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29 Sep 2010

Segmentation Targeting and Positioning

Presentation - 16 pages - Services marketing

Segmentation is the process of dividing the market into segments, targeting is the process of deciding which and how many segments to target, while positioning is the process of creating an image for the product in the mind of the target audience. Segmentation variable or bases are the dimensions...

29 Sep 2010

Red bull - Case study

Presentation - 25 pages - Services marketing

New wings to build brand equity: In the "Functional food" category, 70% of the market share was in the "stimulation drink" category in 2001. This amounted to $940 million. Marketing Expenditures in the same year were $245 million (25%). In a 250ml can of the drink, one can taste Red Bull's...

29 Sep 2010

Nature and role of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Ireland, China and India (2005)

Presentation - 33 pages - Services marketing

FDI can be considered a way to strengthen the « domination of capitalist economies » and the dependence of peripheral countries for PREBISCH. The neomarxist theory is outdated but FDI can still have no effect, or even detrimental ones - The dependence on foreign companies (ex. UNGARY) =>...

23 Jun 2010

Health heels

Presentation - 5 pages - Services marketing

We have used a Refutational approach for the promotion of our product as it would come in the market and would come into competition with the other brands within the next 2-3 months. A COMBINATION OF CENTRAL AND PERIPHERAL ROUTE in which we have clearly mentioned about all the attributes of the...

22 Jun 2010

Brand management: Adapting to the market and revitalizing the brand

Presentation - 14 pages - Services marketing

The brand identity and contract may be undermined if the extensions ignore the brand kernel e.g Jungle Lodges Cavery Fishing Camp. With introduction of Range Extensions the focus shifts to the base of the pyramid where there is more freedom. The highest degree of degeneration of the brand caused...

22 Jun 2010

Advertising agency: A presentation

Presentation - 12 pages - Services marketing

Full service agencies include some or all of these divisions - AOR, DM, PR, Web / design, event management etc. to deliver IMC solutions. Multiple sister agencies with independent operations can handle competitive accounts. It could be periodic or because of friction, change of...

17 May 2009

Strategy development: Setting marketing objectives and developing marketing strategies

Presentation - 44 pages - Services marketing

This presentation will take you through various steps that are involved in the formulation of a marketing strategy. The presentation will begin with the strategic marketing planning process and from there it will move onto marketing objectives and strategies. This will be followed by corporate...

16 May 2009

Brand and communication - Nike: The goddess of marketing

Presentation - 5 pages - Services marketing

History Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman imported Japanese shoes and created BRS “Blue Ribbon Sports”. First polemic with the advertisement “you don't win silver - you lose gold” First partnership with football team Strategy of Nike Knight...

16 May 2009

Ben & Jerry and Iceverks : Marketing strategy in Russia

Presentation - 20 pages - Services marketing

The Russian systems were undeveloped and inefficient and the Russian mafia has gained enormous power. For example, the company had to pay as much as 30% of their monthly profit for mafia protection. Russians in Moscow consume 170 tons of ice-cream per year and 98% of which is vanilla. When the...

13 May 2009

Retail marketing and strategies: A look at India (15 slides)

Presentation - 5 pages - Services marketing

This presentation deals with retail marketing in India and lists some ways to improve the market standing of the product and the retailer. Some of the points covered are advertising media comparison charts and public relations / publicity objectives for retailers. The presentation also...

12 May 2009

The mechanism of advertising (21 slides)

Presentation - 5 pages - Services marketing

Advertising is any paid form of non personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods, or services by an identified sponsor. Advertisers include not only business firms, but also museums, charitable organizations, and government agencies that direct messages to target the public. Ads are a cost...

06 May 2009

A market study on Indian telecom industry

Presentation - 41 pages - Services marketing

Indian Telecom sector, like any other industrial sector in the country, has gone through many phases of growth and diversification. Starting from telegraphic and telephonic systems in the 19th century, the field of telephonic communication has now expanded to make use of advanced technologies...

05 May 2009

Sales & distribution analysis of the Indian telecom industry

Presentation - 27 pages - Services marketing

Until the mid-1980s, the telecommunications industry in India was a monopoly, managed and controlled by the Government. The industry is growing at the fastest pace in the world and India is expected to become the second largest telecom market globally by 2010. Forthcoming services such as 3G and...

29 Apr 2009

A presentation on some of the key points about Standard Chartered Bank

Presentation - 39 pages - Services marketing

This presentation will begin with an review of the business activities of Standard Chartered before going over the the launch and its subsequent expansion. The presentation will then move over to consumer and wholesale banking in which there will be a brief mention of the starting of the Vietnam...

15 Apr 2009

Market segmentation - published: 15/04/2009

Presentation - 22 pages - Services marketing

The process of dividing a market into distinct subsets of consumers with common needs or characteristics and selecting one or more segments to target with a distinct marketing mix. The strategy of segmentation allows producers to avoid head-on competition in the marketplace by...

07 Apr 2009

From internet innovation to E-process execution

Presentation - 33 pages - Services marketing

This presentation will start with a brief look at innovation and move onto the success of a process. It will then examine the idea in the realm of retailing and financial services. then it will move to cover the e process strategy before moving onto value network polarization, value portfolio...

06 Apr 2009

A presentation on marketing management

Presentation - 61 pages - Services marketing

This presentation will start with marketing environments and systems. It will explore environments like the economic, competitive, technological, socio-cultural environments, etc. The presentation will then progress towards market oriented strategic planning. It will also talk about the BCG...

30 Mar 2009

Creating Market Value for the customer.

Presentation - 21 pages - Services marketing

We will first talk about Value delivery and its two dimensions. These dimensions are effectiveness and efficiency. There also exist tools for creating customer values. The user is primarily concerned that the product or service performs as desired and that its use delivers social &...

19 Jan 2009

Lenôtre in China Beijing: The biggest market for the biggest gastronomical group

Presentation - 135 pages - Services marketing

Strengths: Global fame built on fine upscale products and services, genuine production processes, know-how and licenses (patents), staff (teams, chefs, wine steward...)very well trained, large implantation across the world, profitable company, diversified services (cocktails, buffets, marriages,...

19 Jan 2009

Sonatrach and European gas market

Presentation - 17 pages - Services marketing

Algeria represents 3.12% of the world gas reserves (Hassi R'mel : one of the largest deposits in the world). Gross production of 150 billions cm3 of gas in 2006 (3.88 % of the total hydrocarbon production). Net traded production of about 81 billion cm3 of gas (66% from Hassi R'mel...

15 Jan 2009

One luxury for one country

Presentation - 36 pages - Services marketing

Globalization is one of the most important changes that the countries have suffered in the last years. As a consequence of this, enterprises have being looking for a way to expand their market as well as a way to make bigger their brand in order to have more consumers, more sales and for sure...

13 Jan 2009

Integrated marketing communications

Presentation - 25 pages - Services marketing

Concept under which a company integrates and coordinates its many communications channels to deliver a clear and consistent message about the organisation and its products. The challenge of the marketing communications is to communicate the right message, in the right way, to the right people, in...

12 May 2002

Beer market in Thaïland

Presentation - 19 pages - Services marketing

Thaï beer market: market environment, beer consumption, key players, market share, pricing, major brands. Market niche. Powerpoint document. Population: Over 60 million. GNP per capita: 2,740 USD and increasing rapidly, providing a growing demand for beer. GDP per capital : 700...