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Royal Dutch Shell plc: A company that needs to face the future today

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  1. Introduction
  2. The company
    1. The structure of Shell
    2. Regulations and cultural aspects
    3. Shell's different kind of activities
  3. The environment
    1. The petroleum industry
    2. Shell & environmental awareness
  4. Getting prepared
    1. Shell becomes green
    2. Revolutionize
  5. Strategy
  6. Marketing
    1. Internal Branding
    2. External Branding
    3. Below-the-line marketing
  7. Conclusion

Petroleum is one of the fundamental substances necessary to make our economies function smoothly. It has shaped today's world as we know it - concerning both negative and positive elements.

However, petroleum will not last forever. It is has been estimated that the global oil re-sources will start thinning out and face depletion levels by 2020. This is a problem! This is a problem not just for the governments, but every human being and especially for the petroleum industry. The depth of this problem has remained relatively unrealized for a while, but not anymore! Right now, the petroleum industry's multinational companies have their thinking caps on and are furiously trying to come up with solutions to address this issue.

In this project, we will set out the solution for Royal Dutch Shell plc. Shell's turnover puts the company at the forefront of the petroleum companies of the world. The financial results and the market capitalization have catapulted the company to the second rank just behind General Electric. But like everybody, Shell realizes that the global oil sources are not endless, and the necessity to find alternatives to produce energy becomes increasingly urgent. We will outline how Shell will be able to prepare itself, its employees and customers for the future by implementing the necessary steps today.

To analyze the current situation of the company and to find solutions for this inevitable problem, we will compile a complete report regarding the history and the structure of Royal Dutch Shell plc. Initially, we will examine the structure of Shell, followed by the regulation aspect which is special stemming from the fact that it is a Dutch and an English company. Subsequently, we will study the internal structure, in particular, the different activities of Shell. And finally, we will identify the projects Shell was, still is or plans to be part of.

The second section takes a look at the environmental aspects of Shell's work. How is the natural environment affected by each step implemented by Shell? How does the general public react to it? How important is sustainability in the petroleum industry? These questions and others need to be answered to allow Shell to find its ideal positioning and strategy.

The next part will include Shell's current preparation for the future. We will explain in dept how Shell will become Shell green and why this has to happen. We will also pro-vide a rough plan of legal regulations which need to be considered, define the relation between the two brands and present our decision on the structure of the new business.

The final part will include our conclusion and a personal comment on the future of the oil industry and its second biggest company Royal Dutch Shell plc.

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