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07 Jan 2024

The Implications of the Internet for Collaboration with Customers on Product Decisions

Essay - 7 pages - Marketing theories

Web 2.0 is opposed to web 1.0 (appeared in 1990) which was defined as a 'static web' where the user was passive and simply consume the information that came to him without intervening. The origin of the term Web 2.0 was introduced by Dale Dougherty of the company O'Reilly in 2004 and...

19 May 2023

What are the different factors that lead to the road to success?

Essay - 2 pages - Marketing theories

Success comes in many different forms, one can easily associate it with professional or personal accomplishments, wealth, happiness and material benefits but once we take a closer look, the true meaning of being successful is extremely complex and every individual defines success in their own...

09 Apr 2019

The relationship between innovation and marketing

Essay - 6 pages - Marketing theories

The author has analyzed the data using secondary data which has been clearly cited in the paper for future reference. The aim of the study is to understand the relationship between marketing and innovation, the basic functions of business. Here the author answered the need for integration between...

27 Jul 2015

Research done prior to advertising

Essay - 2 pages - Marketing theories

Advertising research is normally aided by several other academic disciplines. These various academic disciplines play important roles that not only ensure that the advertising research is carried in the best manner but also meets its set objectives.

21 Jul 2015

Visual design rhetorical analysis

Essay - 1 pages - Marketing theories

Visual design rhetorical analysis can be defined as a way of communicating through the use of images and text to pass an argument or message to a particular audience. In most cases, it encompasses the use of words and graphics to promote good ethics in the society. This type of analysis involves...