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03 Jan 2008

The Practice of Sophism in Athenian Politics, Religion, and Decision Making

Tutorials/exercises - 3 pages - Educational studies

In this paper I will discuss the study of sophism as a system of education in ancient Greece and the ways in which it impacted the inhabitants and the conflicts of the ancient Greek society. In the first part I will discuss the subject matters that sophists taught, the reasons why young...

11 Dec 2007

Theory of Multiple Intelligences

Presentation - 9 pages - Educational studies

Developed and introduced by Howard Gardner in 1983 Gardner suggests that “each individual manifests varying levels of these different intelligences, and thus each person has a unique cognitive profile” Students with high rhythmic intelligence will: Seek patterns...

03 Dec 2007

Kindergarten Lesson Plan: Fun With Patterns!!

Course material - 3 pages - Educational studies

Objectives: The students will be able to demonstrate their knowledge of patterns by creating and finishing patterns that involve colors, shapes, objects and numbers. Content: *Patterns can be made from colors, shapes, objects, numbers, etc. ...

03 Dec 2007

Classroom Management Plan

Course material - 8 pages - Educational studies

In my classroom I expect to be an effective teacher. For this to occur I need to have effective classroom management. I will create an environment that feels safe for the students so that they can focus on learning. For me, classroom management does not go hand in hand with...

03 Dec 2007

Kindergarten lesson plan title: Apple sentences

Course material - 3 pages - Educational studies

The students will be able to write out original sentences that describe apples. The students will be able to demonstrate their knowledge of phonics by using the sounds in a letter/word to write out the words they want to use. The students will be able to demonstrate their ability to write...

03 Dec 2007

Kindergarten Lesson Plan Title: Counting and Sorting Turkeys!

Course material - 2 pages - Educational studies

The students will be able to demonstrate their ability to count objects and to sort those objects by how many feathers the turkeys have. The students will be able to identify same and different by the attributes of color, shape, size, and kind and sort those turkeys by their differences. The...

03 Dec 2007

Kindergarten Lesson Plan Title: Investigating Pumpkins

Course material - 3 pages - Educational studies

The students will be able to generate questions based on their observations of pumpkins. The students will be able to investigate those questions and find answers to their questions. The students will be able to use measurement devices to find their answers. The students...

28 Oct 2007

Circulation assistant cover letter

Sample letter - 1 pages - Educational studies

From Emerson College's human resources website, I learned of numerous openings within the university. I am very interested in the position of circulation assistant, for I am seeking employment in an academic environment and believe that my education and experience will be very beneficial to the...

23 Oct 2007

F. Scott Fitzgerald

Essay - 3 pages - Educational studies

It is a well-established notion that in his writings, F. Scott Fitzgerald was able to capture the spirit of the 1920's like few other authors. As a member of the Lost Generation, the group of writers who worked in the years following the First World War, Fitzgerald's novels and short stories are...

22 Oct 2007

Comparison of Hemingway Stories

Essay - 3 pages - Educational studies

In the immortal words of William Tecumseh Sherman, “War is hell,” and few wars in history can compare to the raw savagery of World War I . Between the years of 1914 and 1918, an entire generation of men, known as the “lost generation,” was ravaged by the brutality of...

02 Oct 2007

The Bedroom Wars

Essay - 3 pages - Educational studies

To abstain or not to abstain? Seems like everyone has their own answer to this question. The educational system is doing most of the answering for us. There are two types of proposed programs that are floating around; abstinence-only programs that teach kids that abstinence is the only...

02 Oct 2007

Inclusion: Should general education and special education students share a classroom?

Tutorials/exercises - 2 pages - Educational studies

“In special education there is a presumption that student success occurs most effectively and efficiently when children with disabilities actually receive education services in general education classrooms and are not removed or segregated in separate education classes” (Luster and...

12 Sep 2007

Presidential Scholarship Essay Northeastern University

Essay - 1 pages - Educational studies

A goal often lost in the academic and educational world in the necessity of a concrete connection between our academic growth and its application to the real world. In my time at Northeastern, I have worked very hard to balance the knowledge I gained in the classroom with experiences that...

30 Aug 2007

Censorship in School Libraries

Tutorials/exercises - 3 pages - Educational studies

Public middle and high schools across the nation are pulling books off library shelves because parents, administrators, or teachers deem them inappropriate for student use. By removing books from libraries, faculty and parents are putting students in these censored schools at a disadvantage...

18 Aug 2007

The Knowledge Economy and Changes in the Research Systems

Presentation - 13 pages - Educational studies

Research is the activity that many believe serves to identify, create and attract excellence to the world of grant, despite the fact that certain governments are seeking to draw a line between « Research» and grant.