responsibility. Being a source of innovation and creativity, it attains organizational competence through the proficient and continual exchange of...

05 Sep 2007

What science says on « Strategy of " differentiation rupture" and chain value »

Tutorials/exercises - 4 pages - Business strategy

Strategy of ? differentiation rupture ? is based on the observation that the current situation comes from the compliance with the rules of the game accepted by all. For a firm being in an unfavourable competitive position, the solution can be to look for the means of making,...

22 Aug 2007

What Is Behind That Morning Cup of Joe?

Tutorials/exercises - 8 pages - Business strategy

For many, a morning cup of coffee may be a daily ritual. In today's fast-paced world, many may not even have the time to brew it at home, preferring instead to stop at a coffee shop on the way to work or school. There are plenty of chains in many areas to frequent, especially Starbucks. Some may...