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07 Sep 2016

Lamar Smith and the Civil Rights Movement

Essay - 1 pages - Modern history

During the civil rights movement and the various circumstances that established the foundations for this movement, there were many civil rights leaders with strong beliefs and the willingness to reverse discrimination policies. While many of the movement leaders were extremely prominent and...

07 Sep 2016

The Great Depression in the United States

Course material - 1 pages - Modern history

The Great Depression, which lasted from 1929-1941, was an extremely important time period in the history of the United States. During this period, major demographic, economic, cultural, and even architectural changes took place. During the Great Depression, various of groups within the United...

07 Sep 2016

Louis XIV: absolute monarch or absolute god?

Essay - 4 pages - Modern history

While many monarchs have had the experience of wielding an enormous amount of power, few of them held power that went unchecked. Even at the zenith of their strength, many monarchs had to answer to a parliament, the legal traditions of the land, noblemen, as well as the Pope in Rome. To have full...

23 Aug 2016

The Greek strategies that won the Persian wars

Essay - 1 pages - Ancient history

The Greek and Persian wars were important events in Greek history. At the time, the Persian Empire was larger, wealthier, and had more men, but still the Greek forces were able to unite together and defeat them. When the Greek and Persian Wars were happening, around 492 BC to 449 BC, the Persian...

06 Jul 2016

Slavery in colonial America

Essay - 2 pages - Modern history

During the centuries that slavery was practiced in colonial America, the threat of rebellion was a constant cause of concern for slave owners. In order to avoid rebellion and uprising, white slave-owners in colonial America would engage in various methods of inhumane treatment, and set in place a...

05 Jul 2016

The role of mobs in colonial society and The American revolution

Essay - 2 pages - Modern history

When thinking of the American Revolution, most people today think of George Washington's solidarity with the troops at Valley Forge, Thomas Paine's call for liberty and independence and Paul Revere's ride to warn the townspeople of Boston of the incoming British invasion. While these...

05 Jul 2016

Jewish Immigrations of the Lower East Side, Manhattan, New York (19th & 20th century)

Essay - 8 pages - Modern history

The Lower East Side in Manhattan, New York, is symbolic of American Jewry. Since the mid 1800's, sometimes earlier, European Jews emigrated from various countries and settled in New York. Their most common destination was the Lower East Side in Manhattan, and since then this area is well...

05 Jul 2016

Heart of a Dog - Mikhail Bulgakov, 1925

Book review - 3 pages - Modern history

In "Heart of a Dog" by Mikhail Bulgakov, we are presented with a satire of Russian society in the early 20th century. In the story, a Russian dog is transformed into a human through a serious of surgeries, and with a "dog's mindset", this individual is able to thrive in a corrupt Russian...

05 Jul 2016

Genocide and mass killings in the 20th century

Essay - 6 pages - Modern history

In August of 1939, Adolf Hitler addressed his commanders with the words, "Thus for the time being I have sent to the East only my 'Death's Head Units' with the orders to kill without pity or mercy all men, women, and children of Polish race or language. Only in such a way will we win...

05 Jul 2016

European colonization and its effects in the Spice islands and Banda islands

Essay - 3 pages - Modern history

Europeans began to colonize different areas of the world as soon as they became aware of their existence. Explorers sailing out of England, Spain, Portugal, and the Netherlands worked tirelessly to comb the vast regions of the world for suitable additions to their respective empires. Islands and...

05 Jul 2016

Creation, God, and the story of Genesis in the Bible

Essay - 3 pages - Ancient history

In the first part of Genesis, the origins and creation of life and Earth are explained. In the beginning, God created the heaven the earth, and there was nothing on the earth but water. On the first day, God said "Let there be light", and at this point God created night and day. After this, on...

21 Mar 2016

The geology of Texas and how it has shaped the community of Texas

Essay - 3 pages - Geography

Generally, geology deals with the study of the earth and its processes with respect to its effect on the general life of humans or societies. For instance, it studies the history and material of mountains, glaciers and rocks and also analyzes processes like earthquakes, floods, and landslides. In...

08 Feb 2016

Local indigenous Australian people

Essay - 3 pages - Modern history

Aboriginal are the local indigenous people with so many tribes who settled in different parts of Australia. These communities include Bama who settled in the northern part of Queensland, Murri people who settled at the southern parts of Queensland. Murri people have many languages spoken such as...

17 Sep 2015

Gender sexuality and nationalism in the Early 20th Century in China

Essay - 2 pages - Modern history

In the early twentieth century the world was changing with urbanization becoming one of the main changes that the world faced in this period. There were more people that were moving to the urban areas and this was accompanied by changes in the beliefs and also some of the customs of the people...

16 Sep 2015

Relationship between conflict and migration

Essay - 10 pages - Geography

This essay discusses the relationship between conflict and migration. It focuses on IDPs (internally displaced persons) and refugees, mostly leaving out the motives of economic or social migration. The first chapter states factors that cause displacement, followed by a discussion about the extent...

