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The brand Louis Vuitton in France and China

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  1. Introduction
  2. Plan and presentation of the brand Louis Vuitton
  3. External analysis of the Luxe market
  4. The position of Louis Vuitton
  5. The target of Louis Vuitton
  6. Analysis: Advertising of Louis Vuitton
  7. Conclusion

Luxury products: consumer goods top of the range, they are not products of first necessities Luxury product / mark: spirit of culture and sign of membership France ?Paris is the capital of the fashion? The luxury is one of symbols which characterizes France The French creators are very estimated in the sector of the luxury, the leather / clothes Event ?Fashion Week in Paris? Beijing 2012 exhibition of luxury items : turnover 670 million yuans ?China is going to become the market where the growth of consumption of luxury items is the fastest of the world? In 2015 China will occupy more than 20 % of the parts of the market of the items of world luxury

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