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M&M’s, the “funniest” strategy

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  1. Introduction.
  2. History.
    1. The first target.
    2. The second target.
    3. Evolution of the characters from their creation to present days.
    4. Evolution of the packages.
    5. M&M's chocolate market.
    6. Evolution of the range of products.
    7. Conclusion.
  3. The marketing communication of M&M's.
    1. TV.
    2. Cinema.
    3. Internet.
    4. Celebrities.
    5. Festivals.
    6. Sport.
  4. External and Internal situation analysis.
    1. PEST analysis.
    2. PORTER analysis.
    3. SWOT analysis.
  5. Strategy of M&M's.
  6. Conclusion: Strategy forecast.
  7. References.

What famous chocolate does a person who likes cinema, NASCAR races and has a fun spirit, buy first? M&M's!! This chocolate brand is known all around the world. This reputation is not the result of the hazard's but the consequence of a historic strategy. Indeed, M&M's is one of the oldest chocolate brand and, even if the headquarter is American, its roots are Spanish! Nowadays, eating habits are changing to sweet products like chocolate or ice cream and in favor of healthy products like fruits. But how did the famous chocolate ball become one of the most important chocolate brands in the world? What is the strategy of M&M's and how can the brand react against healthy products? M&M's idea has been created, according to the legend, by Forrest Mars senior, who met a group of Spanish soldiers eating pellets of chocolate covered in a sugary coating during his travels in Spain. After his return to the USA Mr Mars created a similar product, giving it the name of M&M's corresponding to the initials of the creators Mars and Murrie. In 1941 M&M's was marketed. Mr Mars has exploited a simple need: ?how to preserve chocolate in all sorts of climates??

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