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09 Oct 2023

Learning and improvement approach in traditional construction management models

Text commentary - 2 pages - Management

The documents studied in this paper can be provided on request. Both articles analysed in this paper are linked to the engineering manufacturing area, particularly in construction, and more specifically to the acknowledgment that there is a lack of learning and improvement approach in traditional...

25 May 2023

The Low Cost - Emmanuel Combe (2011) - Summary by Chapter

Text commentary - 3 pages - Management

This book answers the following questions: how does low cost work? Does low cost always go hand in hand with low prices? To what extent is low cost a danger that affects established companies? In which sectors is low cost developing? What is the impact of low cost on products and jobs? Low cost...

09 Mar 2023

Tarnished: Toxic Leadership in the U.S. Military - George E. Reed (2015) - Toxic Management & Leadership

Text commentary - 5 pages - Management

The book written by Reed (2015) reports the challenges of the American Army in terms of leadership. At first, soldiers have all the notions required to act like a perfect leader (Ibid). However, each leader develops a style of leadership according to his/her personality and his/her environment...