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Business analysis of Coca-Cola in India

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  1. Introduction
  2. The leading brands of Coca-Cola
  3. Quality management system of Coca-Cola
  4. Position/ standing in the market place
  5. Brand ambassadors of Coca-Cola
  6. Communication and marketing strategy used by Coca-Cola
  7. Promotion and advertising strategy of Coca-Cola
  8. Rural market penetration
  9. Analysis of research conducted and data collection
  10. Conclusion
  11. Bibliography

While, The Coca-Cola Company is a global company with some of the world's most widely recognized brands, the Coca-Cola business in India, as in each country where it operates, is a local business. Its Marketing Co. are produced locally, employing Indian citizens, our product range and marketing reflect Indian tastes and lifestyles, and we are deeply involved in the life of the local communities in which it operate.

After a 16-year absence, Coca-Cola returned to India in 1993. The Company's presence in India was cemented in November that year in a deal that gave Coca-Cola ownership of the nation's top soft-drink brands and bottling network.

Coca-Cola India has made significant investments to build and continually improve its business in India, including new production facilities, wastewater treatment plants, distribution systems and marketing equipment. During the past decade, the Coca-Cola system has invested more than US$1 billion in India. As such Coca-Cola is one of the country's top international investors. In 2003, Coca-Cola India pledged to invest a further US$100 million in its operations. The Coca-Cola business system directly employs approximately 10,000 local people in India. In addition, several independent studies have documented that, by providing opportunities for local enterprises, the Coca-Cola business also generates a significant employment ?multiplier effect?. In India, we indirectly create employment for more than 1,25,000 people in related industries through our vast procurement, supply and distribution system.

[...] In early 2003, Coca-Cola India collected Advertiser of the Year and Campaign of the Year awards for the ?Thaana Mat lab Coca-Cola? all- media campaign. Innovation has been the hallmark of other marketing campaigns, with the Company racking up "firsts" in the introduction of canned and PET soft drinks, vending machines and backpack dispensers for crowds of cricket supporters. Coca Cola considers the consistent high quality of its Marketing Co. to be one of its business' primary assets. In India, as in each country where its Marketing Co. [...]

[...] Therefore, it is in this light, publicity is paid for' by the company who is receiving all the benefits of the publicity. Point of purchase (POP) communications include displays at the counter as well as at the show windows, trial packs, posters, hangings glow signs an a variety of other promotional materials that are especially created and designed to influence buying decisions at the point of purchase. This is traditionally done at the supermarkets and reputed retail outlets. The other communication elements with which promotion is linked and coordinated are price, product, retail outlet and other company actions, which consumers perceive as communication. [...]

[...] Thus, when we talk of research methodology we not only talk of the research methods but also consider the logic behind the methods we use in the context of our research study and explain why we are using a particular method of techniques and why we not using others so that research result are capable of being evaluated either by the researcher himself or by others. Why a research study has been adopted, why particular techniques of analyzing data has been used and a hot of similar other question are usually answered when we talk of research methodology concerning a research problem or also. [...]

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