15 Sep 2015

Tactics of combating human trafficking as a global issue ? Case Study

Essay - 4 pages - Geography

Cristina, a 24-year-old woman came to the US with a man she thought to be her boyfriend. However, upon their arrival in New York, she was forced to have intercourse with dozens of men daily and was beaten regularly, all this occurred in a suburban home (Kloer). Concy, a ten year old at the time,...

09 Sep 2015

Chinese dynasties : the Yuan, Ming and Ging dynasties

Essay - 2 pages - Ancient history

Yuan dynasty as established by Genghis Khan and his sons. They ruled between 1279 and 1368 after conquering the western Xia ,central Asia and Hexi Corridor .The defeat of these dynasties gave them a strong base since they acquired the tools, techniques, Experience and the man power they required...

08 Sep 2015

The Keeseville stone Arch bridge

Essay - 5 pages - Geography

The Keeseville district's three historic bridges are among the most significant highlights for the region. The bridge is among the United States most old stone arch bridges that have serve up to today. The bride is located above the Ausable River within the Adirondack area New York state....

08 Sep 2015

Uruguay Geography

Essay - 30 pages - Geography

Uruguay is a country in South America, which is economically, politically, as well as socially stable country not forgetting its mild climate that is free of hurricanes and earthquakes. It is among south Americas, smallest countries covering 170,000 km total area. It is the smallest nation,...

07 Aug 2015

Comparing accounts of slavery

Essay - 3 pages - Modern history

Slavery accounts for one of the most disappointing errors in the history of America. Due to the lack of education maintained by slaves, few recordings from the perspective of a slave are available today. The Classic Slave Narratives edited by Henry Louis Gates Jr. provides 4 different...

29 Jul 2015

Catholic Church in the 5th Century

Essay - 1 pages - Ancient history

The role of the Catholic Church developed from the 3rd century C.E. as the European powers developed. The Germanic people started moving into the Roman Empire lands during this period and overtook Roman Empire (Western) politically and planted a number of states governed by German Kings. ...

27 Jul 2015

Travels of Ibn Battuta

Essay - 3 pages - Ancient history

Commonly known as Ibn Batutta, Abu Abdullah Muhammad Ibn Batutta was born in Tangir, a small town located in what is believed to be the present day Morocco, in the year 1304 (Gosch & Stearns, 2007, pp. 120-122). During his early life, Ibn, having been brought up in an Islamic family,...

24 Jul 2015

Chronicle of the Narváez Expedition - Alvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca, 1542

Book review - 1 pages - Modern history

History is recorded in a variety of manners. Some of the most revealing perspectives come from the individuals that have actually experienced the past events take place. The documents each individual provide are recognized as primary sources. Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca provides an example of a...

24 Jul 2015

The Renaissance - Protestant and Catholic faith

Essay - 1 pages - Modern history

Because the Renaissance included a period of renewed interest in ancient and classical learning, multiple strengths were maintained by the Catholic faith toward the beginning of the Renaissance Period. The biggest strength may have been the actual churches. The features of the church were...

24 Jul 2015

The fall of the Soviet Union

Essay - 2 pages - Modern history

As a result of the Soviet fall in the year 1991, there were many changes in Europe. After the collapse of the Soviet Union there were recently created Eastern Europe countries which found themselves brought into the new era. (Keohane, Robert 2010) Many people relied on the system of socialism...

24 Jul 2015

Comparison between continents: America and Africa

Essay - 1 pages - Geography

Diversity is the product of nature. Humans come in an array of shapes, sizes, and colors. Nevertheless, geographical location combines a wide assortment of humans of different shapes, sizes, and colors. Despite the combination of differences, there remains a divide. Something still distinguishes...

21 Jul 2015

Eastern Catholic

Essay - 4 pages - Modern history

The eastern catholic is one of the branches of world Christianity churches. Also known as the Orthodox Catholic Church, it has preserved millions of Christians across the globe. The organizational structure of the Eastern Catholic Church in the Middle East consists of self governing or...

21 Jul 2015

Is Quebec the only distinct society in Canada at the sub national Level?

Essay - 4 pages - Geography

The idea behind the consideration of Quebec as a distinct state was brought up back in 1995 on the 27th of November when the then Prime Minister Jean Chretien expressed his desire to introduce to the House of Commons a motion which if adopted would mean that Quebec was to stand as a distinct...

09 Jul 2015

The Battle of Britain in World War II

Case study - 5 pages - Modern history

The Battle of Britain was an encounter between British air force, the Royal Air Force (RAF) and the German air force, the Luftwaffe. The aerial battle took place in the United Kingdom in 1940. Germany had planned an invasion, named “Operation Sealion”, in Britain. For Germany to execute...

06 Jul 2015

The persecutions: The political and military commitment

Case study - 4 pages - Ancient history

In 1738, the region came under the control of the Afghan leader Nadir Shah of Iran .It return to hostilities, that Sikhs call ghalughara (Holocaust). In 1762 he destroyed Amritsar, seen as a symbol of the complete victory of Islam. This is the Wadde Ghalughara (second Holocaust). However it...